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  1. Saly Saly says:

    35 starsThis book had a whole ghostly twist to it The heroine is a 31 year old waitress who has smiles for everyone and is spunky but is an utter failure when it comes to men At the start her good for nothing drug dealing boyfriend murders her and she comes back into the body of a wealthy socialite accused of murdering her fiancee The heroine has to navigate some deep waters a hateful mother her Bri dull life wardrobe and vapid friends When everyone thinks she is guilty she turns to the hero Pete a cop turned PI she knew as Allie her old identity The hero always liked Allie and wanted to protect her and even asked her outshe refused coz she didn't think she was good enough for a decorated cop like him He now wants to nail Allie's boyfriend for her murder From the moment he meets Briwhose body Allie is inhabiting he notices how different she is and he feels this connection with her The heroine also has this hilarious internal voice Mathias that helps her fill in the blanks of Bri's life The hero helps her solve both her dilemma's these two fall in love and they get an HEA Allie remains as Bri A fun read

  2. Maura Maura says:

    This was an interesting little story Allie is murdered by her boyfriend and finds herself in the body of Brianne a wealthy socialite who is caught holding the smoking gun over her dead fiancee's body To clear herself of the charges Brianne has to take charge of her life not an easy task with her family and heads out to hire a private investigator with ties to her old life as Allie He's tasked with finding out who really killed her fiancee But it won't be easy especially when he's trying to clear her of a crime and she has no memory of the event with which to defend herself She and Pete had flirted and known each other for 8 years but her death ruined their opportunities Now Brianne has a second chance with Pete but how can she tell him who she really is? I liked the set up of this particular story Also the explanation that Pete gets for Allie being Bri was very well handled and I had no difficulty believing that Pete was sold on it Allie was pretty feisty and she handled herself very well Mathias the random voice in her head was a pretty good explanation for Allie being able to adjust to her circumstances but we're left with almost no explanation for who or what Mathias actually is Without that he's still entertaining but just a convenient plot device I wanted background on him The chemistry between the two main characters was pretty good The story is pretty well dedicated to the mystery of who actually killed the fiancee but the romance is definitely worked in there It felt a bit like lust than romance but Pete and Bri were definitely falling in love I wish there'd been some sort of declaration or acknowledgement of it before the end of the story though An epilogue would have been great hereor maybe just a slightly longer last chapter The mystery aspect of this was pretty good not stellar but this author didn't make use of obvious red herrings or anything I honestly wasn't sure who'd done it but I had my suspicions

  3. Monica Willyard Moen Monica Willyard Moen says:

    This is a uickie paranormal romance surrounding two murder mysteries This book is a good fit for light reading over vacation or time at the beach

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Twist of Fate Whose life is this anyway Alice Walker spent long hours on her feet in a doilied pink waitress uniform Brianne Sinclair danced the night away in strapless gowns and priceless jewels So how could they be the same womanAllie dreamed of grandeur but even she never fathomed being switched into the body of the world's most beautiful millionaire Dream come true Not For when she came to as Brianne there was a dead fiance at her feet and she was holding the smoking gunOnly struggling PI Pete Hackett believed her innocence As Allie she'd had a fierce crush on him and now as Brianne she finally made him fall in love with her But which woman was he in love with