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The Map That Leads To You 35 stars rounded up This read like a Young Adult romance with the added fun of a group of friends traveling through Europe after college I absolutely loved the adventurous travel That part really made the book for me I think if I were fifteen or even twenty years younger I would have given this book five stars It was harder for me to connect to these characters and the drama and angst within the pages but I kept reading to see how it all ended Thanks to the author and publisher for an advance copy Poignant compelling and endearingly romanticThis is a coming of age story about friendship responsibility independence and first love all wrapped up in a beautiful travel guide to some of the most breathtaking historical landmarks monuments and cities in EuropeThe characters are young enthusiastic and adventurous The prose is clear and precise And although the plot in the first half of the novel is a little slow the second half is definitely much intense angsty emotional and drama filled with an ending that will definitely have you shedding a few tearsOverall I think this novel will be a big success and really appeal to teens and young adults and even though I think I'm a little older than the target demographic I found it intriguing uniue and wonderfully descriptiveThank you to NetGalley especially St Martin’s Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest reviewAll my reviews can be found on my blog at You were my biggest fear he said You really were You Heather Christine Mulgrew Well I don't think I have to beat around the bush in my review about what this book is about The cover and the title illustrate perfectly that The Map That Leads to You is about that chance meeting between two people and for whatever reason the stars align and a journey begins So I definitely cannot cry Damn you insta love Frankly because that is not exactly how the story unfolds In this case we have Heather a recent college graduate backpacking across Europe with her two besties the spirited Amy and the very grounded Constance just enjoying the carefree last days of youth before entering the real world While on a train to Amsterdam Heather meets Jack a late twenty something journalist retracing the post WWII travels of his grandfather Sparks of both passion and annoyance intrigue Heather enough to want to get to know the enigmatic Jack The dialogue between the two is reminiscent of Dawson's Creek but where I thought this would be rather nauseating I felt myself plunging headlong into the story Because this isn't a mushy romance Jack and Heather have their ups and downs in many different countries As much as they love the two also fight and Heather feels that Jack just doesn't get her Heather is conflicted in her feelings for Jack because he doesn't fit in the plan Awww the plan Education Job Marriage Heather with the baby carriage Instead Jack pushes Heather's buttons and challenges her ideals and career But Heather is no push over Hallelujah and the trip becomes about the soul searching of what she really wants Can Heather break free of her parent's expectations and throw caution to the wind? Or is Jack supposed to be part of the journey and not the destination? Now if I cannot sell you on the romance let me tell you the other reason that I LOVED this book The travel Amsterdam ParisBerlin and all the places in between? Oh my Trust me it will make you grab your passport and check out all the places described But for now you can just live vicariously through the characters Hands down author JP Monninger has written one of the most beautiful descriptions of Paris Paris is the cupped hand of a woman accepting a match light from a man at a small round table under a chestnut tree thirty minutes before a rainstorm STANDING UP AND CLAPPING I unashamedly admit that lines like that seduce me Consider me successfully wooed The third little gem of the book is the relationship between Heather and her two best buds Amy and Constance I liked how they were there for each other and how their sub stories were fleshed out Each of them was changed by their European adventures for better or for worse Early on I was wondering why Monninger would choose to have three girls because Amy was cut out of the story for a bit I saw later on that she was a bit of a cautionary tale which gives the story a bit of an edge amidst all the romance But before I leave my review it would probably be useful to explain why this failed as a five The thing is I didn't enjoy the last 20% of the book albeit I can see why we needed to go through unhappy Heather because she has the ultimate decision to make but I HATED that ending Ironically I think I would have still hated it if Monninger had gone the other route It felt a bit predictable a little Cameron Crowe or Nicholas Sparks than I had anticipated Thanks to NetGalley and StMartin's Press for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review 45While scrolling through my library's e audiobook offerings I came across this unfamiliar novel The cover and the title grabbed me so I placed a holdSometimes it pays to take a chance To say this was a pleasant surprise would be an understatement It's basically about two young Americans Heather and Jack who meet on a train to Amsterdam It's a love story complete with travelling famous and less famous landmarks literature discussions and falling passionately in love I found both protagonists endearing If I were to put on my critical cranky hat I would say they were a bit too knowledgeable too articulate and mature The writing was so good I didn't mind in the least that it was written in the first person from Heather's point of view which usually drives me bonkers in new adultromance books The Map That Leads to You is a beautifully written novel it reminded me of Love StoryAh to be young again and to travel the world A romantic vivid novel that takes place in the tender time of a young woman’s life Heather has graduated from college and is traveling around Europe with her two best friends She’s left school responsibility behind and adult responsibility is looming but this is her one one last summer to be free Heather doesn’t expect to even meet Jack let alone fall in love with him Jack is an enigmatic Vermonter a few years older than she is who is following his grandfather’s journal to various cities around Europe But in the same way that forces are bringing Jack and Heather together life and duty are pushing them apart And Jack has a secret that is going to change absolutely everything ”You will try to imagine where he is in that exact instant when he had turned and started to travel towards you you to him and how the world around both of you took no notice ” Synopsis For those of you wondering what would happen if Nicholas Sparks and John Green had a book baby