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When Mary Met the Colonel Without the beauty and wit of the older Bennet sisters or the liveliness of the younger Mary is the Bennet sister most often overlooked She has resigned herself to a life of loneliness alleviated only by music and the occasional book of military historyColonel Fitzwilliam finds himself envying his friends who are marrying wonderful women while he only attracts empty headed flirts He longs for a caring well informed woman who will see the man beneath the uniformA chance meeting in Longbourn’s garden during Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding breakfast kindles an attraction between Mary and the Colonel However the Colonel cannot act on these feelings since he must wed an heiress He returns to war although Mary finds she cannot easily forget himIs happily ever after possible after Mary meets the Colonel This edition includes an excerpt from Victoria Kincaid's Mr Darcy to the Rescue WHEN MARY MET THE COLONEL The story starts at the wedding breakfast of Darcy and Elizabeth As the title suggests it's centred around and after the first meeting of Mary Bennet and Colonel Fitzwilliam This is a funny and tender story about the relationship between the eponymous hero and heroine The way Victoria Kincaid describes the Colonel's reaction to Kitty Bennet's and Maria Lucas' chasing of any man in a red coat should definitely bring a smile to anyone's faceFollowing the wedding it seems that the relationship won't go any further as we all know that the Colonel has to marry into money due to him being a second son  After the wedding he has to return to action with his regiment against the armies of Napoleon and this is what leads to him meeting Mary again under very unexpected circumstances I won't say anything here as I don't like giving out too many spoilers What I will say is that this is a lovely story that could easily be read in a single sitting and is suitable for all audiences Misunderstood becomes understoodThis is a short novella that can be read in one sitting or two if you have to eat or sleep It is the story of how Mary the middle misunderstood Bennet daughter has an interesting and delightful encounter with Colonel Fitzwilliam at the wedding of her two sisters Mary has a uniue placement in her family of five daughters Her two older sisters are in possession of beauty and wit and her two younger sisters are known for their vivacious and lively personalities Elizabeth is her father’s favorite while Lydia is her mother’s Lydia has already left the family and moved to the north after her scandalous marriage On this joyous day two daughters have left the name of Bennet behind them Jane married Charles Bingley and Elizabeth stunning surprise of all married Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley Mrs Bennet was beside herself Mary was hiding in the garden having escaped the chaos caused by her younger sister Kitty’s exuberance Her solitude was broken by the unexpected approach of Colonel Fitzwilliam It seemed Mr Darcy’s cousin was escaping the attentions of the younger girls chasing red coats I enjoyed this story; it was uick and gave us a rare insight into the mind of this misunderstood young woman I think the author wanted to distance us from the picture most JAFF authors portray of Mary hiding behind a book of sermons This Mary was intelligent knowledgeable regarding current events and had a strong and strategic mind and I liked her interactions with our dear Colonel Their connection was plausible and they seemed to enjoy their lively conversations while hiding in the back garden Neither held any expectations and they parted as friends The Colonel returned to the campaign on the Peninsula and Mary continued her daily life at Longbourn until the day she learned of his injuries The author did a good job describing the Colonel’s battlefield experience as she pulled historical facts from the time regarding British military actions and strategies of the conflict When our dear Colonel was injured you could feel his resolve as he thought he was going to die It was heartbreaking to feel his despair as the last thing he saw before things went black was a pair of dark eyes I am not going to list all the details of his recovery that will spoil the reveal However I think the author missed an opportunity here to advance or reward our dear Colonel due to his heroic actions in the line of duty He helped at the near cost of his life prevent a French troop advancement by closing the British defensive lineAlso I felt there was a shift in the story at this point and then the story sort of went downhill It felt rushed as we jumped from one place to another And we had a continuity problema movie term where they try to make the details of each scene flow smoothly Ex Mary untied the sling holding the Colonel’s broken leg in place she didn’t retie it when she left A maid footmen or his relatives would notice that someone had to have been in his room Speaking of propriety yeah it was out the