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  • 02 July 2016
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10 thoughts on “Lover Unbound

  1. Dina Dina says:

    This isn't a review it's a rant and it's full of spoilers There are plenty of reviews of this book all around and I don't feel like writing another one BUT I do need to get this anger off my chest so here I goFirst off let me say that I was warned about the crappy ending of this book beforehand I wasn't thrilled about it but I was willing to give Ms Ward the chance to prove me that she had pulled it off in a satisfying way when all was said and done Well she didn't at least not where I'm concerned Yeah I know this is PNR and a ghost shouldn't be that strange in this scenario but the oops I didn't see you and I stepped through you freaked me out Maybe I could have gone along with that if I didn't care much for Jane but I liked her and felt that she got the shaft What was wrong with Ms Ward? The 1st time she gave us a BDB heroine with a spine she kills her in the end Not only that she takes her spine off first turns her into a clingy mess then kills her Is Ms Ward so jealous of her Brothers that she had to smash the competition? I don't care that Jane and V were than happy with her fate as it was because I didn't buy it The whole thing felt like settling than a true HEAIn my mind V and Jane's romance was doomed from the start As the story opened he was still pretty much in love with Butch and jealous of the other man's shellan Marissa so it was a shock to see how fast he fell for Jane In fact fast doesn't begin to describe it I was glad to see him getting over Butch because the last thing I wanted was to watch V pining over Butch over and over again like he did in Lover Revealed but I didn't like the way Ward handled that As for V's sexual kinkiness I admit I was leery of it after reading the previous book because I'm not into BDSM Once again Ward gave V an instant character change and V's alleged Dom nature fell apart in Jane's hands I admit I didn't miss seeing V in full Dom behavior since that isn't my cuppa but I have to say that Ward failed to deliver what she'd hinted in the previous booksMay I rant about the other characters too? Oh boy where to start?The Scribe Virgin I loathe the ground air she floats in I'd better stop herePhury I still don't like him very much his depression is well depressing but I'm starting to feel sorry for him Sorry not pity He's constantly abused by his Brothers IMHO He gives and gives and gives then gives some and no one reaches a hand to help him They know he loves Z's shellan Bella but do they care? No Z and Bella keep haunting him asking him to help them go through some bumps in their marriage I forgot what Ward calls it without thinking how hurtful that must be to poor Phury No wonder he turns into drugs for relief which is another example of how little his Brothers care about him They just sit back and let him sink deeper and deeper There's no intervention no tough love nadaCormia I'm on the fence about her She's too innocent frail and submissive which can be explained by her being a Chosen but is still annoying She reminds me of Marissa in her spineless days before she mated with Butch and that isn't a good thing but who knows Ward can give her a character change in the next bookJM What's happening to him? I'm not sure I like him posttrans and I definitely don't like him with Xhex because they don't fit IMHO I do like the Darius' connection though Will we ever find out what ties them together?huinn Blaylock JM's buddies' sole purpose in the story is to protect JM at least so far huinn's a manwhore and I'm sorry he can't catch any STD Blaylock is sweet and I really hope he can find someone else to love A gay man if you please Do you hear me Ward?Tohr Where is he??? Isn't it time he came back yet?As for the overal story this book had good and bad parts What I liked the most was the total absence of the Omega whatever recruiter he had in charge at the moment and the mandatory new lesser in training Sure there were lessers around doing their nasty thing just to keep the Brothers busy and set the stage for the unfortunate HEA but their scenes were connected to the story this time They had a purpose In the previous books every fight scene seemed the same and it only served to show how invincible the Brothers were That isn't so true any and that was goodI also liked the development of the overall story arc some surprises there even though Ward could have given V a better mother I felt sorry for V but that was an interesting twist in the story And to think that his mother didn't content herself with playing havoc with his life shuddersSo am I going to keep reading this series? As of now no but I might change my mind in the future I do want to read Father Mine Zsadist and Bella's Story though

