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  • The Alpha Female
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  • 26 April 2014

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The Alpha FemaleI read this story on the Dreame appIt was really good I liked the world built amd the way it was writtenI didn't like the moments when Isabella was behaving like a brat and that she was the source of a lot of problems but then I realised that she is only 18 so her behaving like a responsible adult would've not been realistic Maybe it was also because reading the title I was expecting something else from our heroine at least she is not acting helplessI also feel like it had too much drama for my personal tasteBut overall I really liked the characters in this book and the way the story went Isabelle El Bridge is many things as the daughter of one of the strongest Alphas with three older brothers she is free spirited headstrong and stubborn who refuses to be told what to do She is well known for her fiery temper and her overprotective family When she sneaks into one of her fathers meetings with the most vicious heartless and cruel Alpha she expects him kill her right then and there but what happens when they realize that they're mates Very poorly written Writing style was reminiscent of high school narrative essays Barely Would be good if I could find to download read Couldn't get past her changing form the first time Not far The grammar and spelling errors are too distracting Sometimes read this book made me forget that main protagonist is a 18 year old girl Stories end is what made me bit uncomfortable not going to spoil but either way good plot And suggest reading it I have already downloaded the app please how do i read it would love to be able to find this book where you can purchase a paperback or hard copy love the story so far