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Dark Days Earths First #2 The ancient space dwelling race known as the Anisari have come to Earth to retrieve their property the alien known as The First who has taken refuge there Aided by his fellow alien companion the powerful Talin and his living AI unit Ursa The First has spent his time on Earth becoming its defender and champion But once the Anisari arrived even his incredible powers were not enough to defeat the alien armada Fighting at his side is the human woman Maura Riley She was the first person on Earth to come into contact with the super alien when he crash landed on the planet That exposure altered Maura's DNA giving her fantastic abilities that forever changed her life Maura uickly found that even her newfound super strength and her newly forged alliance with a handful of humans who had also been altered by the introduction of the alien nano technology that was released into the atmosphere when The First crash landed may not be enough to defeat the invaders who are bent on destroying the planet and completely erasing all traces of it from existence Maura and her companions find themselves working for an off the books government agency that wants to protect America from the invading horde but also wants the secrets of the alien technology for themselves The government is in a race with foreign countries and giant technology firms that also want those secrets Maura and her friends are beset on all sides; opposition comes from above and within as they battle their old nemesis the rogue agent Nia Neely and her sinister secretive bosses as they race against time to find a way to stop an alien invasion and save the earth itself Unsure of who she can and cannot trust Maura must rely on her wits and the incredible abilities gifted to her by her acceleration in order to keep herself her loved ones and her home world safe Seriously? I don't mind books that lead you into wanting to read the next in the series I even like books that end and allow for completely new adventures to start What I really find annoying hence the three star reviews are books that are literal cliffhangers 'the team against all possible odds leapt into battle against See next book for the next sentence' At least this trilogy seems to have hopefully ended with book four The author doesn't respond on Goodreads and the web page listed at the end of the second book goes nowhere As a last resort I tried his published gmail addressOn to the book The characters are still interesting but the super abilities and near magical scientific breakthroughs are getting a little over the top Still the action is weol written and I find myself staying up late to keep reading They'd all be four star books except for the annoying endings caan is definitely an author to keep an eye on DisappointedI will preface this review by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and the first chapters of the second How's er the unnecessary dark turn in this book saddened me and made me stop reading While I can understand a sociopath gaining powers would be devastating to portray a man of God becoming a perverse necrophiliac was just too much I have removed this book from my library and will no longer purchase books from this author I have never posted a bad review for a writer and am sad that I have to do so now While I am not a religious man I feel that there are lines that one need not cross to tell a story Thank you for the entertainment of the first book but please reconsider your content going forward Sincerely Jim Good story but one chapter was too darkI especially liked when the First was rescued by Star and Maura That was excitingThe chapter where the woman was kidnaped and then asalted byA death scan while still alive was way to evil and very dark Another like this one which goes against my core values and I will never buy another book from this author It is not what I want to read for entertainment

  • Kindle Edition
  • 316 pages
  • Dark Days Earths First #2
  • M.J. Caan
  • English
  • 01 September 2016

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