  2. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    “When I want you to beg I’ll tell you” His tongue was warm and wet as it rode up her neck “Now ask me what I’m going to do to you”She opened her mouth but could only pantHe tightened the hold on her hair “Ask me Say ‘What are you going to do to me?’”She swallowed “Whatwhat are you going to do to me?”He wheeled her to one side all the while keeping his hips tight to her ass “You see that sink Jane?”“Yes” Holy shit she was going to orgasm—“I’m going to bend you over that sink and make you hold on to the sides Then I’m going to pull your pants off”Oh Jesus“Ask me what’s next Jane” hyperventilating Loved this book It's my fav right next to Z's 3Another tortured hero bad boy hot sexy vampire Vishous is just amazing 3The storyVishous is constantly tortured by the same nightmare and it's driving him insane He has stopped sleeping altogether and everyone has noticed V being on the edgeHe's still pining after Butch and it's killing him to see Butch and Marissa so happy while he is all alone as alwaysAfter he is forced to take the position of the Primale by the Scribe Virgin V goes out and gets attacked by some lessers and ultimately shot in the chestThat gets him to the hospital where Jane works DDDShe's an excellent surgeon and saves his life even though she is shocked by his totally different anatomyWhen the brothers come to get him out V knows he has to take Jane with them She is HIS There was a moment of silence And then in a rough voice the man whose life she saved spoke four words that changed everythingchanged her life changed her destiny“She Comes With Me” The story totally loved it even though most of the book was character development there weren't many things happening here but learning about V and seeing him falling in love was great The center of the book is V's continuous nightmare we know something bad is going to happen and it's the most intense thing in the book especially when it actually happens The characters again there is a lot of John Matthew and his friends Blay and huinn in this one they are going through their transformations and we see how it affects them Xhex and John have met for the first time eheheh DThe hero from book 9 in introduced here Manny Jane's boss from the hospitalThere is a HUGE intro for Phury's book 6 we meet the heroine tooWhat elseWe find out about the Scribe Virgin and personally it doesn't make me like her much Oh wellThe sex V is supposedly a Dom but honestly I didn't get all that from him What I did get is that he's into bondage and domination but being a Dom reuires a bit than just liking kinky sex Or am I wrong? I'm not into the lifestyle so I can't say for 100% but here he just used the kinky sex to get off and to ease his frustrations without any care for the subs he used But oh well maybe that's just me trying to romanticize the whole BDSM thing I don't knowAnyway I loved the few scenes that were in the book very hot and sexy especially the SINK SCENE Hottest sex scene from the entire series Still not enough sexy times in this book “Take off your coat”“Excuse me?”“Take it off”“No”“I want it off”“Then I suggest you hold your breath Won’t affect me in the slightest but at least the suffocation will help pass the time for you” The book starts with Jane in her childhood right before her sister dies That's what made her want to become a doctor and save livesOne night in the ER she treats a patient who's been shot in the chest and finds out that he's something different With unusual anatomy and ability to heal he fascinates herUntil his friends come and kidnap her in order to continue treating him for his injuries DDDShe doesn't like being bossed around and well being kidnapped LOL but for some strange reason she trusts V not to hurt her She falls for him pretty fast well it's V we're talking about and doesn't want to leave him “The truth is self preservation is a good thing and it should dictate my reactions”“And it doesn’t?”“Notalways With you not always”His lips lifted a little “Then for once in my life I’m glad I’m different”“I’m scared”He grew instantly serious his diamond bright eyes meeting hers “Don’t be I won’t hurt you And I won’t let anything else either” Jane is a pretty awesome heroine D She has a very strong character wicked sense of humor and isn't one for dramaShe's very intelligent I loved that she drew conclusions by herself gasp and figured stuff out solo Their love affair did seem like a big insta love even though almost all books here have the insta love but for me she kinda fell too fast for him But it was redeemed later on I won't say how cause it would be a spoiler but they did have some great moments The ending I know many people HATE the ending but I really understand it This is book five and almost all combinations have been used on how to make them both together forever I know this isn't an ideal situation but it works and I'm still glad they got their HEA “This is as exposed as I could ever be and that’s what I want to give you”“I don’t want to hurt you”“I know” His lids flipped open “But I want you to have me as no one else has or will” Vishous still has feelings for Butch and he hates himself for it The constant nightmares and lack of sleep aren't a big help he's going crazy bit by bit being nervous all the time and unable to concentrate on anything Even though he cursed his visions before now he's scared being without them The Scribe Virgin forces him to take the position of Primale to basically be a sperm donor to revive the vampire raceAfter the shooting he is treated by Jane and he feels the urge to make her HIS He doesn't understand it because he never felt it before but he can't help it so he kidnaps her DDDOh and I forgot his past OMG it's so terrible He euals Z on being a tortured hero I really really feel bad for him No wonder he never opened himself up to anyone well until Jane Anyway the rest of the book is V dealing with falling in love with Jane and knowing he's gonna have to delete all her memories after she's done treating him “I love you And I’m going to keep loving you even after you don’t know I exist” swoonIt's like this whole book is a feel bad for V emotion inducing thing D It totally worked because i felt for him from page one well from several hundred MINUS pages cause I felt for him in the previous books too But learning about what happened to him OMG Awful and after he found out who his mother is I would hate her Totally And then making his life even miserable by forcing him to become the Primale Just one bad thing after another With Jane he finally starts to have feelings for someone besides Butch and he falls in love even though he knows he shouldn'tIn this book he makes love for the first time with emotions and intense feelings not jut to get off that was such a wonderful sceneview spoilerTheir separation hide spoiler