window on so many levels Then we have the introduction of another suitor for Mary How could Mrs Bennet allow three of her daughters to marry without having tried to secure him in her matchmaking schemes I think the author chose too high in society a peer for this new guy Mr Bennet had always been known in JAFF as the landed gentleman in Hertfordshire Sir William Lucas was the mayor and had been knighted and then the wealthy Mr Bingley leased Netherfield This new guy conflicts with MerytonHertfordshire society I know the author wanted to give the Colonel competition and to show him and his family that she was valued by another peer However it just didn’t feel right IMO in my opinion Our HEA happened so uickly that we didn’t even get to enjoy it Suddenly all obstacles were done away with and the road was clear for our dear couple’s happiness It felt rushed and lacking somehow Other than that I enjoyed this look into the mind and feelings of Mary Bennet I’ve always liked the Colonel SPOILERPerhaps the author could have rewarded our dear Colonel with the estate near Pemberley for his bravery in defense of his country and services to the crown Just saying In the end of Pride and Prejudice Col Fitzwilliam is just about the last single man in search of a wife So naturally there are lots of adaptions matching him to this girl or that But this is the first one I've read matching him with Mary Of course since she is the bookish sister I always thought she deserved a great love story so I was glad to read this one It's a cute little novella and a uick entertaining lunchtime retreat into Jane Austen's world The third Bennet sister is not as lively nor beautiful as the others Nobody really pays attention to what she says or does but one man will treat her differently and will show her what falling in love really means Join Mary in this emotional journey towards love beautifully penned by Victoria KincaidAbsolutely delightful I had never read a story about Mary Bennet and I am glad that I picked this one up Ms Kincaid did a wonderful job at depicting a lovely amiable and realistic heroine We are used to see Mary as a boring girl not pretty enough or not good enough for any man But in this book oh my She so deserves a man that loves her with passion and the deepest love possibleI simply loved this new version of Mary Actually I have always liked the original character her obsession with books and her determination not to appear as silly as her younger sisters always received my admiration but sadly in “Pride and Prejudice” she does not have the chance to prove she is worthy of a happy future with a husband and children I was extremely happy to see that there is hope for everyone if only we follow our heartOf course I need to say something about this Colonel Fitzwilliam Two words will be enough utterly charming A gentleman that has his own fears but that is able to overcome them for the love of a special different woman He is fun friendly and so very fascinating Such a good catch MaryI would recommend this book to the Janeites because it tells us a funny sweet romance between two people that deserve a chance at love If you love Mary Bennet you have to give this story a try If you do not love her you have to give this story a try I promise you will smile from beginning to end I was thrilled to win a copy of this delightful sweet novella written by an author I have been meaning to try for some time It is always a source of enjoyment when I come across a Pride Prejudice seuel that tells the story of some of my favorite secondary characters Bonus when I get two The story develops uickly because it's novella length but its not hard to imagine since a lover of PP is already familiar with the circumstances setting and characters leading into this seuel that begins the day of the Darcys and Bingleys' double weddingFor Colonel Fitzwilliam Darcy's wedding is bittersweet He is of course happy for his cousin and best friend to find love and happiness with Elizabeth Bennet but he is envious too Richard is a second son so cannot marry where he will But it is not only that he is weary from the frivolous ladies and girls who chase him for his dashing uniform and not the man inside it And here comes Kitty Bennet and Maria Lucas nowEscaping the two flirty girls the colonel finds himself in an isolated and hidden part of the Longbourn garden confronted by the refreshing and uiet young lady hiding herself away Mary Bennet is a delightful surprise Her shy and earnest demeanor and her gentle beauty call to him If onlyMary doesn't know whether Colonel Fitzwilliam is trifling with her or is just being kind with his gallant words about her intelligence and beauty His notice and interest in itself is already a source of shock Mary is the least likely Bennet sister to draw a gentleman's notice but somehow she does Sadly this gentleman is due back to the Peninsula and war plus he must marry for wealth and she has nothingBut then circumstances are changed Fitzwilliam is home but now Miss Mary Bennet has a worthy suitor