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  1. Sarika Patkotwar Sarika Patkotwar says:

    Those of you who are up to date with or are at least familiar with the LGBT scene in India must have heard the name Laxmi She is truly a transgender icon who has been working for the empowerment and rights of the community since a long time now Red Lipstick is the story of her journey from a simple boy to the living legend that she is today In this book the reader gets to know about all the men in Laxmi’s life who have helped her become who she is today In addition to that the book is also packed with some brilliant information on the development of the LGBT scene in India and how even though it is gradual there has been progress and there sure is scope and hope for Red Lipstick is a must read if you’re in the mood for something different and at the same time informative and well written

  2. Sonali Dabade Sonali Dabade says:

    When I first saw the other reviews I thought 'hey that's unfair to talk about someone's life' But little did I know that I would end up agreeing with themI must say that I feel rather bad for saying that I couldn't stand this book because transgenders have enough trouble of their own without cis people pointing fingers at them But because of how it reinforced stereotypes and patriarchy as Laxmi tried to fit into society in her trans avatar the book fell out of favor with me about 70 pages inIt somehow became a narrative about This person is one of the few people with whom I share a pure relationship and I hurt the people who hurt me over and over again to the point where it became too fantastic I'm not saying that it didn't happen I'm sorry it did But writing it down is a different word game altogether and that brought the book down to its knees

  3. Aruna Kumar Gadepalli Aruna Kumar Gadepalli says:

    Easy and uick read Story of transgender activist Laxmi

  4. Sunjoy Shekhar Sunjoy Shekhar says:

    Begins well but fails to deliver on its promise Dazzles with brilliance on some pages but that's about it Ah what could this book may have been A sheer waste of opportunity

  5. Mishitaa Mishitaa says:

    Genre Non fictionWriting style PersuasiveClap Clap If you ask a man when it was that he began to really think of himself as a man chances are he’ll have a few stories to tell you mostly along the lines of what his parents told him or what the world at large said to him every single day what sorts of birthday presents he gotIf you dig deep you’ll realise that how he essentially came to that rock solid understanding of his gender was largely shaped by an understanding of what or who he was definitely notthank god –a womanWhen you ask a woman the same uestion you’ll discover the true meaning of education by suggestionDescription –This book is a life story of Laxmi Tripathi the LGBT supporter who works as a social worker meaning of which she has earned her life and loved every person in her life with her whole heart Her life had been different for her her pain anxiety failure and love everything she had had kept her going her remarkable journey is amazing treat for eyesNo Of pages 220Change O Meter 7910

  6. Tejas Tejas says:

    Like all of you I picked this book with a lot of apprehension but it expanded my mind like no book in my college or school life ever did One of the few books written which gives us a glimpse inside the society of Hijras their rules hierarchy and how things work Ok Lets talk about the book Its a well written story of her life and her struggle to not fit in any box that society made The language was simple and easy to understand with her knowledge spread across the pagesThe way she named her chapters was interesting and different There is a monologue written by Prince Manvendrathe openly gay member of India’s royalty which I really liked The only complain I have from Laxmi ji is that she has not written another book maybe her point of view on Gita ??

  7. Jitin Ginotra Jitin Ginotra says:

    I think that Laxmi has very serious boundary issues in writing which as happens amongst victims leads to a lot of exaggeration and pride despite serious faults in work like her mentor Ashok Ravi Kavi rightly pointed but in a obscure way that was misinterpreted Being limited to identity Laxmi can't proclaim she can't be defined or she is open usually found in post modernists and romanticists I suggest her to read and then write an informed critiue and also mention the uestion of caste hijra and politics This tells us the gap between so called pragmatist and a informed critical writer Work is totally boring and out of sync and very badly written I mean it seriously

  8. Chittajit Mitra Chittajit Mitra says:

    This book is basically based around the life of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi her journey from an effeminate boy who was scolded ridiculed to a confident transgender rights activist who never minces her words It talks about all the people who have influenced her life in some way or the other also some of them have their dedicated monologues for Laxmi as well She has also pointed out the difficulties that the LGBT community especially transgenders face in India how their fight to come into the mainstream goes on Read the full review on Just Another Bookaholic

  9. Nandini Arora Nandini Arora says:

    Charming and brave honesty all throughout written with such familiarity However this familiarity sort of limits readership Her personal interactions with men can be of interest ONLY to those who know her or them well Except her relationship with her father As she talks of her father both vulnerable and brave it's a reminder that in the fight of eual rights it is not laws that are important alone but hearts And if a parent accepts a child with such grace and strength it will make for a beautiful and compassionate world very soon

  10. Prathyush Parasuraman Prathyush Parasuraman says:

    In a book that reveres influencing as opposed to manipulating it is ironic to find such a manipulative narrative Fractured solipsistic narrating I really didn't get the point of the book Maybe that to find yourself socially in the margins does not mean you cannot have a thriving and demanding access to beautiful intelligent promising people but I feel like I am reading too much into it It felt like a manifesto written to her for her by her

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Red Lipstick The world keeps taunting him as girlish but the fact is that biologically he is a boy And he is always attracted to guys Is Laxmi both a man and a woman Or perhaps neither a man nor a woman The first inklings and stirrings of lust that Laxmi remembers came from noticing big strong arms the hint of a guy's moustache over his lips billboards that advertised men's underwear Laxmi found this puzzling initially Was there a woman inside him who couldn't really express herself because of some last minute mix up that god did at the time of his birth Struggling with such existential uestions Laxmi Narayan Tripathi eminent transgender activist awakens to her true self She is Laxmi a hijra In this fascinating narrative Laxmi unravels her heart to tell the stories of the men creators preservers lovers benefactors and abusers in her life Racy unapologetic dark and exceptionally honest these stories open a window to a brave new world

  • Hardcover
  • 220 pages
  • Red Lipstick
  • Laxmi
  • English
  • 10 November 2016
  • 9780670089185

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