  3. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    4 Major Mommy Issue Stars SpoilersFirst read 2014Reread 3302017She Comes With Me VLover Unbound the 5th book in the BDB series was great I would have gave it 5 stars if not for Phury Truly that Brother rubs me the wrong way every time he is on the page And he had too many pages in this book I know his book is next but man I could've done with a lot less Phury Anyways V and Jane's story was sweet kinky and very angsty In this book there was a lot of different povs as JR Ward tends to jump from story line to story line almost like a soap You get half a chapter of this couple then it shoots to another or this other brother or the lessers etc And while that kind of layout doesn't really bother me it was really pronounced in this book compared to the last 4 so it took some getting use too I don't want you to go I don't want to leave you V and Jane You are my son V stopped breathing his chest going concrete on him Surely she meant that in the broader sense Three hundred and three years ago you were born of my body The Scribe Virgin's hood rose off her face of its own volition revealing a ghostly ethereal beauty Lift thy so called cursed palm and know our truth Heart in his throat V brought up his gloved hand then ripped the leather off with messy tugs In horror he stared at what was behind his tattooed skin The glow in him was just like hers Scribe VirginPoor Vishous had some real mommy issues in this book Never knowing who his mother was boy was he shocked when the Scribe Virgin came to him and let him know that she was in fact his birth mother and that she was going to make him her Primale The Primale is the male that is mated to all the chosen lives in the fade and has to make babies with all his 40 or so mates Like a stud bull or something And she didn't care one bit that he didn't want to be her breed stud So he was understandably pissed at mommy dearest Also as V's past with this father the bloodletter is revealed and you find out the horrid torture he endure while his mother did nothing yea she wasn't smelling like roses at all V had some major emotional issues from his past I loved the way he let Jane in and showed her the real him Even as close as he was with Butch she and him just clicked Jane was this amazing human surgeon She saved V when he landed in her er with a stab wound and a gun shot to the chest Jane didn't have the greatest of lives but she was smart as hell and made something of herself What I really loved about Jane was that she didn't look like most heroines She had short hair glasses flatter body and was on the plain or average side when it came to her looks I also loved that even though she wasn't a knockout she was totally comfortable and confident in her skin She knew who she was what she wanted and her worth I also really liked how open minded she was She was calm under pressure was wholly accepting and supportive of her male It is okay that you're still struggling with everything that was done to you Anyone would It doesn't make you weak You were violently maimed by someone who should have protected and nurtured you The fact that you're still standing is a miracle I respect you for it Jane I love you And I'm going to keep loving you even after you don't know I exist VVishous is one kinky motherfucker I loved the fact that even though V and Jane had kinky sex they made love as well Something V had never done with anyone else Jane and V really just kinda click like missing puzzle pieces that go together I know a lot of readers are fans of Butch and V and wished they would have gotten together but I always just seen them as brothers and best friends so I was glad that the Warden didn't put them together I was glad that Phury stepped up for V and became the primale I was hoping that he would be able to redeem himself in the act but instead he just brought Cormia over here to a place where she doesn't know anything She doesn't know how to use a phone where to get food how the simplest of things work She was completely alone scared shitless and overwhelmed and he just pretty much abandoned her so he could go back to doing his drugs and lusting after his brother's wife Bella I already didn't care for Phury from the way he acted like his brother Z was ruined but in this book my feelings for him started leaning towards dislike and I am so not looking forward to his book Now John Matthew I want his book bad I loved all the bonding him and Z have been doing I also loved how Z really stepped up with teaching the classes and with JM I really enjoyed the fact that this book was lesser pov free Overall this book was a good addition to the series but not one of my favorites

