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Kytice Sbírka baladických básní K J Erbena právem patří mezi klasická díla české literatury Nejznámější a nejoblíbenější soubor básní začal autor psát již jako student Jeho balady jsou inspirované slovanskými i jinými pověstmi a vyznačují se dějově dramatickým spádem Promítají se do nich rovněž představy autora o vztazích mezi lidmi a přírodou a mezi lidmi navzájem Anyone who finds Grimm's Fairy Tales to their liking will like this book These poemsballads are all uite grim dotted with murder and mayhem graves opening and the dead walking the earth the animate becoming the inanimate and vice versa ogres and monsters of lake and wood human transformations dust jacket I read the version translated by Marcela Sulak with artwork by Alen Divis The physical book is beautiful The artwork is dark and macabre far from charming and captures the nature of the poems perfectly Sulak spent fifteen years on and off translating the poems originally published in Czech in 1853 and claims that her translation is sensitive to Erben's prosodic and syntactic innovations that produced a living language filled with the musicality for which Czechs have long been known The poems read beautifully and fluidly Antonin Dvorak based four of his symphonic poems on four of the poems in this collection I will never listen to Noon Witch the same way again I did read this book in Czech however i will write the review in english;I am not that huge fan of our Slavic literature no matter which region it comes from However this is my number 1 book when it comes to both Czech and Slavic literatureI think that Erben did an amazing job in presenting the Czech folklore and legends in that pure real and original form yet shaped so that it can be timeless And kudos for in delivering them in their original scary and even bizarre light I absolutely recommend this book to anyone Kytice Kytice where have you been all my lifeBouuet or Kytice z pověstí národních also known as just Kytice Czech for bouuet is a collection of ballads by the Czech author Karel Jaromír Erben First published in the middle of XIX century when Czech language was still pretty much an outcast in its own country it became one of the most beloved and inspiring pieces of literature for the next generations Which is sort of very cool and amazing because the subject folklore tales was full of stories about ghosts dead husbands bloodthirsty supernatural creatures doomed virgins etc What's not to like And it all inspired Antonín Dvořák to create music and many other artists to create art cartoons and moviesMy fav was definitely Svatební košile The Wedding ShirtsAnd I found this on youtube and was simply enchantedPS Yes our nationalinternational rock star poet Mickiewicz also created ballads about supernatural and I loved them but he didn't go as far as Vodnik's author I came across Kytice after reading an interview in which it was recommended by author Helen Oyeyemi and I am thankful for her for bringing attention to this lovely little book Kytice usually translated into English as Bouuet but meaning something closer to A Handful of Wild flowers is a collection of Czech folk tales written in rhyming verse The format is a little difficult to get used to but Kytice is an astonishing piece of work on behalf of both the author Karel Erben and perhaps even so the translator Susan Reynolds To translate both the meaning and the form of such strictly rhyming folk songs is an astonishing feat I can't speak Czech so cannot comment on how accurate the translation is but it certainly captures the feeling of a true fairy taleAn authentic fairy tale one neither too artificially sweetened or full of obnoxious modern psychological undertones is difficult to describe but instantly recognisable These tales are full of darkness and violence true for what is a fairy tale without spilled blood But there is always a powerful moral undercurrent running underneath a system of punishment and reward often unpalatable to a modern audience A woman carrying her baby comes across a fairy barrow on her way to church and finds it is full of heaps of gold and silver She fills her apron with coins and temporarily sets the child down in the barrow intending to return to it once she has secured the treasure Anyone with any familiarity with almost any fairy tradition from around the world can guess what happens next Many of the poems could be described as horror Witches goblins and revenants abound often clashing with the Christian church The Virgin Mary here can be as capricious as any pagan goddess but redemption is available for even monsters Zahor's Bed probably my favourite of the tales features the various encounters between a priest and a flesh eating forest spirit However the most awful danger in any tale is not any supernatural creature but the all too human capacity for self destruction and it is perhaps this detail that makes these poems ring so morally trueDreamlike and nightmarish horrible and beautiful Kytice is a handful of wild flowers we are lucky to have dried preserved and stuck between pages for posterity

  • 162 pages
  • Kytice
  • Karel Jaromír Erben
  • Czech
  • 26 November 2015
  • 9788086138305

About the Author: Karel Jaromír Erben

Karel Jaromír Erben was a Czech historian poet and writer of the mid 19th century best known for his collection Kytice which contains poems based on traditional and folkloric themes He was born on November 7 1811 in Miletín u Jičína He went to college in Hradec Králové Then in 1831 he went to Prague where he studied philosophy and later law He started working in the National Museum Ná

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