this is the product of what would happen And it ain’t pretty folks Biblio Babble Pretentious Book is Pretentious The main uality this book has other than the romance aspect of course is the fact that it tries so damn hard to be pretentious It’s like a person who lists off famous classics they said they have ‘read’ but really haven’t But they say they have to make themselves look better This is the bookish form of that It wants to be a grand romance but also one of those deep philosophical books that you could have deep book club discussions about It constantly wavered over whether it wanted to be a cutesy romance or a deep tome Those two things rarely mix well together and this book was no exception I mean Nicholas Sparks is sappy but not pretentious John Green is pretentious but not sappy Those two genres shouldn’t really associate with one another if at all Aujugstus Jauters Jack uiller Couch is a combination of 1990s Leonardo DiCaprio Augustus Waters and Jughead Jones Leonardo DiCaprio because you will be continuously reminded throughout the novel that his name is indeed Jack Titanic fans will know what I’m talking about and Augustus Waters because his arrogant pretentious levels are off the charts and Jughead Jones because he’s prone to monologues about life love and meaning of philosophy and all that shit but no monologues about burgers unfortunately Look I get what the author was trying to create but Jack uiller Couch practically screams manic pixie dream boy It was just ridiculous There are going to be a lot of ladies who will probably fall all over his dialogue and trying to hard to be poetic monologues but Jack did none of that for me And let me tell you he was extremely shitty in the final act of the book because of ‘the thing that he did that shall not be named but puts him permanently on the douch bag of the year award’Message in the Notebook Dust jacket often lie; this much I know The whole damn time I was reading this book I thought the big secret had to do with Jack’s grandfather’s journal and what the grandfather was trying to look for The journal is barely mentioned at all and we never really do find out what the grandfather was trying to find Instead we get a lot of drinking munching on edibles if you know what I mean and banging Which would all be fine if this were marketed as a college romance road trip book But the journal is made to be such a big deal that you would expect it to play a much bigger part than it actually did And it did not I wasn’t expecting National Treasure thrills but for it to be almost a non presence in the storyline really bummed me out The Greatest Love of Not The main problem I had with this book was the romance Rather the complete lack of chemistry between Heather and Jack Their little meet cute on the train to Amsterdam? Yeah no sparks there Impromptu meetings at clubs dancing the night away? Melania Trump has chemistry with the Oompa Loompa than they are Witty banter that seems to never end? Please page Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamant to show them how it’s done I literally could not root for them as a couple because I found them to be as dull as cardboard If you’re gonna market yourself as a romance novel make sure there’s romance duh It’s not that difficult I honestly found them annoying than adorable and couldn’t uite figure out what made them gelSame Song Different Tune Good Lord this book was so predictable It’s as if the author was stuck on just one plot point and device and said to himself “Screw it I’ll just write this over and over and hope people won’t notice” So for time’s sake Heather and Jack travel and all is good They then have an argument because pretty boy Jack won’t keep his pretentious mouth shut Heather storms off to another country Jack manages to find her in said other country and makes up with her Everything’s all lovey dovey ooey gooey Then the cycle starts again Follow steps 1 4 and all that jazz It just became predictable and while all romance novels are essentially predictable this was snooze worthy predictable It got to a point that the book had gotten to such a stalemate that I just wanted it to end which thankfully it did While it’s all right for authors to have separate books follow the same pattern and plotline it shouldn’t bleed into books Traveling across Europe and having a vacation flirtation? What could possibly go wrong? Everything Everything could go wrong With a lukewarm romance pretentious act and an extremely arrogant MC this book is what would happen if Nicholas Sparks and John Green had a one night writing stand and ended up with this Do yourself a favor and leave this book on a metaphorical train back in Europe where it can sit alone in all its pretentious glory And DON’T GIVE SPARKS OR GREEN ANY IDEAS Copy received through NetGalleyThere’s something about this review it just doesn’t want to get written ¯ツ¯Getting into this book was close to impossible but once I did I enjoyed every minute of itThe start is slow but the writing is well done and while the characters don’t carry any special characteristics they still jump off the page The organization of the text left me with uestion marks throughout the reading process but something about the story kept me reading I loved the abundance of drama it’s why I love romance novels so muchThis is the perfect read for any fan of romance novels That Nicholas Spark’s uote on the cover says it allPre review note May 7th 2017I finally focused long enough to finish it RTC I'm a sucker for flirtatious banter like in The Bet and The Book of Broken Hearts The banter at the beginning of this one though had my eyes rolling Once I stopped rolling my eyes LOL it made for an entertaining read Liked the scenic European descriptions and the female friendship This is one of those books that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming All the feels The love story is as exuisite as Monninger's writing and lingers with you long after you finish the book THE MAP THAT LEADS TO YOU is a new favorite of mine Oh my gosh I’m slayed This book y’all It was everything I wanted Heather is traveling through Europe with her two best friends Enter Jackon a train to AmsterdamIt is so much complicated then my previous statement It is rich with friendship Steaped in an unforgettable love story Book darts pepper my copy with lyrical uotes And the characters Oh my the characters They are richly constructed with a picture perfect backdrop of EuropeI highly recommend this title Give yourself time to read it I savored it and I am so glad I did It contained my beloved short chapters which helped immensely I always feel like I can walk away and pick back up when the chapters are shortThis novel is for lovers of Nicholas Sparks It will break your heart in the very best wayhave your tissues ready

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