Brokenly Found Faith #2 Kindle Ø Brokenly Found

Brokenly Found Faith #2 Title Brokenly FoundSeries Faith #2Author Nikki BolvairRating 45 Stars “Because it's not about sex It's not about lust It's about you” The first book was good but too short to fully form an opinion and Brokenly Found was definitely what I expected It was longer fast paced and action packed I couldn't put it down and read it in one sittingThe story picks up where the first book ended Daniels is running away on a bus after overhearing Brady and Sarah I really enjoyed how the author focused on Daniels and the McGuire boys' relationship in this book “I want to hold hands steal kisses from you and keep you safely tucked between my brothers and me I want you Faith Daniels We want you” A good RH series but sometimes a bit dull due to boring plot decisions Took me a long time to finish the series even though I only had two chapters left I've gotten the we all want a relationship together from the main girl and guys so I don't think I will continue with the series anytime soon Short but sweetI can't help but fall in love with Faith and her boys The characters are developing well and I'm curious where their story will lead Great series for RH fans Rushed possible spoiler in reviewI don't usually leave reviews but I have left a review on both the 1st and now this book I read the first book because it was free and someone suggested it I put a review about 1 of the characters called Tucker who was mentioned in he first book and it was said he could possibly make trouble for the MC but then after 1 brief mention he wasn't mentioned again in the rest of book 1 Now onto Tucker is not mentioned again until halfway through book 2 it just seems the book is all over the place Jumping from 1 thing to another Would have beenMore stars but I don't like cliffhanger endings The start of a poly relationship is an interesting premise But for that cliffhanger killing it I'll never know how it ends Good stuffGreat read so far A few typos than the previous book only noticeable because they were sort of glaringly obvious Like rouge instead of rogue etc But they weren't bad enough to distract me from this mediumish burn RH with an interesting cliffhanger On to book 3 So goodI’m normally into of a paranormal genre but this series was recommended and I’m so glad I gave it a chance I gave it a four star because I prefer of a suspenseful story line but this is still a great read 35 starsReview to Come Book 2 in the Faith Series Faith Iris Daniels or Daniels for short had a shot at a real home life Ahead in school out of foster care and moved to a new town she thought she could start over but when the past catches up with her and the feeling of being unwanted surfaces she does the only thing she feels she does best She runs Making the decision to go back to her hometown before anyone could send her there themselves she realizes that she had made a big mistake I felt groggy as fingers tightened on mine Daniels please baby wake up A rough voice whispered I opened my eyes to midnight blue ones They were red and puffy as if he had been crying He swept back my hair and let out a relief chuckle when he saw that my eyes had opened It's about time you woke up baby He leaned over to kiss my forehead and my lips I pulled back confused I took my hand from his and leaned away His brows dipped Daniels I was scared Who are you” okay I LOVED this I stayed up until 34 in the morning reading this series I got to book 4 before I finally crashed and now I am back at it to finish the series this one is addictive I LOVED it

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