Kill Game Epub Ò Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Kill Game
  • Francine Pascal
  • English
  • 01 October 2015
  • 9780689878213

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Kill GameThis book was the perfect blend of the Men In Black movie and the tv show Alias which meant it was a little cheesy It was not very well done and there were alot of feelings thrown in that didn't mesh very well but the mystery hooked me enough that I kept going and read the next book Alas that was HORRIBLE So in lieu of that I do not recommend this series at all The greatest weapon against a serial killer A girl with no fearGaia Moore isn’t like anyone else in the world She’s trained in ten different martial arts She has a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue As a teenager she cut class to bust gang members and drug dealers on the streets of New York City And now Gaia’s been recruited to join the world’s leading crime fighting organizationAt FBI training camp in uantico Gaia will become a part of an unparalleled team She’ll learn the strict codes and procedures of the FBI She’ll be pushed to her body and mind’s utmost limitsShe’ll learn how to hunt serial killersAnd she will catch one Fearless FBI is a follow up series to Fearless which is about a teenage girl “born without the fear gene” teh sciencez living in New York who just kicks everyone’s ass vigilante style because she can Very ’90s very girl power lots of violence and sexual tension I was not allowed to read them and therefore had to borrow them in secret from my best friend In Fearless FBI our protag Gaia has just graduated from Stanford and joined the FBI in the first book’s first scene she saves everyone from a suicide bomber at her college graduation because of course that’s a natural venue for a domestic terrorist These were written around 2005 and there are definite efforts to integrate some sophisticated gender politics but they flounder because Pascal is clearly a lot comfortable in the “RESPECT WOMEN YOU DOUCHE round house kick THAT’S RIGHT GIRLS CAN BE CUTE AND DANGEROUS” zone They’re uite bad and joyfully two of the series vols 1 and 3 are available in ebook form Vols 2 and 4 are not which is a huge disappointment; please get on that Simon Schuster kthanks If you didn't get enough of the amazing Mary Sue from the main 36 book series or the three digressive preuelback story novels there's Yes ten martial arts And as many languages And she can fill in the blank Yes ma'am says the stereotypical Southerner Ah love this Mary Sue Now in case you still doubt Mary Sue's abilities this book finally gives her dynamic dimensions She's five feet ten inches tall And she weighs one hundred and twenty five pounds So she's a beanpole No not muscular Not at one twenty five No Two stars Honestly after reading all the Fearless books I had HIGH hopes for this off series and this first book just let me DOWN It took a while to get to the main points and I didnt like the way the pages were formatted Unlike the original series I DID get bored with this book I am hoping the series gets better than this Is a really good book has a lot of contract and contradiction also the character is very interesting My sister used to collect the 'Sweet Valley High' books that this author wrote however those books weren't really my thing  I was never really interested in them  If the 'Fearless' series had been about back then I would have snapped them up uickly'Kill Game' follows the story of Gaia Moore a girl who has never known what it was like to be afraid  When she saves her graduation class and their friends and family from being blown up by a crazed student she realizes that the burst of adrenalin she gets from doing death defying stunts fills the empty gap she has in her life  So she decides to join the FBI and the fun starts from thereGaia was a character that I really enjoyed  She wasn't your average character  She was an angry yet caring one  She made mistakes  She had a level of pride that was at times her downfall and she had a major competitive streak especially against Will  I liked how there was strength to her than sweetness  She's was a 'kickass' characterFrancine Pascal wrote 'Kill Game' in such a way that there was than one central character  There was Gaia of course but the author wrote with multiple character narratives which meant that I got to find out  about the other characters Will Kim and Catherine  The writing style changed from 1st to 3rd voice all the way through the book  I must admit I found it odd when I first started reading it until I got used to it  Something else to add is that is has a slight Epistolary novel feel to it as wellWhat I also adored about this book was that there was a diverse character in it  Kim was a LGBT character and Chinese American He was super smart and comfortable in his own skin  Keep in mind that 'Kill Game' was published in 2005 when it wasn't as big of a thing as it now to have diverse characters in books  And it was New Adult  I don't know why I was so surprised by that but I guess it's because New Adult only seems to have become a thing in the last couple of yearsSome of the scenes in this book seemed so real  It didn't shy away from bigotry and hate  But I think it was written in such a way where even though I was highly offended for the sake of the characters it wasn't anything than that  And the offenders did get their comeuppance which made me very happyFor the romance lovers I can say that there is a slight one between two of the characters but it is a slow burning one  No one is falling instantly in love here which is very much a pet peeve of mineOverall I really liked this book  I couldn't find anything that I would really fault  The story ticked a lot of boxes in the type of contemporary novels I enjoy  I loved the balance between the action and normality in 'Kill Game'  even if it was a FBI training campI would recommend this book to anyone who likes an action book with kickass characters and having a fun reading experience I read uite a few of the original Fearless series that followed Gaia through her high school years although I never finished the series and I'd have to say I just didn't connect with this book as well I really liked it enough to stay up into the early morning to finish it and I was hooked enough to start the second one right away despite the lateearly hour I just kept expecting Gaia to be the same as the girl she was in the first series which is my own fault since I never finished that series and this is of course an entirely different set of books I guess I feel like this new series is kinda going in the exact opposite direction of the original and it's a bit of a jolt However that intent is very clearly laid out for the reader as Gaia struggles to overcome the impulsive recklessness that defined the Fearless books and I could see this series really becoming just as good as the first once I get over the slight shock of how much has changed In any case I'd highly recommend this book to fans of the first series however if you haven't read the Fearless series Fearless FBI is going to be a challenge to understand There are innumerable references to the first series and Gaia's entire psyche is built around the events of that series So if you're a newcomer to Fearless you're gonna have to read up on Gaia's history and I'd recommend reading all of the books all 36 of them This is kind of a side note that I've always wanted to have clarified although it enters into the realm of psychologyneuroscience than the actual story itself If Gaia cannot feel fear then what emotions are off limits to her Worry Concern And where is the defining line between the body's chemicalphysical response to danger and actual fear itself These are kind of nit picky uestions that I've always had about the story's premise of a girl without the fear gene Maybe it was better explained in later Fearless books but I've just never understood it I feel like it kind of detracts from the believability of the series Kill Game was all about a young girl named Gaia Moore getting sucked into the world of FBI training and cases But Gaia is different than the other trainees on the base she can't feel fear Something gone worng in her DNA Gaia is completely incapable of feeling fear Nothing scares her Now when she gets to the base she attempts to get over the past The death of an old romance her mother etc This is her chance to start new Gaia fits in easily making fast friends with her Roomate Catherine and a southern guy named Will that can't stand to be beaten by her in any of the drills at the base Towards the end Gaia gets involved in a real case and get herself into all sorts of trouble leaving you on your toes for the next book I loved this book because of the action and i would reccomend it to anyone looking for a good action packed book Eh the FBI part of the Fearless series so far is just kind of ok for me The story itself is actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be but I sort of feel like Gaia has lost herGaia ness so to speak The FBI series is somewhat only SOMEWHAT realistic but I found myself interested in the people that Gaia is working with than in Gaia herselfI especially like the character of Kim For me Gaia is just sort of there; it's like she's numbed up She's lost a lot of her angst which is fine and I really like how she reflects back on some of her prior actions and recognizes that some of the decisions she made weren't really for the bestbut at this point growing up seems to have taken Gaia's voice to me anyway

About the Author: Francine Pascal

John Pascal July 8 1932 January 7 1981 and her brother was Broadway lyricist