Love By Association Where Secrets Are Safe #7 Epub ´

Love By Association Where Secrets Are Safe #7 This was a event based story than emotional one Even though the issues of the book are serious from domestic abuse to date rape and police cover up for criminals and crimes it wasn't an overly emotional taleChantel has passion for her job she is giving everything she has her time energy and resources to catch the criminals Now going undercover for the first time she feels a little out of her depth but is determined to make it work and get the job done She has seen a lot during her life even a couple people falling in love but trusting someone so completely to surrender to your emotions that way wasn't something Chantel planned to do herself EverColin the rich rainmaker lawyer running his family's legacy the law firm and looking after his sister are all he lives for The occasional dating and charity work withstanding he is all about making deals and getting new clients And protect his sister no matter what To trust someone that is asking too much to fall in love not for him So when these two meet while Chantel is undercover sparks fly and a connection is made that takes them both by surprise They fumble around each other not sure what is happening and soon they can't help but fall for each other But will they have a future since everything they are building in between themselves is based on lies and deceit? Looking for evidence for domestic violence Chantel runs into much bigger case she and her team ever imagined The antics they go into to catch the perpetrator with evidence and witnesses puts lives in danger and Chantel into a situation she promised herself she would never be in The story is engaging it is curious how Chantel lives on the edge of her true personality and her undercover image how she deals with the high society the glamour and finesse of the pretend world she is in I like the characters the supporting cast gave a lot to the plot There's constant referrals to the past events several times the same events from the past are told that have nothing to do with this story To tell once to show character development is perfect no need to repeat With unexpected events towards the end the story takes a surprise ending making it gratifying and fulfilling ending for all Four Spoons 45 stars An intriguing story that keeps you guessing and trying to figure out who is guilty of what throughout Lots of protective shields are in place that have to be torn down to let life in againChantel Harris is a tough girl cop in Santa Rauel who is going undercover among the city's elite to try to bring an abuser to justiceColin Fairbanks is a lawyer who is part of that inner circle and the attraction they feel towards each other at first sight is Chantel's lucky break and her way into the group she needs to infiltrateChantel's intent is to find out the specifics of one particular crime but stumbles upon a years old cover up that is entwined among the people she is interested in Will Colin forgive her once he finds out she's a fake? 45 stars Miniseries Where Secrets are Safe Love isn't part of the job  A tough as nails cop Chantel Harris faces whatever life throws at her and then some As part of Santa Rauel's High Risk team—created by the town's women's shelter The Lemonade Stand—she goes undercover to expose one of the community's elite as an abuser Looking the part is easy but gaining acceptance into upper society circles is a different matter That's where gorgeous and successful lawyer Colin Fairbanks comes in But Colin is so much than Chantel could have dreamed Wanting him is dangerous Falling for him could ruin everything

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