  4. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    What is it about this series that gets me to love it each time I read it? I keep reading the entire series over and over again never getting bored but just into it than ever I can't keep away from these books and characters Crazy But so trueI may not have been crazy about Vishous in the beginningbut have grown to becoming just as obsessed with this gorgeous vampire like all those V' fans out thereand believe methere are zillions of them And I still don't feel that V Butch should have been a couple like a lot of fans wanted to see IMO Butch says exactly what I felt “And as for that whole you being in love with me thing? It was probably about you just caring about someone for the first time” Would Vishous have fallen so deeply in love with Jane if he was really in love with someone else???? Jane is perfect for him she's intelligent compassionate caring and the first person he trusted enough to talk about himself and his life Apart from V being beyond sexy dark and dangerous cursed and gifted intelligent and tortured physically and emotionally he was also the reason I had my very FIRST TASTE OF GREY GOOSE And not forgetting that I love his speak “You feel me?” truei could go on and on The only thing that still bothers me is the fact that Jane whilst being his mate is not really humanShe goes from to Yes of course this is fantasybut here we have a man who has endured so much pain and loneliness in his life and what happens when he meets the woman that brings light and love into his life? Right she becomes corporeal but there are so many things that they can't truly do to and with each other He really had a raw dealwhy couldn't the Scribe Virgin do something??? SO NOT FAIR SO NOT RIGHTOne of my favorite uotes in this book Zdadist talking to JM “I believe there's a hand that guides us It just isn't always a gentle one Or one that seems fair at the time But I dunno I try to trust in it now When I freak I just try to shit I guess trust in it Because at the end of the day what else can you do? Choice only gets you so far Reasoning and planning too The rest it's up to someone else Where we end up who we know what happens to the people we love we don't have a lot of control over any of it” Can't wait to read this againand again BDB IS SO ADDICTIVE 2nd REVIEW 2012I am so into V reading this book againI am still poff that Jane is killed and comes back as a ghostwhat kind of woman is this for a guy like V???that Scribe Virgin is some kind of dragonsorry RhageI am now becoming or have become totally obsessed with the huinn Blay thingit's you guys againgetting me all heated up about the huay thingieI am so into reading the booksI find myself reading each page slowly so I can prolong the pleasure1st REVIEW 2011Lover Unbound is the 5th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR WardI have read all the previous books in the series and have mixed feelings about Vishous His conflicting feelings towards Butchwhich he hates himself for turned me off him a bit in the previous booksSo I was really happy when he found Jane a doctor who saved his life and he falls in love with herenough of his pining over Butchfunny how fast he falls in love even when he has such an intense lust for Butch But hey this is just a storyrightAs I got into the story my feelings towards Vishous slowly began to change What a broken man A life filled with pain cruelty heartbreak loss and loneliness Discovering the truth about his birth his mother who put a curse on him and terrible father who tortured and almost castrated himI really felt so sorry for this guy No wonder he led such a depraved lifemultiple sex with both men and women indulging in SM in his belief that it was the only way to deal with painOf course Jane falls in love with this hot gorgeous and sexy man And hewell he’s attracted to her brain and body of course And she is an eager initiator to his sexual games and toysThe only thing I really didn’t like Why did Jane have to die???? Somehow her coming back as a ghost thanks to the sacrifice Vishous madecouldn’t his mother the Scribe Virgin get her back as a humanshe is after all a deityAfter everything Vishous has endured in his life he is still short changed I wanted to see him having some good given to himbut nohe has to do with the woman he loves in the form of a ghost How much can this guy endureThere’s a lot happening in this story wicked Lessers Phury’s depression and secret love and pining for Bella Zhadist’s his brother wife his offer to become Primale to the Chosenwill he and Cormia a beautiful innocent Chosen get it togetherwhat will the Scribe Virgin do next???? is John Mathews really into Xhex???? And yes I knew all alongJohn Mathews is he Darius’s son or incarnation???? And when are huinn Blaylock going to get it together???? Gay warriorswowhow are the other alpha warriors going to take this I wonder?????Guess I will have to wait for the next bookLOVING THE SERIES

