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Malcolm's Honor Malcolm le Farouche felt his blood race at the thought Yet was rage or passion the reason He knew only that though Elinore of Evenbough would share his bed by royal command the warrior trained beauty was not to be trustedwith his life or his heartLe Farouche—the Fierce The epithet added luster to Sir Malcolm's dark reputation as the greatest knight in the land But how would Elinore refute his deep suspicions of an alliance with her treacherous father For her soul called out that this man was her true mate born

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  1. AgentScully AgentScully says:

    In search of elusive medievals I ventured into the world of Harleuin Historicals and found some surprisingly great reads I'm happy to report that this is one of them Like all HH's the scope is local rather than epic but this is not a wallpaper historical At about 300 pages it's uite meaty Betrayals swordfights hangings attacks on castles and poisonings mean that there's a lot of action and makes the setting convincingly medieval You know you're not in a Regency ballroom here Elin's father is hanged as a traitor and the King forces her to marry his loyal knight to secure her castle Malcolm saved the King's life on the Crusades at the cost of his own captivity and torture He's a dark brooding scarred hero and I loved him He's devoted to his King and cannot trust Elin because he doesn't know how involved she was in her father's schemes Also someone is betraying the castle from within and he has learned from bitter experience not to put his trust in anyone Elin makes steady progress of course in winning him over I was a bit annoyed that he doubted her again near the end but it was understandable because someone was doing a good job of framing Elin And Malcolm did grovel nicely which I always like in a hero Elin is a worthy heroine with no TSTL moments I liked her escape attempt while on the road with Malcolm and his men I liked how the author steered away from making her a warrior that type of heroine always annoys me Elin swings a sword in defense and definitely feels the pain in her shoulder those things were heavy The sexual tension is good the sex scenes are not particaularly graphic but they avoid the dreaded purple prose The suspense plot was good and I wavered mightily between which of my 2 chief suspects both longtime comrades of the hero's was the secret villian That part was well done So it came down to 4 or 5 stars If this was a 'regular' book I might have given it 4 stars But grading on my Harleuin scale it's definitely a 5er Enjoy

  2. Mareena Mareena says:

    Malcolm le Farouche had earned the epithet of The Fierce because of his reputation as the greatest knight in the land As the King's Protector he doesn't believe Elinore of Evenbough when she says she has no knowledge of her father's treasonous plans Even when she fights to defend his men in an ambush heals an injured knight in his service then turns around and poisons him and his men to make her escapeBy royal command on pain of death Elin is forced to marry Malcolm once they reach London to ensure that Evenbough is in trusted hands However how could Elin prove her continued innocence when there is an attempt made on Malcolm's life?I give this medieval romance four stars I liked it and it was well worth the read although it annoyed me a little that Malcolm was so distrusting of Elin

  3. Angie Fehl Angie Fehl says:

    In the year 1280 Sir Malcolm le Farouche the fierce is the greatest knight in all the land He is sent as a kind of bounty hunter to round up the Lord of Evenbough when the man is suspected of treason and murder When Malcolm finds the lord's daughter Lady Elinor also in attendance he gathers her up as well unsure if she is eually guilty as the father Better safe than sorry it's decided everyone shall go to see King Edward Though innocent of wrong doing Elinor who goes by Elin for most of the novel fears her fate will be tarnished through guilt by association possibly meaning an end by execution With her lady's maid Alma in tow Elinor decides to make an escape attempt Making a meal for Malcolm and his men Elin mixes in a low dose of oakwood mildly poisoning everyone not enough to kill them just enough for them to have bad enough intestinal upset for her to have a window to get away without capture That's the plan anyway But much to her surprise and dismay Malcolm pushes through his discomfort and does successfully capture her not far outside the camp Once in front of King Edward Elin's father is swiftly handed off for execution but Edward decides there's not enough evidence against Elin to condemn her and her father's lands remain uite valuable Edward's skeevy nephew Carodoc tries to make a grab for Elin's hand but since Edward apparently doesn't entirely trust his own family he puts forth his decision to marry Elin to Malcolm Malcolm's initially not fully onboard with the idea but once told that if he declines he will be banished from court and Elin WILL be executed seems like there is little choice in the matter So after a uick ceremony off our newlyweds go back to the newly dubbed Le Farouche homesteadwhere you'd think things would kinda chill out for a bit but nah Within mere hours of these two uniting there are NUMEROUS attacks on their lives and home with even to come in the following days It just does not let up There's even yet another guy showing up claiming he has marital dibs on Elin But on the upside conflict often tends to stir up heightened emotions in people and it's no different here Though he's still struggling with learning to trust his new wife Malcolm does definitely feel a growing interest towards her in general He's impressed with her training in combat and healing arts though he sometimes suspects her of sorcery he's amused by her feisty side but he's also baffled by her the way she has a fragile cut of face lithe grace and womanly curves but also physical strength and self confidence to rival any man's Prior to meeting Elin Malcolm had taught himself to be content with putting all his energy toward being the most dedicated knight to the king But maybe just maybe there IS in fact to life than that ol' punching the clock business Maybe there's something to be said for a coming home to a uiet night at the house and a soft woman to curl up with Though they might have had an unconventional start Malcolm and Elin grow to have an adorable realistic I'm calling you on your BS banter between them that kept me laughing and nodding Those who have been in long term relationships will appreciate the style of playfulness these two have True they developed theirs rather uickly but the way Hart lays it out still makes it somehow believable like they were just one of those couples that would of course find each other when the timing was right

  4. June June says:

    Feisty maiden meets her match This was a fun story to read Different time period from her normal stuff but I wouldn't mind reading of this genre from this author It was interesting to watch the build up of who the true villain was The characters were great The heroes were great heroes and the villains were awesome villains Well done Ms Hart

  5. SheLove2Read SheLove2Read says:

    I love Jillian Hart One of my FAVORITE authors But this was not her best work I understand the language of the time period 1280 but after the 7th or 8th time in the same chapter I read cowardly knave or warrior maiden I just wanted to roll my eyesI will absolutely continue to read JH's Christian fiction and western fiction but this book is going straight to be traded

  6. Terri Pray Terri Pray says:

    Tried a dozen times to get into this one but I wanted to slap the heroine silly Just not my cup of tea

  7. Judy Judy says:

    reread this book since I am reading all of Jillian Hart's books right nowEven thought I just read it in December it still brought tears to my eyes at the same partsGreat read

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