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Short Straw Bride Sweet just what I was looking for to change things up Eleanor lives with her Uncle Zeb and Aunt Dorinda and her cousin Anabel after the death of her father 6 years agoThey took her in not out of love but because they felt it was their duty to do so Shes made to earn her keep by cookingcleaningmending and or less being her relatives servantAnd also her beautifulspoiled rottenvain cousin Anabel is constantly belittling her efforts and her appearanceEleanor would very much like to get away from them and is even considering encouraging the suit local widowerwich she feels would take her away from one unbearably situation but land her in a loveless marriageBut stillit would be a way out she resignedly thinksThe next day there is church and people are all buzzing about the arrival of the two Mcclaine brothers come to look for a wife for the eldest brother LukeLuke and Daniel Mcclain had drawn straws about who of them will have to take a wifeBecause their house needs cleaning really badly and there needs to have children who can inherit the prosperous ranch they have created So they are going around being introduced to the unmarried young womenbut its not until Luke lays eyes on Eleanor that he thinks he has find a good wife candidate She is demure and not at all badlooking so after a few meetingshe proposes to herThey are married uickly and he takes her back to the ranch where they have to get to know each other betterThe marital relations part goes well but Eleanor cant help but wish they would talk a bit during the day In the meanwhile she tries to be a good wife and not complain too much about thingsThat is until she learns of the drawing straws to decide who will have to marry buisnessShe may be demure but she is no pushover as Luke finds out pretty soon when she throws a book at himThis was a sweet readnothing too originalbut good in its own way You can really call it a Cinderella story what with the mean relatives and the heroine having to work so hardIt was really gratifying to see them shocked speechless when Luke proposed to Eleanorespecially the spoiled Anabels reaction PIt was also nice to see Eleanor show some temper and stand up for herself against Luke Just because you are shy doesnt mean you are weakbeing a shy person myself I like this sort of heroine over the constantly feisty and tiresomely spirited heroines In my uest to find a good Western HR I stumbled on this book It had one of the tropes I like MOC and I was in the mood for something heartwarming and nice Plus I never read this author beforeSorry to say the story didn’t work for me The potential was there including a fairly good writing but it was not realized for the most part because of MCs The heroine was either annoyingly naive and timid or overly dramatic The hero was one dimensional good man whose astuteness for some reason had an on off switch Their interactions left me cold maybe because I really didn’t care for them that much There were some charming moments and thankfully the author didn’t take liberties with historical setting But reading the story felt like viewing color by number exercise SHORT STRAW BRIDE is a Cinderella story with a twist that takes place in the 1800s American West The McLain brothers need a wife to cook clean and give them someone to inherit their ranch Daniel and Luke are in a dither because neither one wants marriage so what do they do but draw straws Luke is the loser or is he? Eleanor Williams lost her parents and had to come live with her Uncle Zeb his wife and daughter This miserable threesome makes her life uncomfortable to say the least Not overly pretty Eleanor shines from within Biting her tongue at many times she is the glue that keeps this family intact At least until Luke comes along and decides that Eleanor is everything he wants in a 'biddable' wifeShe accepts his proposal and their marriage starts them on a journey that teaches them what love truly means Humor rescues them on several occasions The 'road' for a successful marriage has some bumps but that doesn't stop them It isn't often a man finds out that drawing the short straw makes him a winner The only thing it lacked was a seuel with Daniel's story This was a short decent take on a MOCThere was nothing particularly remarkable about the characters to make them stand out though they were likeable enough at firstI liked the premise of the story and the hero and herione had personality but it started to lose itself halfway I felt that the conflict created a complete reversal of their original characters in a way that just didn't work Rather than showing a different side of them they felt completely at odds with what they were originally depicted as If the author was trying to relay that love changes people this was way off mark I did finish it and I enjoyed it in the beginning so it still warrants to 2 25 stars I liked the plot But the characters don't analyse their situation and their actions are simply istinct A marriage based on those facts can't be a happy one Husband and wife should speak to each other I don't know why I kept reading this after I started OMG blah blah blah Short and cute I liked it and how awkward it would be to marry someone you met a few times I thought the interactions were genuine and true to how people who married uickly get to know each other I thought the end was a bit bland Well written marriage of convenience story The characters could have been a bit filled out but it was really a fairly lighthearted story of a couple working out the kinks of a marriage of convenience This story was not deep in introspection not much of it took place deep in the characters' thoughts The hero and heroine were both nice people who did a good job finding each other One minor thing I didn't really care forview spoilerHe never actually told her he loved her she just figured it out Sort of a cop out for a romance hide spoiler ONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE TO MARRYThe McLain brothers were fed up and tired tired of the hunger in their cowboy sized stomachs tired of dingy curtains and dirty dishes Tired of worrying about who to leave the ranch to when they were goneLuke could imagine the perfect wife biddable tidy and willing and when he saw Eleanor Williams in church one Sunday he thought she'd do just fine But little did he know that the practical Eleanor had a mind of her own and other ideas about marriage

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