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Jaxxon The Remus Brothers 1 Siren Publishing The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters HEA When Evan was approached by a sexy biker he knew he was in trouble Jax is a bad boy and Evan feels as if he's gotten in over his head especially when his sister warns him to stay away from the biker Evan tries but is drawn to Jax in ways he doesn't fully understand Jaxxon Remus is the eldest of six He owns his own business and shoots from the hip When he discovers who his mate is Jax lays it on thick scaring the human away But Jax is determined and doesn't give up even if he has to stalk his mate in order to claim him When Evan is attacked Jax goes on the warpath Worse a murder has taken place and someone has pinned the crime on Jax A price is put on Jax's head and it's up to him and his brothers to figure things out before somebody collects A Siren Erotic Romance Meh typical Lynn Hagen book Shifter meets his mate which is human I was expecting Jaxxon to be something different Not sure what exactly just not this Evan was okay nothing overly special Cute story but nothing I'll remember in 10 minutesbetter write this uick 35 stars Man Jax was a cocky bastard Came on WAYYYYY too strong But I eventually found it funny the way Evan handled him Evan was a total loser This is a typical Lynn Hagen series with first book without a serious plot There is only one motto shape shifter meets his mate Personally I read it only to see if Lynn Hagen changed something in her writing style but she didn't BORING JaxxonA great start to a new bear shifter series Jaxxon is the oldest brother and alpha and when he scents his mate on the street nothing will stand in his way 35 really Everything was wrapped up too uickly This was a pretty good book that I read for a challenge Evan Winchester is hanging out in front of a laundromat while his sister Beth is doing is laundry when he meets a hot sexy biker Jaxxon Remus hot sexy biker he is also a bear shifter he is the alpha of the clan and he has just met his mate Evan who doesn't know shifter's exist Jax and his brothers own and run Custom CreationsJax comes on a little strong and it scares Evan at first and when his sister tells him to stay away from him he tries until Jax shows up at his house I really didn't like Evan at first he believed what is sister and her dickhead of a boyfriend Mitchell told him about The Remus brothers before he formed an opinion for himself Mitchell who is a hyena shifter was a creep but I have to say this was my first time reading about hyena shifter's When he attacks Evan Jax will do anything to protect his mate turns out The Remus brothers are protecting their streets from drug dealers and thugs like Mitchell This was a pretty good book the first in a new series too me Jax tries to take it slow but the two get down and dirty after Evan's attack that Jax interrupted Mitchell threatened Evan and his sister and when he tells her she doesn't believe him Mitchell also sets Jax up for murder and he has a price on his head This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series You are the Sunshine of my LifeThis first book in the Lynn Hagen's Remus Brothers series was an exciting often humorous adventure I enjoy stories featuring Bear shifters and this one did not disappoint Another type of shifter is prominently featured and were described as shifty suspicious disgusting clever no good only concerned about their own kind They are sarcastic egotistical bereft of emotions chauvinistic greedy nervous intimidating slippery born liars who are sly sinisterThese not so flattering terms were used to describe Sugar Creek's main criminal element the Hyena shifters They dealt drugs and were gun runners among other criminal enterprises The Remus Brothers are a family of Bear shifters who own the detailing shop for both bikes and cars Custom Creations tried to keep the town's criminal element in check The eldest brother Jaxxon is a big muscular tough biker He is considered Alpha of most of the shifters in town They recognize his intelligence confidence and capability to protect them He keeps the world of the supernatural secret in a town full of mostly supernatural residents Yet to the Humans many saw the Remus Brothers as a dangerous biker gang not to be toyed with; they weren't exactly sueaky cleanThis is what Beth Winchester believed and when she warned her younger brother Evan who worked in a drugstore to stay away from the big biker What Beth didn't know was that Evan had a motorcycle fetish or how those strong riders really got his motor running Luckily he was cautious halfway listening to a sister who did not heed his own warnings about her creepy boyfriend MitchellThe names of the Hyenas seem straight out of a Dick Tracy story Fingers and Smiley The were some bad dudes ruthless nefarious cunning They along with Beth's boyfriend embodied the negative adjectives used earlier to describe the Hyenas They reuire constant surveillance Unfortunately Jaxxon took his eyes off them when he unexpectedly came across his mate His small stubborn Human mateEvan was attracted to the big rock hard biker who was both arrogant and persistent Jaxxon never had to pursue someone before Previously guys fell at his feet and it confounded him that his mate was running from him not towards him Jax had to learn the hard way that his rough tough demeanour is not appealing Evan begins to gradually soften Jaxxon's rough edges so much so his brothers notice But a relationship with Jax is still a difficult proposition for Evan That is until dangerous circumstances push them togetherEvan doesn't understand his compelling attraction to Jaxxon He fights against it but he's no match for his determined Alpha mate What I really enjoyed was while there was insta attraction there was not insta love Evan proved to be a formidable contestant in the mating game A Human a small Human who drove a burly Bear shifter crazy by neither doing what Jaxxon expected as well as demanded Evan's reaction to the revelation of the existence of shifters was very anticipated and amusing This was a great start to a series I can't wait for the other brothers to find their mates

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