Will he concede the field or fight for what will make them both happy?As I said this was a uick and sweet story There is conflict and barriers to the romance which came suddenly though I didn't mind this much I enjoyed seeing Mary the serious middle sister get her chance to bloom and Colonel Fitzwilliam is most definitely a dashing hero for her I do wish it could have been longer but I was well pleased with this one It would make a nice cozy afternoon's readAustenesue lovers who enjoy seuels particularly giving secondary characters the lead should give this one a try Mary Met the Colonel is the perfect novella to read between some Darcy and Elizabeth centered books It is romantic interesting and loving The characters are different from the ones we are used to of course but their love doesn’t pale in comparison it is as strong as the one we usually see in Darcy and ElizabethVictoria Kincaid created the perfect love story for Mary Bennett and showed us that maybe she is not at all what we think she is We know her to be plain and boring but did we ever truly paid attention to her? Did we ever see any character interact with her in a meaningful conversation? Maybe all it took to see the real Mary was to pay attention And that was exactly what Col Fitzwilliam didWe all assume Mary is only concerned about Fordyce’s sermons but in this novella it is revealed she has in common with Col Fitzwilliam than we might think and maybe there is a reason why she uotes Fordyce so oftenFor me one of Victoria Kincaid’s greatest achievements in this book was the development of Mary’s character and making her the perfect bride for Col Fitzwilliam At first sight they have very different interests and it is not uite obvious how they could be a truly matched couple but the author mastered this adversity in a perfect wayI enjoyed seeing Colonel Fitzwilliam show Mary that she mattered that she was not inferior to her sisters only different with different ualities I liked how he was able to make her change to give her the confidence she needed to become invested in improving her appearance and her companyI liked that she was not like Elizabeth I have often seen Col Fitzwilliam be paired with ladies who are similar to Elizabeth and for me it was refreshing to see characters who were very different from Darcy and Elizabeth because truth is they should be It is true Darcy and Elizabeth are the most important characters in Pride and Prejudice but there is so much to it There are so many characters who are interesting because they are differentI also liked seeing Mary’s devotion for the Colonel and her interest in his stories and his personality To her Col Fitzwilliam is not just a dashing red coat who is amiable at all times he is than that and he deserves to be known and loved for who is underneath the regimentalsIt gave me an enormous pleasure to read this novella and to be in the company of these wonderful characters I have enjoyed many of Victoria Kinkaid’s books but none gave such a feeling of freedom and happiness as this novella This review was first posted on 'Babblings of a Bookworm' years ago when I first read 'Pride Prejudice' I really identified with Elizabeth Although she is outgoing than me I felt a kinship with her due to her sense of humour and philosophical attitude as well as her hasty temper but like many introverted bookworm types I also have some level of kinship with Mary She is definitely an interesting secondary character and one who has had uite a lonely time of it with her sisters divided into twosomes I love to see Mary get a chance to shine in her own right so I was very interested to read this new novella from Victoria Kincaid ‘When Mary Met the Colonel’The story begins at the wedding breakfast of Mr and Mrs Darcy Colonel Fitzwilliam is besieged – by Kitty and Maria Lucas who are very impressed with a man in regimentals The colonel seizes a chance to escape ‘Rather than respond Fitz plunged into the crowd His only hope lay in speed; if he slowed his pace the enemy would be upon him immediately The French should hire the two girls as scouts; they had an uncanny knack for spotting red coats’Colonel Fitzwilliam here is a man who needs to marry for money because he only has the money he makes in the army to live on Therefore to support a wife she’d need to come with a dowry He need not marry at all but he reflects that he would like to find somebody who he can love not the type of lady who usually seems interested in him or rather the attraction of his uniformHe escapes out to the garden where he stumbles upon the new Miss Bennet formerly Miss Mary Bennet Here the Colonel is surprised by finding a serious lady than he is used to meeting and one who is extremely interested in military strategy and the wider impact that the war will have on the future of the country Mary has the unusual experience of meeting somebody who is interested in her who takes her seriously and who appears not only to value her abilities but who also seems determined to make her value herself highly tooI have