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A Taste of Darkness Reinn is at the Woo Woo Inn again this time as a guest on assignment He is to stop another Mackenzie Vampire from marrying outside the blood per Council's orders Kisa is there with her family and friends to celebrate her sister's wedding When the two meet sparks fly and some fur As usual the Inn is filled to the brim with a myriad of odd individuals and with Sparkle Stardust Ganymede in charge while Cindy Thrain are out of town strangeness abounds Reinn is very opposed to personal relationships but Kisa is temptation than he can standand Kisa is determined to crack Reinn's shell Add random chaos shake and a fun sexy story unfolds Fabulous I have fallen in love with this series An amazing MUST read for anyone who likes Paranormal Romance Novels Love love love This was an awesome read About two people who didn't know if they could be together because of a law created by the Mackenzie clan But what are you to do when love finds you Opposites attract Woah That’s all i got lol Read this book now Reading this book was like eating a bite sized candy bar sweet and good but not really filling There were several intriguing characters and several very powerful characters who I knew would not allow the chosen pair to fall into any real peril The chosen pair being a vampire and a werecatno a weresabertooth in fact It had steamy love scenes and the prereuisite about of abstinence in it and lots of humor but I think I will call this romance than paranormal as a great deal of the plot and characters concern surrounded talk of marriages and relationships I never once felt as if the characters were in any real peril and when the villains showed up I actually laughed at their appearance Oddly enough humor is peppered all throughout the book and for some light reading this book is actually recommended D I started reading this story and the writing is just not for me Things are a little too trite and a little too over the top comparing our hero to a ice cream just meh He'd lived a thousand years for this It's enough to make a vampire want to rush outside to soak up some rays order garlic mashed potatoes or fall on a wooden stake The council in its infinite stupidity has made Reinn Mackenzie the Guardian of the Blood for his vampire clan Talk about crappy jobs He's supposed to run around lopping off the head of any Mackenzie dumb enough to mate with someone not on the council's approved list Gotta keep the Mackenzie blood pure Giant whoop He's nothing but a glorified Weedwacker for the clan So he's stuck at the Woo Woo Inn skulking undercover while he looks for the right moment to off the clueless Mackenzie about to marry a sneaky manipulating werecat Reinn doesn't get it Who'd be stupid enough to die for a deceitful whisker twitching shifter Kisa Evans has a boatload of problems She's a virgin someone is stalking her with the intent to keep her in cat form forever she's a virgin the deadly Guardian of the Blood is out to murder her sister's fiancé and she's a virgin Werecat law says that she can't mate with any male weaker than herself Hello She's not your usual lap kitty There IS no male stronger than Kisa But minds were meant to be changed When Reinn meets Kisa he realizes that his sexy werecat is worth dying for Kisa finally finds a male stronger than she is and admits that the enemy has become her love Too bad that love can't erase the dangers surrounding them A happily ever after doesn't seem likely for Reinn and Kisa but not to worry Strange things are the norm at the Woo Woo Inn Ok I found this author while trolling com I read a review on this particular book and decided that I just HAD to have it if only for the opening paragraph How can any fan of vampires werewolves and other things that go bump in the night refuse a book that starts out Werewolves furry pains in the butt Werecats sneaky whisker twitching manipulators Werejerks every freakin' loser with a were in front of his nameIt was a totally funny book but it does have a few salacious scenes in it I enjoyed it enough that I went and got all the OTHER books by this author Some of them I enjoyed than others but this one still remains my favourite just for that opening This is a pretty good series I've read other books in the particular series and have enjoyed Nina Bangs as an Auther I really liked the character of Reinn I didn't care much for the Mars seen not that they went to mars but with the alien's and the NASA machine was kinda wierd One of the things that I didn't really get was Kisa's family when it came to her protection I guess since they thought that Reinn was the protector it was fine that he pretty much took over her protection But I think that Adam should have been a little causous around vamps that he didn't know I really did enjoy the note that Ganymede had Kisa send the council Thought that was the highlight of the story Overall the novel wasn't too shaby The author obviously has a very good sense of humor and is showing through the lines in the pages Which makes a very fun reading indeedI only realized that this is the third book in the THE MACKENZIE VAMPIRES SERIES halfway down the book Maybe if I've read the first three books first then perhaps I would have a greater appreciation of events and characters As it is the story telling uality wasn't very compelling I find my mind wandering while reading that it took me a few weeks to finish this bookI would say this is a good read but not grab your attention and carry you away kinda book

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 337 pages
  • A Taste of Darkness
  • Nina Bangs
  • English
  • 19 February 2016
  • 9780843956344

About the Author: Nina Bangs

Talk about misspent youth What did I do during those lazy summer days of childhood when I could’ve been honing my writing skills Nothing Okay so I spent a lot of time dreaming I was a cowgirl with a trusty black stallion Oh and I read every Walter Farley horse novel I was an only child so I relied on my imagination to supply the excitement in my lifeBy high school I’d decided to trade in