  5. Christy Christy says:

    Vishous is now my favorite member of the brotherhood TRUE “Terrific A bisexual dominant vampire with kidnapping expertise” I loved Vishous I loved Jane I just LOVED this book Things have been ‘off’ with Vishous for a while now His visions have dried up He’s not sleeping well having nightmares And to top it off he has feelings for his roommate Butch who is mated to Marissa V copes by drinking Goose and going to his penthouse for some fun His ‘birthday’ is coming up The big 303 We find that its significant for V Because of his parents view spoilerHis mother is the Scribe Virgin?? Wtf? hide spoiler

  6. Julianna Julianna says:

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsI had read and greatly enjoyed the first four volumes of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but after seeing many negative ratings and reviews for Lover Unbound I procrastinated about reading it Admittedly it's predecessor Lover Revealed had probably been my least favorite of the series thus far and somehow I allowed all the low ratings to influence me into thinking that Lover Unbound was the worst book in the series to date Well after finally reading it nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion Lover Unbound is now in a virtual tie with Lover Awakened for my favorite book in the series I readily admit that for sheer heart stopping romance and passion Lover Awakened and some of the other earlier books are superior but for it's well rounded story and advancement of the overall vampire world Lover Unbound was absolutely spectacular to me It is true that the romantic scenes and relationship building between the two main characters of this novel was somewhat scaled back when compared with the previous books in the series and the love scenes are generally shorter and less descriptive as well In spite of this though JR Ward managed to create a deep bond between Vishous and Jane in a very short time that was both intellectual and emotional and which I found to be very beautiful Even with the abbreviated scenes they connected with each other and me as the reader in a way that some characters fail to do when the entire novel is all theirs It is a very rare occurrence for a story to move me in such a deep and compelling way but I found myself not just tearing up but actually crying than once throughout the book By the same token the occasional sharp sarcastic humor make me smile or even laugh though this definitely is still a dark read For it to elicit such emotional responses from me I know that it was very well writtenI positively loved V and Jane They are one of the most perfect made for each other couples I have ever read in a romance novel It is probably because I am a geek married to a geek but I felt connected with both characters on a very personal level Vishous like all of his brothers is a wounded and tortured hero but in a extreme way than everyone else except Zsadist Like Z he has suffered unconscionable abuse but at the hands of his own father because of choices that his mother made Add to that his absolute genius and his powerful gifts that in many ways are far like a curse and he is a truly misunderstood soul Then Jane came into his life and understood V in a way that no one else ever had except Butch Jane is a brilliant woman in her own right who possesses many wonderful gifts as well She is physically plain but connected to V on the intellectual and emotional level that he so desperately longed for It was like she intuitively knew exactly what he needed as well as when and why I completely adored Jane because she was an incredibly confident and cerebral woman with a deeply compassionate side which is pretty amazing considering how her family treated her growing up Even though her talents had rightfully earned her a position as chief of the trauma department she maintained a degree of humility by not thinking it beneath her to care for a patient's personal needs such as giving V a sponge bath and she was always ready with a kind word or a gentle touch In my opinion these things made for a wonderful combination giving Jane status as one of the most perfectly rendered heroines I have ever read I especially enjoyed V and Jane's lighter moments of sharp witted banter but in whatever capacity they were interacting I found them to be a superbly ideal coupleWhile I would have liked even scenes with V and Jane the cast of secondary characters was