Flee PDF Ò Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • Flee
  • Francine Pascal
  • English
  • 26 April 2016
  • 9780743412513

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FleeNoooo Sam I'm gutted he's gone but I'm intrigued by what could happen between Gaia and Ed now I can't wait to see what will happen next They say that old habits die hard I have to agree Just look at my father He still hasn’t kicked the habit of abandoning me But that’s all rightBecause if he can runso can I Summary Gaia continues to wonder about her uncle's motives Tom deals with getting information on Loki and his sinister plans especially after his informant Henrik turns out to be an imposter Tom also worries about Gaia's well being Loki continues to keep watch on Tom while trying to capture Gaia for his DNA cloning plans Ed wants to confess his love to Gaia Heather spends her few seconds of screen time being miserable and Sam carries out Loki's plan to lure Gaia to him but ultimately gets killed after getting Gaia to flee from the restaurantI have to admit Flee was slightly better than the other Fearless books probably because I found the parts where Tom was actually doing secret agent stuff exciting than anything I had to endure so far That aside this was rather mediocre1 I love how Sam decides it's fine for Brendan to think of him as a killer so he doesn't have to try communicating to tell him otherwise Moron2 How is having to leave your daughter to do a covert mission considered emotional blackmail It's agency rules and common sense to not tell anyone including your family that you're a secret agent 3 Who thinks it's a good idea to meet in a restaurant to discuss plans about secret missions Wouldn't that be like members of a big company like Apple hosting a meeting in the back of a crowded McDonald's to propose suggestions for upcoming products no one outside the company should know about4 In Paris he and Gaia had forged a new relationshipThis sentence would have impact if there were filler chapter titles where Gaia and Tom actually enjoy themselves in Missing Of course I wouldn't want to read than I already had5 Sam might have destroyed his and Gaia's relationship through poor communication but then again that's every character's problem in this series6 Instead of Sam telling Gaia out loud about what Josh and Loki are putting him through why can't he just write it Better yet Sam could type his message on an online translator through for example French and write it on a note to give it to Gaia for her to read It's likely Josh and Loki can't understand French and since Gaia is smart with languages as annoying as it is it would work as a great communication plan Yeah it won't be 100% accurate but it should be enough for Gaia to get the gist of what's going on7 The scene with Gaia pledging to drop out of school is completely pointless if she keeps coming to school anyway8 I really hate it how Gaia gets away with breaking school rules without any consuences The only time she was thrown in detention was when she fought with Ed to pass Loki's test and even then Gaia ran out of detention without anything happening afterwards Her self righteous ass needs a month's worth of unskippable detentions honestly9 The meaning of spam emails are laughably outdated That or Francine Pascal doesn't actually know what actual spam emails are Nowadays spam email mainly consists of clickbait scams or viruses According to Gaia spam emails are a bunch of chain letters attached to a motivational story with absolutely no malware hidden in them That's wrong on so many levels10 Ed thinks that Heather is desperate for help that they really don't need At this point in Fearless Heather is dealing with family issues not being off well financial wise and her friends aren't there for her If anything she would like Ed to be there to lend a shoulder to cry on That part in Ed's monologue just felt Douchey11 What's the point of Loki having his plans in the form of a long animation Couldn't it just be a simple spreadsheet or something He might as well make a 30 minute live action comedy skit about his DNA Cloning scheme12 I'm 17 books in and I still have yet to see what the purpose of the Fearless is13 I'm glad Sam's dead I never liked him to begin withI'd LOVE for this series to end earlier than it actually does Just because I want to do something different I'm going to write the reviews in a Friends episode format EnjoyThe One With The Difficult ChoicesGaia doesn't know who to trust any Her father abandoned her again Sam Moon is acting like a different person And being near Ed Fargo is becoming uite pleasant Tom Moore discovers the true nature of the terrorist plot Loki wants to create a cloneof Gaia And also Sam is involved in a serious decision bring Gaia to Loki or be framed for Mike's murderWhoo That was awesome Forget what I said about Fearless losing its touch I TAKE IT ALL BACK This one is so full of action that I almost had a heart attack Okay not really And OH MY GOSH THAT ENDING view spoilerOnce again a character dies just when is about redeem himself In this case it was Sam Moon hide spoiler why am I still reading these the government conspirary aspects bores me bring back the SamEd drama The ending is so sad I can't believe he oh well there still I can't wait to read the rest I really didn’t want Sam to die Noooo Let Sam's story stand as a testament to the importance of COMMUNICATION PEOPLE GODDAMN I've read this series over ten years ago But I remember it being very good For the first 18 books After that the it lasted the worst it got I stopped at book 32 These days I wouldn't give it than 20Back to the good stuff I found that Gaia was a good strong pretty but still flawed character She was special without being annoying It's just that once the author stopped looking over the shoulder of the ghost writer Things went down the drain pretty fastLast note The series may be in boxes but I won't be giving them away any time soon She's a good example of an interesting main character in an interesting premise There is no way that Sam is actually dead

About the Author: Francine Pascal

John Pascal July 8 1932 January 7 1981 and her brother was Broadway lyricist