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  1. Branwen Sedai *of the Brown Ajah* Branwen Sedai *of the Brown Ajah* says:

    Han paused in midstep What is this? I suppose you're going to ask my intentions toward your sisterLuke smiled at Han I know what your intentions are friend She needs you Just don't let her downHan's crooked smiled shone like an asteroid beacon Not on your lifeThis book may be one of the best Star Wars books I have ever read It takes place right after Return of the Jedi and demonstrates Luke Leia Han and the rest of the Alliance dealing with the aftermath of having the Empire torn apart What really impressed me however was that it also subtly dealt with smaller issues with the characters that I had always wondered about Namely the physical damage to Luke from the Emperor's lightning attacks and the angershock Leia feels while coping with the fact that Vader was her father Also there was brilliant and beautiful dialogue between everyone throughout the book as well as a few really nice scenes between Han and Leia Despite my everlasting love for the forbidden romance between Anakin and Padme the relationship between Han and Leia will always be my favorite Star Wars couple An all around wonderful book

  2. John McDermott John McDermott says:

    Not bad I thought the author did a decent enough job of bringing to life our favourite Star Wars characters Curiously though the action when it came wasn't particularly excitingHowever the alien lizards were seriously creepySo on balance a passable ⭐⭐⭐

  3. Katie Katie says:

    Oooh I really liked this one It's set right after Return of the Jedi and I really like how it explores Leia post movie You get to see her dealing with Vader being her father which really the movie should've given us and she and Han start figuring things outI like Luke in this book too but his storyline also made me laugh because it felt like an old school sci fi episode He meets a woman AND THEY HAVE THIS HUGE CONNECTION LIKE SO SPECIAL but nothing really happens and they never see each other againI rec this one

  4. Jerry Jerry says:

    Is this the best Star Wars Expanded Universe novel? NoHowever for what it is it's not badIt's interesting to see what happens immediately after the end of Return of the JediI also found it hilarious that the back matter in the edition I have which I recently purchased used had an ad for The Crystal Star For those unfamiliar with EU books let's just say that novel will forever go down in the history of the franchiseand not for being the least bit good

  5. Siria Siria says:

    Yes I know another SWEU novel But they're a special brand of crack and it's fun revisiting the things I was so thoroughly addicted to in 199697 This is probably one of if not the best novel which has been written in the Star Wars extended universe Like all the rest of the EU novels this is really just glorified fanfiction a fictional romp through the history which the films don't cover; however it's one of the better examples of the genre The storyline rollicks along the characterisation is solid and the villains suitably boo hissable Every now and then there are a few uses of metaphor and simile which made me wince the planet hung in space like a cloud veiled turuoise? but on the whole it's much much better than the average Star Wars novelThe one place where Tyers really helps elevate the novel above the ordinary is the fact that she actually has her characters think behave and feel in ways that are psychologically believable Leia has huge problems with Vader being her father while Luke's coming to terms with the fact that he's now the only Jedi in the galaxy well as far as he knows plot devices in later devices notwithstanding etc Tyers even works some side effects from Luke's duel with the emperor at the end of RotJ because you know those lightning bolts couldn't have been good for Luke's healthOn the whole it's the novel version of a popcorn movie fun but largely forgettable and probably not worth getting if you don't have at least a strong liking for the characters in the first place

