Hands of Flame Negotiator TrilogyOld Races Universe #3

Hands of Flame Negotiator TrilogyOld Races Universe #3 War has erupted among the five Old Races and Margrit is responsible for the death that caused it Now New York City's most unusual lawyer finds herself facing her toughest negotiation yet And with her gargoyle lover Alban taken prisoner Margrit's only alliesa dragon bitter about his fall a vampire determined to hold his standing at any cost and a mortal detective with no idea what he's up againsthave demands of their ownDetermined to rescue Alban and torn between conflicting loyalties as the battle seeps into the human world Margrit soon realizes the only way out is through the fire

10 thoughts on “Hands of Flame Negotiator TrilogyOld Races Universe #3

  1. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    While I'm finished with the book I didn't actually finish it I'm afraid the unnecessary melodrama just got to be too much for me I just can't suare Alban's passive aggressive refusal to defend himself for defending Margrit with his profession of love for her I'm sorry but if a you'd do it again if the circumstances re occurred and b you don't actually believe the cultural baggage that humans are an inferior lesser race undeserving of defense then agreeing with and being prepared to abide by the justice that would condemn you for an action you consider just and reasonable is simply insane It's one thing to defend yourself and lose But refusing to defend yourself on the grounds that you are guilty means that you agree with the prosecution ie Alban is not just saying that those putting him on trial are right he is saying that the rules he is accused of breaking are themselves correctAnd Margrit's inability to even make that case is inconsistent for a character that is supposedly smart trained in making arguments and trained in legal theory Margrit has never really lived up to her character's claim to be a smart lawyer and this was nowhere clear than in her interactions with Alban in the beginning of this novel Characters this fundamentally broken broke the story for me

  2. Sherri Sherri says:

    Rating ★★★½“Hands of Flame” is the third and final installment in the Negotiator Series It wraps up Margrit’s transition from the human world to her total involvement in the world of the Old Races In this book Margrit is called upon to negotiate an agreement between two of the Old Races as their war threatens to spill over to the human world and jeopardize the secrecy of the races Frankly I had a hard time getting through this book It lacked something and I’m just not sure what it was There was plenty of action; as Margrit was almost killed several times throughout the book plenty of secrets and revelations were revealed and most of the uestions were wrapped up before the last page So what’s my problem? Well mainly the lack of character connection The characters were there but it felt that they were just going through the scenes to get to the ending This book was driven with plot and structure than with the actual characters Overall Hands of Flame is well written with both the plot and structure well thought out and explained I just felt the “heart” of the book was missing

  3. Alexis Alexis says:

    Actual Rating 35 Solid book well written but I probably won't rereadOverall I loved this series I give it a solid 45 I was introduced to CE Murphy through her Walker Papers books And I love her Walker Papers books This series was good as well but honestly I find it lacks the polish and appeal that made WP such an amazing series It's a little rough around the edges but the heart is genuinely enjoyable The Series as a WholeThe series as a whole I'd give a 4 star rating It's well constructed but like I said above it's a little roughly hewn The similarities between this series and the Gargoyles cartoon series still throw me off In this last addition to the series Murphy actually has Cam Margrit's best friend acknowledge that Alban reminds her of that gargoyles cartoon where they turn to stone at night I sincerely dislike that part of this series the similarities If I hadn't seen the cartoon series at a young age and if it wasn't a huge part of my childhood maybe this wouldn't bother me so much But it was so it does Disregarding that the character development in this series is phenomenal I really enjoyed Margrit's development She changes from a lawyer bound by her many conventional morals who only finds freedom in taking risks like running alone in Central Park at night into a confident Negotiator between species willing to take risks and go into the dark side to protect what she sees as right Even when what is right for the many is not good for her personally she always does her best to see justice done by any means The Book Though be forewarned this is mostly my freaking out about what happened in this bookThe ending of this series is very much left in the air In the first or second book Murphy mentions something about this trilogy I really hope this is not the last book in the series because as an ending this would suck The introduction of view spoilerJanx and Daisani's half breed children as characters hide spoiler

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    5 StarsI loved itI have to start off by saying I amwas very surprised at how good and addicting this Trilogy becameI'll be honest and also say that I didn't see it coming The first started slow but them BAM I was hooked before I new it I broke one of my main personal rules with this one I read all 3 back to back to back and I never got bored Murphy answered almost every uestion she put out thereBUT I'm still wondering about Chelsea though for anybody that's read thisdid we ever find out what she was?I'll not do a play by play there are those of you that are so much better at doing that but what I will say is that this series has it all Action adventure and romanceI already find myself missing my new friends of the Old Racesbut Murphy did leave A LOT of doors open for maybe future series so I'll cross my fingers and hope she decides to one day revisit these too cool charactersAlthough these didn't uite make it into my All Time Favorites I still say that this was an excellent series