so fabulous I can hardly complain It seems that Ms Ward is moving in the direction of beginning the development of relationships before those characters become the focus of their own book Such was the case with Phury and Cormia who are the hero and heroine of the next book Lover Enshrined Phury has always been the controlled gentleman of the Brotherhood but he has slowly been coming unglued In spite of that though he not surprisingly still makes a huge sacrifice for V and the Brotherhood in general Even though Cormia is first introduced in this story I have already found her to be endearingly innocent while also being curious and strong willed It will be interesting to watch her hopefully come into her own in the next book I also enjoyed watching John Matthew grow and change in ways than one He had some really wonderful scenes in this story There is a tentative connection developing between him and Xhex as well as a deepening of his friendships with Zsadist and with huinn and Blaylock It was really nice to see John starting to make connections and build a little confidence even though he still feels like a freak It was also interesting to learn a bit about the history of the Scribe Virgin and the Chosen and their world on the Other Side I have to admit to never having much of a liking for the Scribe Virgin in previous books and throughout most of Lover Unbound I liked her even less She has just always seemed rather selfish to me but she did begin to redeem herself by the end in my opinion In addition all the remaining members of the Brotherhood most of their shellans and some other secondary characters from past novels in the series make an appearance in some capacity giving this story a very extensive and well rounded castI know from all the low ratings that there are many things which some readers disliked about Lover Unbound but there was very little that bothered me Though I am not certain of all the specific complaints I believe the ending was one of the biggest I however had no real issues with it While it was certainly not traditional in any way and I admit may take some getting used to even for me it was definitely a happy one I imagine that when an author is dealing with vampirehuman relationships there are only so many ways that the issue of a human's much shorter life span can be addressed and I thought that the way Ms Ward approached it in Lover Unbound was a rather creative one I also thought it was rather ingenious that she dropped subtle clues throughout the story as to where it was leading The only thing that would have improved the ending for me would have been one long romantic scene between V and Jane One other thing that was not uite to my liking was the BDSM element which simply isn't my cup of tea but as it did not permeate the entire story and I understood the “why” behind the one scene that was played out explicitly I wasn't overly bothered by it One element that I particularly appreciated was a spiritualphilosophical thread on pre ordination versus free will running throughout the story which culminated with some heavier rumination at the end I really like books that make me think and Lover Unbound due in part to this thread certainly accomplished that I also really enjoyed learning about the vampire history and the key role that Darius apparently has and will continue to play in it as well as all the changes that are afoot in the entire vampire world which seem to be leading to something truly big in the futureAfter reading Lover Unbound I find myself in awe of JR Ward's writing skills It has definitely earned a place on my keeper shelf In my opinion this book and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in general is a literary gem It is apparent to me that Ms Ward has an incredible imagination and that great thought and care has gone into the creation of each book Every chapter adds a new piece to the puzzle and the much larger myth that JR Ward's fertile mind has created Each new book seems to be an even greater intellectual feast which leaves me pondering over this fantasy realm long after the last page has been turned I can't wait to read the next book and greatly look forward to seeing where this inventive and riveting story leadsNote Sensitive readers should be forewarned that this book contains strong language as well as explicit violence that includes torture and explicit sexual content that includes some BDSM

  7. • Lisa • • Lisa • says:

    5 UNBOUND STARSTinged with sadness overwhelmingly touching out there heart thumping style falling in love Family bond like no other tears pain angst soul bearing eternal love Yes I just got a little bit of my fix for the BrotherhoodI'm pretty sure my reviews are becoming predictable with this series but I can't apologise The black dagger stories grab me turn me upside down and back to front ensure that I am helplessly in love and for several hours consume me So with that being said I'm not sure I can produce anything but a gushing review about the Black Dagger Brotherhood Let's start with the prologue i'm pretty impressed that this author so repeatedly makes me fall in love with these fictional characters Yet again we are introduced to a new character Jane the prologue itself sets the mood for the book achingly sad exciting yet heart breaking Right down to the last page of the epilogue this story had my full attention I loved every word every chapter and here I am again blown away by this world of vampires eternal love and fang like drama I don't know how the author achieves it but she combines mini stories throughout the book threading it all together to make one fantastic story and although we read about many characters in 'lover unbound' the shining stars in this story are Vishous and JaneA life changing life saving moment between a doctor and a vampire turns everything around for this duo Curiosity of another species and a natural mating instinct clashes in this meeting of vampire and human and I absolutely loved the story of V and Jane My usual gushing in my reviews for this series is normally reserved for the Brotherhood but in this case I can't let it pass up to explain my like towards Jane the female lead A doctor with a sad story to tell is talented and passionate in her field as a surgeon from the moment we meet her I was sold This feisty character has strength and heart she is than a perfect match for our brother Vishous Vishous is a brother who has a lot on his plate from struggling with relationships to family secrets to trying to find his own happiness and loss of his purpose This brother needs a serious break In book number five of this series readers have the opportunity to fall for this character and believe me I fell hard He has a vulnerability and strength in eual measure and once given the chance this vamp knows how to love charm and bring humour to an at times intense bookThis book for me by far has been the darkest The story was laced with a History of abuse and suffering that I found at times difficult to read but it wasn't unnecessary it all added to the character building and story plot I found myself so wrapped up in the storyline I laughed and cried right along side the charactersAs mentioned before the story is filled with snippets from other characters lives making it near on impossible not to be thinking about books in the future You think you know which Brother has won your book heart then you get introduced to another brother I can't wait to read about John Matthew and Phury and of course I can't help but love to read about my favourite of the brotherhood Zsadist you feel me? So once again i was addicted to action Got wrapped up with the chemistry I was mesmerised with the characters I cried laughed and fell helplessly in love Will I tire of this addiction to the Brotherhood? NOT LIKELY my friends If you haven't picked up this series or my over zealous addiction then my uestion is WHY NOT? Read on Here's a few of my favourite uotes to keep you going ❤❤“I love you And I'm going to keep loving you even after you don't know I exist” ❤❤“Love was worth sacrificing for he thought as he left his room Even if it wasn't yours❤❤“Falling into ruin was a bit like falling in love Both descents stripped you bare and left you as you were at your core And both endings are eually painful” ❤❤“Written on the mirror revealed by the steam were the words I love you Jane” ❤❤“I'm going to love you so good and so long you're gonna be convinced no earthly thing could have brought us together” ❤❤love in its many forms always endured It was the I infinite The eternal That which sustained5 STARS TRUE ❤UP NEXT PHURY THE BESTIE BUDDY READ LIVES ON ❤

  8. xrysa xrysa says:

    Buddy reread with Macha “I love you And I'm going to keep loving you even after you don't know I exist” Vishous is officially my favorite brother I couldn’t choose between him and Z but after rereading his book I felt that he deserved the first placeHe was always distant from the other brothers but he actually developed a deep relationship with his buddy ButchI liked what was happening between them and V's inner monologues made me hurt for himDuring the whole book we get to know him betterHe had a fucked up childhood because he grew up with his fatherBloodletter was one of the most vicious warriors that had ever existed In his campus things weren’t easyEven V who was his son didn’t have special rights to do whatever he wanted toHe was treated with the same toil wickedness and inhumanity as the othersHis curse made things worse as his father attempted to fix him but he only broke himHis only solace was an imaginary mum who was comforting him and Darius's diaryNow in the present his visions have dried up and a nightmare is torturing him every time he goes to sleepLike these arent enough he learns the truth about his mother and why he was abandonnedHis mum annoyes me big timeI know that she had to leave him but you arent allowed after 300 years to command your son's lifeThat's unacceptableV's life is put in danger by some lessers and Jane a human doctor is doing her best to save his life However things didnt evolve like Jane wanted because V had other plans for themI love their relationshipBoth of them have so many things in common and they are so smartWe get to meet an other side of V's characterHe is actually sweet and caringI wanted to hug himI also loved Jane a lot She faced his past as a she should She didn’t show any pity and she tried to make him feel worthy of himself as his self esteem was pretty lowThe ending I like itIt could have been way better but still I didn’t feel too disappointed since he got his HEAIt will always feel weird reading that she is a view spoilerghost hide spoiler