  6. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Not a day has passed since the big boom over Endor when Luke and Wedge retrieve a distress signal from the Imperials at Bakura Spurred by a vision from Ben Luke leads a force to Bakura with Leia Han and Chewie of course Artoo and Threepio At Bakura our Rebels see the Imperial forces beleaguered in their fight against a strange alien species the Ssi Ruuk But will Governor Wilek Nereus accept the Alliance's help? And can they defeat the Ssi Ruuk anyway?NOTE I read the book many years ago and only just recently listened to the highly abridged audiobookI LikedKathy Tyers has created her own little niche in the Star Wars world While not highly crucial to continuity she nonetheless brings her own flavor to itI felt she did a very good job with the main characters Although a tad goofy in love over Gaeriel and a bit overdramatic when injured Luke is pretty darn cool His being sappy in love feels kinda out of characteruntil you realize he IS a human being after all and why shouldn't he feel ga ga over a lady? Leia is superb and her struggling with Vader as her biological father is the absolute highlight of the book Han was really good as wellAs for original characters the standouts to me were Pter Thanas and Gaeriel Captison Pter Thanas really broke the mold of a traditional Imperial compare him to the stereotypically he is even given gross hobbies like bug collecting and hunting portrayed Wilek Nereus And although he converted I hate Imperials converting to Rebels it made complete sense for his character Gaeriel is an absolute fun character Not red haired and green eyed well one is green but I think of her as Kate Bosworth than another Mara clone Gaeriel also has a religious view that conflicts with Luke making her naturally opposed to him Her views about the Cosmic Balance are particularly interesting in light of a lot of the newer Star Wars Expanded Universe novels And at the end unlike many Star Wars love interests she chooses to keep the distance between her and Luke even though there was some sexual tension not a lot but a littleDev Sibwarra was also interesting not to leave him out It's really interesting as it is said his mother was a Jedi and Wookieepedia says she left the Order as a Padawan before Order 66 thus eluding the Jedi Purge I still wonder about why that happeneddid she become discouraged like Jusik from Triple Zero Star Wars Republic Commando Book 2? And how did her name avoid being on the list that was mentioned in Star Wars 501st An Imperial Commando Novel?I've already brought up two minor side plots I've enjoyed Leia's paternal struggle and GaerielLuke's Jedi struggle But I did like how Tyers had the two factions work together to defeat a common enemy I wonder if other worlds had similar struggles like with the Yevetha which are only mentioned in one series Before the Storm Star Wars The Black Fleet Crisis Book 1One last thing that pertains only to the audiobook Anthony Heald is a magnificent reader He gives the characters accents though Pter and Wilek were hard to differentiate that were really good I was particularly impressed with Luke and Han and really speaks in a good clear voiceI Didn't LikeTyers' Star Wars feels MUCH less like Star Wars than science fiction dressed up like Star Wars This is best shown with the whole entechment proceedings and even to an extent with her aliens the Ssi Ruuk which unfortunately disappear and are never seen from again Entechment is a cool ideabut it doesn't FEEL like Star WarsAlso Yeorg Captison gives as reasons for wanting to leave the Empire as high taxes and sending children to foreign wars This is great and all but does he think that by joining the Alliance they won't tax his planet or have his children go to war against the Empire? Honestly? This is very poor reasoning Yes Wilek Nereus is a bad guy in the traditional I hunt and use yucky parasites that defines me as a bad guy oh and I also send Luke off in a trade in the hopes of saving my planet Imperial baddie characterization To think that life will be happy and pokey under the Alliance is ludicrous and just look not a few years later and everyone is bickering and power grabbing no different than under the Empire only people have these esoteric freedoms We haven't really seen a huge reason why the Empire is bad on BakuraLeia also has a bad case of Protagonist Centered Morality look that up on TVTropes org for a definition but be warned once you go there you may not come back When her father appears to her she basically says I can forgive what you did to me I can forgive the people you've killed but I can't forgive what you did to Han WTF? Han was tortured yes Han was sent to Jabba in cryptonite yes But Han seems to be having very little in the way of side effects from this At least he's still alive And you won't forgive your own father because of a thing that happened to Han? What the???Another point I thought was insane Ben returns to order Luke to go to Bakura because these Ssi Ruuk are so dangerous This seems completely out of character Ben only appeared to Luke to get him to Dagobah to keep him from leaving Dagobah to save Han and Leia and to explain his family tree Never has Ben appeared to order him into war And since the threat of the Ssi Ruuk disappears with their fleet which seemed odd that a minor victory for the ImperialsRebels made them run we wonder if the Ssi Ruuk's victory at Bakura already an out of the way planet would REALLY impact the galaxy so greatlyLastly and this applied only to the audio book when they say abridged they MEAN abridged I've not read the book in years but I could tell HUGE chunks were missing Scenes always seemed to end on dialog scenes seemed to be way too short the space battle confused the heck out of me in fact most of the time I spent confused and trying to follow the story Plus I am sure there is a scene with Wilek and Leia shaking hands the cover of the book that was no where in the audio book I know that they warned me but really I didn't think it was that badDialogueSexViolenceNoneLuke goes ga ga over Gaeriel Some overtones between Han and Leia and Wilek and GaerielKinda gruesome Luke and Gaeriel are infected with parasites There is a nice big battle at the endOverallIt's nice to go back and be able to read this book while I'm in the car driving no less This book is hardly groundbreaking and hasn't had much to do with recent continuity but there are some cool things here nonetheless If you get a chance to read I would recommend you do 3 stars

  7. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    In my opinion one of the best Star Wars EU novels I found the characterization of Leia and Han particularly good and I enjoyed the struggles Luke faced dealing with his new identity as a Jedi master She did a good job with the interplay between Han and Leia considering that at the end of Return of the Jedi their attraction is obvious but they haven't spent time together or learned how to resolve disagreements Well doneNo there's no sex only thwarted attempts at make outs The only real thing I didn't like was Luke's attraction to Gaeriel or how ever the hell you spell that It felt a little Forced waah waaaah Gaeriel has that character undergo emotional development and she becomes a true three dimensional person in the novel which is uite a feat for an EU novel Kevin J Anderson I'm looking at you bud Callista was the worst character I've ever witnessed I also have a special place in my heart for this book since it's the first EU book I read in high school

  8. Merida Merida says:

    This is hands down the worst book in the EU Forget about killing off Chewie or totally improbably enemies or weapons this has got to be the stupidest book in the history of SW Except maybe the one that went between IV and V That one was just weird

  9. Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー says:

    It was too awful to even finish

  10. Ashley Bogner Ashley Bogner says:

    A bit creepygruesome in places but overall an exciting story that takes place immediately after Return of the Jedi

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The Truce at Bakura No sooner has Darth Vader's funeral pyre burned to ashes on Endor than the Alliance intercepts a call for help from a far flung Imperial outpost Bakura is on the edge of known space and the first to meet the Ssi ruuk cold blooded reptilian invaders who once allied with the now dead Emperor are approaching Imperial space with only one goal total domination Princess Leia sees the mission as an opportunity to achieve a diplomatic victory for the Alliance But it assumes even greater importance when a vision of Obi Wan Kenobi appears to Luke Skywalker with the message that he must go to Bakura—or risk losing everything the Rebels have fought so desperately to achieve Even as the Alliance arrives the aliens have almost overcome the Bakura Imperial garrison whose desperate commander will accept help from any uarter—even Rebel—against an insidious foe that enslaves Human minds to pilot their invincible machines of war and destruction While marshalling the tattered Imperial forces Luke Han Solo and Princess Leia must win the trust and cooperation of the Bakurans For although Imperial Governor Nereus has granted the Rebels temporary amnesty there is the possibility of treachery among those whose first allegiance lies with the Empire On the eve of the final explosive onslaught Rebel and Imperial forces must finally come to terms with each otheror lose the entire galaxy to the hideous servitude promised by a victorious alien enemy Capturing the sweep and excitement of the original Star Wars saga The Truce at Bakura plants a seed of hope for peace sees the formation of a timeless love and stands witness to a Jedi's undying sacrifice to defend Humanity against an alien nemesis