  5. Kami Kami says:

    This is definitely the best book in the series Margrit gets caught up in all kinds of double crossing with the Old Races and almost dies a couple of times The Djinn and Selkies are fighting over who gets Janx's territories The Negotiator has to step in and propose a deal that will keep people from dying Even Tony gets in the middle of everything The truth about Grace is revealed and Janx and Daisani discover if they have heirs A really good end to an interesting series of books This book had a lot of action and was very exciting I enjoyed it a lot

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with me in my contradictory feelings with this series To start with I can’t recommend it enough This is one of those series you can’t stop thinking about when you’re not readinglistening to and keep wondering what the characters are doing It’s also sad when it’s done That being said there was way too much spouting of poetic words and discriptive scenes and what was being seen or done We get the picture already We know how she feels It’s so much that it takes from the story The books are so disjointed Just as we’re finally getting some answers we start getting fluff about how Margrit feels or sees something Nothing was ever pulled together nicely in the end And the ending was so rushed After three books it came down to about 30 minutes and fluff to find out what happens and why There were still some things I would’ve liked answered I’m so frustrated I’m glad I didn’t buy this and only listened through the romance package But of course I’m going to check out her other series The narrator did a great job It was even better than the first two books

  7. Lynsey (A Bookish Life) Lynsey (A Bookish Life) says:

    Nice conclusion to the trilogy Notice I used the word 'nice'? Not 'amazing' or 'explosive' or 'epic' just 'nice' I was hoping that this would be the book that tipped this trilogy over the precipice from good to great but sadly not It all boils down to the meh ness of the main character Margrit unfortunately She's a human fighting for survival among the strongest of the supernatural races who all allow her to stick her nose into their business just because she's good with the words They dub her 'The Negotiator' and allow her free rein and to make important decisions about their entire race's future? Hmm Something's just not clicking there for me It doesn't ring trueWhen she tries to go toe to toe with the Dragons or the Vampires or the Djinn in my mind it goes a bit like thisYou know? She's just out of place and far too weak And all the talking gah I realise she's The Negotiator and talking is pretty much all she's got in her arsenal But this was the final instalment; the one where we decide which race rules all And in the end it was just very anti climactic It's like the end of Breaking Dawn all over again Everyone's lined up ready to rumble and thenthey have a nice little chat and talk their way out of it Dafu?But that's not to say I didn't enjoy any part of this book or indeed the whole trilogy Murphy has a knack for characters; I love their diversity both here and even so in her Walker Papers series They are realistic and interesting flawed and sympathetic I also loved the supernatural races she chose to concentrate on particularly Alban and the rest of the Gargoyle race I especially love the way they 'ride memories' and hold everyone's histories like a supernatural bank vault That was very cool Murphy can get a bit transcendental in her writing but once you get what she's trying to convey it really captures your imagination So a mixed bag but not a total flop by any means And the audio narration really helped bring the characters to lifeA solid 3 Stars ★★★image error

  8. Dana Dana says:

    Oh sad This is the last book in the trilogy I grant you the ending has enough closure to make it seem tied up while allowing room for further stories later but the author says at the beginning that she's going back to her other series for a while so we probably won't hear about Margrit Alban et al for yearsAnd I do want to hear This book takes up right where the second one left off but now that the main political machinations seem done amongst the Old Races as groups we get to start looking further in depth at the personal relationships between the main immortal characters The centuries old rivalry between the two gargoyles Alban and Biali we know about from the first book But it turns out that Alban Janx and Daisani have been friends for than 300 years and they have a secret tying them together the secret that lies at the root of Alban's isolation from his own people for so long The final truth of that ends up being startling than any of them expectedIn the background though the other two Old Races the selkie and the djinn are still fighting Margrit is drawn in to broker a peace deal Things go both better and worse than expected but I can't possibly say without revealing major spoilers I was unfortunately for me left wanting as the epilogue contained uite a few teasers to taunt my imagination about where things might go next It has to involve Janx and Daisani It has to

  9. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    The last book in the series was not fascinating nor extremely entertaining Margrit the main character seemed to have lost some of her tenacity and I was doubting her feelings toward Alban The overall series is good but its not action packed nor thought provoking It is a detour from the typical supernatural characters Several myths or fictional characters like vampires djins dragons that have been written about to exhaustion come together under a code that governs them maintaining their secrecy The author certainly created a new world with interesting characters The plot was not as engaging at times

  10. Jami Jami says:

    Utterly adored this series Went in a bit skeptical because even though I adore her Walker Papers series I am hard on Urban Fantasy as a genre Only thing? THE END Oh My Effing DeitiesThere needs to be of this world Seriously The last oh 5 pages or so left these threads spread out so wide that I ache to find out What Happens Next And really I rarely want to know what happens after the bookseries ends This one? Need grumbles at being only a trilogy Maybe someday second trilogy? Will totally bribe with cookies Catie 3

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