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Her Texas Hero Even though I knew it was a romance book and that Audra and Cooper would get together in the end I still liked the story and I didn't see as many of the cliche plot points that dominate this genre Yes both Audra and Cooper were a bit gun shy about long term romantic relationships but the author gave them both good reasons to be in their backstories and she didn't belabor the point during the story I'm not sure that in most contemporary towns someone like Cooper and his brothers would offer to help someone with household repairs at such a discount It just doesn't seem the way any longer and that's a bit sad to me But it was sweet that they did And of course there's the built in seuels for both Cooper's brothers whom I'm sure will eventually be finding loves of their own I do wonder if Logan's will be the Holly that was mentioned in this book Even though she supposedly moved to San Francisco but in the romance world people are always moving back to their hometowns so it's not out of the uestion I received this book from a different friend than the one who's given me so many of the Love Inspired books in the pastI liked the opening with the Lone Ranger references I know that's a little dorky but that's the sort of references the kids have made in this family too and I could just see that happeningIn fact I thoroughly enjoyed the funny statements and antics of the kids I felt like Kat Brookes did well portraying children realistically I had to chuckle aloud at some of them I could picture kids saying those things in their own kind of kid logic The plot line meandered along partly wish fulfillment literature but much of the romance genre is And some of it was predictable but well doneBut few men realize that one way to a woman's heart is with a puppy Especially one that fills her children with such tremendous joy I found that an interesting comment because I recently read the Love Inspired Small Town Nanny by Lee McClain where the couple also bonded over a dog and a child But to me the plots were too similar on this point It made me wonder if that's a common romance plot deviseEvery now and then something was said that bordered on being sexist but it wasn't dwelt onNitpick Lizzie's mother said The good Lord never gives us than we can handle That's actually a common misuote of Paul in 1 Corinthians 1013 only speaking of temptation In fact Paul later wrote We were under great pressure far beyond our ability to endure so that we despaired even of life to make us rely not on ourselves but on God Who raises the dead 2 Corinthians 18 9 To me the difference is significant because it validates the suffering of those who have felt they have had than they could endure and people do die every dayHere's an article about why God sometimes gives us than we can handle one's a caution If I were a single mom I would be wary of a man even a Christian man taking such an interest in my children Too many tragic inappropriate things happen in real life Real genuine child friendly men do exist I'm married to one but that caution and going slowly are advisedOne of my friends would comment that although the characters in this book are Christian they don't really state much about what they believe about God So they could be anything from Jews except they did attend church to Deists those who believe in God the Father but not in Jesus' divinity to ChristiansAll in all the book was thoroughly enjoyable and much better than most of the romances I've read In fact the writing was so well done that I wondered why Kat Brookes was writing for Love Inspired I think she could've gone with a different better publisherFavorite uotesSo you're giving her a used door as a housewarming gift?Are you passing judgement on someone you've never met?Darlin' I'm a man We need answers plain and simply put We're not real good at trying to read between the lines Finally a romance novel that commends straight forward communication instead of mind reading just knowing things or just understanding themNo one not you not I not our wondrous Lord above can help a sinner if he or she refuses to be helped I liked this uote because it's a reminder that I can only do so much and that it's not really me that changes hearts It is God Jesus did die for us before we even knew that we needed Him before we were even born And He does move in hearts to draw us closer to Him so He has done and will do much than we can ever do for those who are refusing He brought Saul to faith who was a persecutor of the church not open minded about Jesus at all and who was intent on murdering Christians God brought Saul to a sudden startling belief during a dramatic Damascus Road experience Acts 91 7 Every time one of us believes it is nothing short of one of God's miracles in us so don't underestimate His power to work within us But yes there are still people who refuse God's help too Obviously not everyone turns to JesusI know Momma raised us to share but that's not happening in this case You're gonna have to go find your own women to propose to Enjoyed the humor in this story can't wait for next one Carter Cooper is certainly my hero One of the things any romance reader wants from a male lead character is that he treat the heroine right Carter fulfilled all my expectations I was privileged to have an advance copy of Her Texas Hero by Kat