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Glass Sword Krev Mare Barrowové je rudá jako většiny obyčejných lidí Má ale nadpřirozené schopnosti jako Stříbrná dovede ovládat blesky což je zbraň kterou chce královský dvůr získat pod svou kontrolu Sice ji obvinili že to vše jen předstírá a je prachsprostá podvodnice ale jí se podaří uprchnout od Mavena prince a přítele který ji zradil A Mare zjistí něco vskutku překvapivého – není jediná Rudá kdo má podobné schopnostiPronásledovaná Mavenem z nějž se nyní stal pomstychtivý král vyráží pátrat po rudostříbrných bojovnících aby je vyzvala k souboji s jejich utlačovateli Ale nehrozí snad Mare nebezpečí že se z ní stane přesně taková zrůda které se pokouší porazit Nezlomí ji váha životů jež je nutné položit ve jménu revoluce Basically MockingjayAfter I finished Red ueen I suspected there would be a large problem with the seuel too many characters and details I was correct that I wouldn't remember them because the author just launches into the story here without as much as a previously on to refresh the audience with the story and cast This works against the story from the very beginning because unless the reader just finished the first book it's all a very confusing game of catch upAdding to that confusion is a weird round of ck name games Kilorn Cal Cameron Corros Corvium Ketha I mean the author's head is obsessed with these sounds and it does the reader no favors in distinguishing these characters and places from one anotherTo further confuse you Aveyard spends the first half of the book in action seuences that are also pretty chaotic and don't do much for the story I get that the author is a screenwriter and these scenes probably would look great on film but she needs to learn to write them for readers instead of directors As if sensing that the first half is all action she overcorrects and spends most of the rest of the book with exposition It doesn't balance out the book; it makes it a slog to read as info dump after info dump weight down the already too thin story Seriously there's maybe only 80 pages of storyline here stretched into 440 pages As others have already said this series gets less and less original as it goes on Glass Sword borrows heavily from the disappointing finale to the Hunger Games series I know Looking for originality in YA these days is fruitless but one can hope can't they And the villain Maven is basically Joffrey Baratheonview spoilerAnd Shade the teleporter basically gets the Dobby treatment hide spoiler I am still #teamMaven Scroll down to the spoiler portion of my review to read my theory on his redemption arc I'm either right or dead wrong but my gut is telling me to there is to Maven than meets the eye Mare I am very afraid for you Things have been done to you things no person should suffer You've seen horrible things done horrible things and they will change you I'm so afraid for what you could be if given the wrong chance Enter the world of shades of gray No character will be sparedI FINISHED AND I HAVE MANY MANY THOUGHTS Let me try to get them down coherently in GIF's find my review of Red ueen HERE1 First 50% I was mostly bored Not that the writing wasn't amazing because it was or because there wasn't action because there was but because there was little romance and no Maven and no palace and I just wasn't as entertained as the first book But that all changed the second half when things got GOOD2 A certain someone's death hit me harder than expected I didn't like this person at all in the first book and now I'm thinking I should read one of the novellas to get of this character 3 I really loved Mare in this bookI'm sure some reviews will say she was moping and angry but honestly she was REAL Mare struggled to make the right decisions and be who they wanted her to be and she was haunted by the events of book one Again this series reminds me A LOT of Mockingjay Katniss feels but for me that's a wonderful thing because I loved Hunger Games and would gladly read scenes like that over and over I got why it was so hard of her to let go of protecting Killorn and move into some sort of friendship with Cal I liked that she didn't know how to interact with the children and people kept looking at her like she was a traitor to both Red and silver I liked the way she kept the notes from Maven and the way she and Cal still mourned the boy they thought they had known4 The ending OH DEAR LAWD THAT ENDING Now that was an ending His expression is unreadable but his meaning is clear With one hand he points at his feet His fingers whiter than I rememberI do as he saysI kneel Read below to understand my thoughts everything is marked as a spoiler FYIview spoilerThat ending with Maven I sensed it coming but it was just as epic as I hoped I felt less chemistry between Mare and Cal in this book even though I'm #teamMaven I still loved Cal in the first and while I could be dead wrong here is what I think Victoria is setting us up for a Warner esue of Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me love story between Mare and Maven I know it makes no sense he committed countless unexcusable crimes a la Darkling and Warner but do we know for sure that was him Do we really Did we see him actually hurt anyone in this book No Okay well technically he did hurt Mare with that branding thing but Gah I just feel like there is some sort of explanation Maybe somehow it protects her I dunno I just know there is to the story And all of the BAD things that DID happen Cersei excuse me Elara was still alive and well And do we know why she was in the prison Do we really understand what was happening during that prison break out Why was her hair graying and her appearance worn I tell you why because there is to this whole Maven is evil business than meets the eye I am getting very strong Juliette of Shatter Me vibes where Mare is going to start to understand or find out about Maven in the next book and help him struggle to redeem himself by the end of the series I am wishing for a HEA between MM but most likely I think she will help save him from himself and end up with Cal or alone Maven is not pure