always felt that one of Mary’s big flaws was that she took herself too seriously and didn’t have much of a sense of humour – here those flaws have been largely removed but it’s unsuspected by most of her family because she is hiding her true self ‘How was it that even Miss Bennet’s own sister did not know of her true cleverness? The poor woman was even sadly misunderstood than he had first thought’After a promising beginning Mary and the Colonel have to part ways as he goes off to active duty in the war but each has left an impact on the other Mary’s self confidence is boosted and she begins to flower Their paths will cross again but can obstacles of wealth health and eligible suitors be overcome?I thought this novella was excellent and I really enjoyed it I liked that Mary from the experience of being made to feel attractive and valued starts to put some value on herself One touch that I particularly liked was that one of Uncle Phillips’ clerks had asked permission to court Mary and that she had asked her father to decline this; in Jane Austen’s letters she said that Mary married her Uncle’s clerk presumably a marriage of affection but here Mary finds the clerk unattractive and she has the self confidence not to accept the first offer that comes her way from the belief that it might be the only offer she ever receivesI found Mary’s personality in this story very likeable Although she has serious interests she also has a good sense of humour and has some very amusing disconcerting thoughts She is a straightforward person who doesn’t care for what she perceives to be empty flattery; when she begins to dress in a flattering way she enjoys the novelty of the additional attention it brings even while she doesn’t value it because it’s based on surface appearance rather than anything of substance I enjoyed watching Mary gain the confidence to start to direct the course of her lifeI did have a couple of uibbles Darcy’s financial generosity to the Bennet family seemed a little too generous for me The second thing relates to how uickly you can move on a leg that hasn’t borne weight for weeks In my experience once the leg is able to bear weight it takes a good few weeks before it's physically possible to move at any kind of speed at all and the recovery seemed a little too uick However I was willing to suspend my disbelief at these because I was enjoying the romance so muchSince this is a novella rather than a novel it’s a uick read Although I felt the story could perhaps have been a little longer it didn’t feel rushed at novella length and it’s a wonderfully romantic read There is a lot of romance in the idea of two people who care for each other but who are divided especially when neither has an indication that their affection is returned sigh I’d recommend this book and I’d rate it at 4½ stars I was provided an ebook of this novella by the author for my honest review I love a good Mary Bennet romanceThere are several points in which I can sympathize with MaryI too am a middle child though am sandwiched between two brothers; growing up I was the uiet shy one the one that was always over looked; and the one girl in a group of girls who doesn't have a guy fawning over her So when a book comes along and has an amazing guy taking interest in Mary I sit up and take notice I think she is just misunderstood and ignored with so much potential if someone would just take notice Colonel Fitzwilliam is one of those characters who is easy to love and want the best for except when he is trying to mooch on Darcy's territory Elizabeth In fact I love it when he is either paired with Mary Jane or CharlotteIn this book we find the Colonel meeting Mary at the wedding breakfast while he trying to escape the notice of Maria Lucas and Kitty Bennet The fact that Mary can definitely hold her own in a conversation that is considered too deep for a sensible female sparks an intrigue in the Colonel Which is returned by the spark of intrigue in Mary for the Colonel as well With Colonel Fitzwilliam now stationed over in wartime France Mary secretly tries to stay abreast on the news of the war effort When she overhears her mother speaking about Mr Darcy's cousin who was wounded and on his way back to England Mary focuses on finding away to get near him This is such a sweet story though Colonel Fitzwilliam turns into a ninny when a suitor comes round for Mary that is until Mr Darcy finds out his true feels and thrusts the Colonel into action Go DarcyI loved seeing how Mary grew leaps and bounds in this story and how she wasn't exactly as we thought I would highly recommend this book to any JAFFer it is a well written PG 13 rated story I like Mary Bennett stories and Col Fitzwilliam stories as well so this was a winner from the start I liked the book but as usual with a short book it left me wanting I don't mind waiting the extra time it takes to flush out a good story to its full potential It is worth doing Good read but disappointing too Could have been great

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