Brookes and blew through it in two days turning pages faster and faster immersing myself in the story of Audra and Cooper The book has a permanent place in my library and I’ll be reading it again soonThe meet cute is just about the cutest meet I’ve ever read between Audra dangling from the edge of the porch roof and Carter’s adorably clueless uestion “What are you doing up there anyway?”Audra and Carter predictably have problems with commitment but their situations are realistic and any reader can understand and sympathize with them Their faith comes across as natural and heartfelt which doesn’t happen in every inspirational romanceI loved worrying along with Audra when her tumbledown house starts to tumble down around her ears and I loved it even when Carter stepped in to help The pie contest was not only familiar and nostalgic it served as a perfect backdrop for Audra’s evolving feelings about CarterI’m giving this book five stars because from beginning to end Her Texas Hero satisfied all my criteria likeable characters believable plot easy humor just the right amount of tension and a perfect resolution Best of all? Between Carter’s extended family and Audra’s new friends I have hope for many seuels from Kat Brookes Romance books that veer heavily on the religious side can make for difficult readings if you’re an atheistespecially if you’re an atheist who’s actually read the Bible Anyone who peruses the so called Good Book will find tales of polygamy incest prostitution gang rape stonings child abuse et al and all at the behest of a God who’s angry manipulative controlling murderous vain domineering vengeful and proud of itSo it’s irritating to read about people who have come through truly horrific times that destroy human life and actually praise God for their survival The people in this book don’t credit God for a F4 twister that kills people and leaves a child crippled for life The divorcée doesn’t find God responsible for saddling her with a Christian husband who abandons her and his two children to re marry a younger woman No Audra Marshall blames herself for walking away from a drunken indifferent husband and ignoring her marriage vows and thanks God for sending a man who saved her from falling off a roofSo we get a story that’s liberally sprinkled with people thanking the Lord for the good luck that’s randomly fallen into their laps and absolving themselves of human agency No one is responsible for being good in such a mindset; only the Lord gets the creditOf course in such a novel there is no hanky panky before sex Given that the Bible is filled with the aforementioned sexual shenanigans it’s a wonder that anyone associates its teachings with chastity and sexual abstinence But in a romantic novel where people are always bringing up the Lord internally and externally talking to the Lord when you’re alone apparently isn’t seen as weird sex is off the table You can have sexual feelings but they’re alluded to in such a vague way you might as well be reading a child’s story of Flopsy Mopsy and CottontailAudra and her Lone Ranger rescuer settle in to play house she is a great cook and he’s handy with tools Having stepped into traditional old fashioned niches there’s really nothing to add here Happily ever after is achieved Praise the Lord Restoring Romance Seeking a fresh start single mom Audra Marshall uproots her family to a home she's purchased sight unseen But she hadn't counted on the house needing major repairs Enter handsome neighbor Carter Cooper Fixing houses is Carter's job but it turns into than business when Audra allows him to help her rebuild her home Carter's soon falling for the sweet mom and her delightful kids But Carter's always been hesitant of opening his heart to love As the cautious duo work together to transform her home will they also find a love to last a lifetime This author has a great future if all her books are this well written Her children are realistic and adorable while being realistic Any mother can identify with them Being old enough to remember the Lone Ranger that little touch when Cooper first meets Audra and her children made me laugh out loud and want to read to find out what happens next The author delivers all the way with a story of two people drawn together but resisting because of what has happened in their lives before The pace is just right She managed to make this reader fall in love with both Cooper and Audra I found myself rooting for them and Audra's children who are looking for a father that will love them forever as they deserve I can't wait to read the next book in this series Her Texas Hero by Kat Brookes is a Texas Sweethearts series This was a very good book I was laughing a lot reading this book So cute at times Single Mom Audra Marshall moves to a small town She bought a house over the internet in an auction When Audra and her two small children got to the house she found it to be in need of lots of repair A neighbor Carson Cooper stops by one day when Audra needed help Carson is a contractor and ends up making repairs on her house A love happens between the two but funny things happen when they are children involved A very good read received 5 stars Harleuincom as of 10102016Miniseries Texas Sweethearts

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Her Texas Hero
  • Kat Brookes
  • 12 June 2015
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