evil and I don't think he is the villain the way we think he is I think there are other factors at play that will be revealed like how we thought Warner was pure evil in Shatter Me only to find his actions explained away in the seuels No one is born a monster But I wish some people were It would make it easier to hate them to kill them to forget their dead faces Even Maven I'm sorry but uotes like that hint at my suspicions so well SHADES OF GRAY PEOPLE SHADES OF GRAYNow maybe you can think this is just wishful thinking Your reaction to my prediction is probably thisAnd you can throw a hundred things Maven did in my face and tell me I can't explain all of that awayThere are people who read Shatter Me who refused to forgive Warner I realize rooting for Maven is crazy to a rational eye but in books I tend to love and sympathize with the villain and I'm sorry but reading that ending where Mare has given herself over to Maven in exchange for everyone's freedom I just know there is so much potential thereMaybe I'm wrong and he really is a psychopath But I got chills with that ending and it was because of what we might see in the next book I'm sorry but I'm just not getting an epic love story for Cal Mare I think she is going to fall for Maven try to save him from himself in the next two books I could be dead wrong and I realize I sound crazy but I'm telling you I think there is to Maven than the villain Victoria has been leading us to believe She's a master at twists and I am TELLING YOU that I think Maven is her trump card I think Maven is end game for this series and I do not think he is pure evil even though we've only been offered evidence of the contrary I'm calling it and if I'm wrong well maybe I am but my author instincts are telling me there is than black and white evil and good This series is going to be about SHADES OF GRAYFinal notes Why oh why did I have to wait a whole book to get two scenes with Maven I know why Because Victoria is an evil genius and knows she is torturing us but it's exactly what we need to get amped up for the third book there's four planned now right Glass Sword did have second book syndrome it was building to future events and showing us character development and it was absolutely getting us to see how this world truly functioned but it was truly necessary for the stage Victoria is planning to set We all saw what she was capable in Red ueen and I have faith the next two books will be a non stop rollercoaster of madness now that she has given us all the building blocks and endeared us to all of the characters I see what you did there so that she can let blood fly in the next Did I love this book than Red ueen No But I think Victoria did an excellent job preparing us for what's to come and building the world none of us really got to see in the first book hide spoiler And I am revealed for exactly what I am a particularly stupid fish moving from hook to hook never learning my lesson ^This is a pretty good summary of the whole bookI know some people will not like that I tried Glass Sword after being really disappointed with Red ueen but I've had a lot of luck with seuels lately My dislike for first books like Cinder and The Winner's Curse turned into love for the later books in the series So I thought I'd give Aveyard a second chanceNo disrespect intended but I really do struggle to understand the popularity of this series Nothing about it is particularly good or compelling YA fantasy is made up of lots of fluff but even the lightest of romantic fantasies generally offer some excitement some pull even if the world building is scarce and it is heavily diluted by romanceThis seuel offers nothing like that The prose is bland and the plot contains a lot of meandering between places and constant repetition Mare's narrative is tiresome and dull going over the same thoughts about Cal Maven and her own specialness Only the last few chapters contain any real action or story development the rest of the book shows the characters going from place to place in search of those with special abilities who can help their missionThe author is too lazy to craft thought provoking scenes and characters only ever writing something or someone when it furthers Mare’s mission Everything feels orchestrated around the super special Mare none of the characters have their own identity or purpose which makes it not only boring but also turns every character into a chess piece a stereotype and a trope Glass Sword introduces many new characters and not a single one of them is memorableAnd Mare alone cannot carry this story If perhaps her character had been so strong and interesting that it didn't really matter about the one dimensional other characters then maybe this book wouldn't have been terrible But Mare is neither a likable character nor an anti heroine that demands your sympathy anyway She's an immature often stupid messMare blends in with a sea of forgettable fantasy heroines Even her flaws are not portrayed as such; her first person narrative so self obsessed She's arrogant; always concerned with her own power and mission She's selfish; often forgetting her family even exist and rarely expressing emotion befitting the situation If you enjoy reading about super special heroines stick with Throne of Glass If you'd rather read about a fascinating and morally uestionable anti heroine then check out The Young ElitesFor everything you could possibly be looking for I can suggest a better bookseries than this one Unless you are actively seeking poor writing and boredomThe late dose of action couldn't save the book nor could the ending that is cliffhanger than resolution It is a boring derivative fantasy that only stands out from the crowded genre when it sits dazzling prettily on a bookshelfBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store JUST I CANT YES This book Bless this book That ending Damn I can't even type in complete sentences after reading Glass Sword even though I just did

  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Glass Sword
  • Victoria Aveyard
  • Czech
  • 07 March 2016

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