  9. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Vishous and Jane There was a moment of silence And then in a rough voice the man whose life she saved spoke four words that changed everything changed her life changed her destinyShe Comes With Me These two characters had a complicated relationship from the beginning Vishous was saved by Dr Jane and then he simply decided to take her back to the mansion Jane’s life is about to change forever One day she was career focused successful and independent The next day is locked is a strange room in a strange place with a strange man with a strange blood type and strange fangs But apparently she is attracted to himStockholm syndrome anyone?Jane “Stop itDo not feel safe with him The Stockholm syndrome is not your friend” Vishous has never had an easy existence The son of a bloodthirsty sadist warrior and a goddess who apparently is not really a virgin loves his kinks loves his brothers and loves his vodka He may had a extraordinary brotherlymaybe a hint of sexual relationship with Butch but he really needed a woman in his life It does not matter that Jane is not that beautiful or she is slightly cold Vishous wants her and he wants to protect her He pulled back and pressed his lips to hers I love you And I'm going to keep loving you even after you don't know I existHer lashes flickered catching her tears until there were too many to hold He brushed his thumbs over her faceV IHe waited for a heartbeat When she didn't finish he took her chin in his palm and looked into her eyes Vishous the world's most famous bisexual vampire is in loveNow that I am doing rereads I realize the strength of the love the BDB characters felt when they met their other half for the first time I desperately need another book with Vishous and Jane because both of them need to remember how much they love each other without the complications that time and everyday habit usually bring view spoilerAnd Jane needs to stop being a ghost I think that all their problems have started from this fact hide spoiler

  10. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    This book was amazing in a lot of ways Who would have thought I would go ga ga over a bisexual seriously dominant kinda scary guy like Vishous? Well I fell flat on my face This guy is amazing He is extremely attractive imagine big tall ice blue eyes black hair I'm a sucker for blue eyes and black hair and extremely intelligent also The way that JR Ward wrote this book did it She put so much love and effort into telling this man's story that you couldn't help but love him I love his selfless love for Butch I love how he looked at Jane and saw his soulmate I love that he fights for the Brothers and helps them out in manifold waysAlso I cry for the torture and abuse he suffered at the hands of his so called father And what amounts to neglect from his mother And then she wants him to step up as Primale and leave behind all that he loves Man And not to mention having to give up Butch but always be there for himThis book really ripped away at my heart I couldn't put it down I really liked Jane She was very down to earth and likable But tough at the same time Most people would have flipped out when they were exposed to a world that was so different from what they knew She took it like a champ And she never even blinked at the fact that Vishous was in love with another man and was seriously into bondage and stuff She accepted him for who he was Jane fits into the Brotherhood's life like a long lost puzzle She is the half to Vishous' whole that he was missing She doesn't replace Butch but she still gives Vishous the love and acceptance he deserved for so longIf I had one complaint then it was how things were resolved with Jane Don't worry They end up together I can't give it away because it will spoil it I am still feeling a little uncertain about that Otherwise I loved this story Even writing about it makes me get an ache in my chest

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Lover Unbound The ruthless and brilliant brother Vishous possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future As a member of the Brotherhood he has no interest in love or emotion only the battle with the Lessening Society But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon Dr Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time until a destiny he didn't choose takes him into a future that does not include her

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