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Σελιδες Ημερολογιου Excellent description of an enhanced human experience both from the author's point of view and the people of the future However it was not fully explained how the future came to have no people of color but one must remember that this was written in 1922 The definition of enlightenment Sui generis bookThis is not a ticket to a roller coaster amusement ride but to a great spiritual journeyIt's the diary of a man that apparently went through a lot than a human mind can handle Whether he was hallucinating or not is not the primary concernThis diary will force you into our dark deep future through what is indeed likely to happen However the final destiny will fill your soul with joy and hopeDuring this journey you will realize what kind of society we live in nowadays and it will become clear to you what it should be done to at last evolve to the species this planet deserves Abandoned at 20% I’m not the one who can judge his experience however it’s hard to believe people in year 3906 have almost the same hospitals as we do today and still believe in miracles and the hand of God This book is extremely interesting It has been under intense scrutiny since it's publication both from believers in time travel and non believers alike Either way what happened to the person whose journals are translated here are uite a mysteryPaul Amadeus Dienach is a Swiss Austrian teacher who falls into a coma in 1921 It is during this time that his consciousness travels through time to 3906 and enters the body of a manWhen Dienach awakens from his coma he writes down of his experiences 2000 years into the future as he remembers them In fragile health he does not want to leave the Earth without putting what happened to him down in writing What does the future hold for mankind? What technological breakthroughs will happen? When you read this you must keep in mind that it was written in 1921 before many advances that we now have weren't even being thought about so try to imagine yourself leaving 1921 and awakening in 3906Since he realizes his time is short he entrusts his diary to his student George Papachatzis one of his very favorite students and the only one he trusts with his diaries Papachatzis eventually becomes a Professor of Law and Rector of Panteon University located in Greece While there the knowledge contained in the diary is shared with a few select people including some in The Masons who consider the book to be holy and one which must be protected from the world at largeHowever many years late 1972 Papachatzis decides to publish the diaries in Greek To say some people were not happy with this would be an understatement Another edition was published in 1979 and then the books basically disappeared without a lot of fanfareEventually the book is found interpreted and made public and this is the result of that effort It is not a book to go uickly through or you will miss a lot of important information This book claims to follow a Swiss teacher named Paul Amadeus Dienach in his 360 days in the future In his diary he took over the body of one Andrew Northam a resident of the year 3906 This is actually the claim made by Georgio Papachatzis Of the two Georgio was an actual person although Dienach I am not so certainPapachatzis makes the claim that as a student of Dienach's tutelage teaching the German language in Greece circa 1920 According to Papachatzis Dienach left his diary to Papachatzis before his death explaining only to the student should read them to improve on his understanding of German When Papachatzkis read the diary he discovered the amazing story of Dienach's experiences in the future while the latter resided in the body of Andrew Northam Papachatzis purportedly translated the diary which was actually released in 1922 in as Valley of the RosesReading this book I found the story to feel very much of a work of prose than a diary As for its validity as a presentation of an actual journey to the future I cannot bring myself to agree that this is likely It may be that there was a man called Paul Amadeus Dienach who went comatose for an extended period and that he left his diaries to Papachatzis exactly as described yet there is little here to suggest Dienach actually visited the future Most of the predictions are largely unsurprising to a science fiction writer of the era containing a feel not too dissimilar to Bellamy's Looking Backward written in the late 19th century As a piece of relatively engaging Radium Age Speculative Fiction I would recommend it as a good read As a factual account of the future I would not recommend it at all Without a confirmation from Dienach that the diary entries were anything than a fiction it's impossible to corroborate Even with that it's possible Dienach only dreamed he visited the future while in his comatose state believing the events as having occurred I couldn't resist reading a book with this title; that details the story of a Swiss Austrian man who in 1921 falls into a one year long coma during which his consciousness slides into the body of another manin the year 3906 Both the title and the subject matter sounded great but unfortunately I found this a rather difficult book to get into Firstly it is actually a diary so you don't have the smooth flow you would get from a novel or a work of non fiction Secondly I suspect much is lost in the translation This diary was most likely translated into Greek and then later English The end result just doesn't read well Then there are all the new words and concepts from the year 3906 that you're forever opening the glossary in the back of the book At times I found the book uite tedious As for for the subject matter of the book it's certainly food for thought Could this have been a future life reincarnation? Was it our future or an alternate Earth? Some of the things he records about the future certainly seem plausible eg A Mars colony in the 24th century Other things leave me doubtful eg a nuclear war that devastates most of Europe except Scandinavia and Africa How our world could recover from something like that and go on to build an advanced and unified global culture after that is beyond me This is without a doubt one of the strangest books I have EVER read This purports to be non fiction a true story of a man who someone slipped into our future 2000 years hence It is written in a way that makes you believe this is truly a diary of a non writer I hated the writer of the diary; he was always whining depressed obsessed But the story is pretty incredible It becomes hard to follow at times so it is not a pleasant or easy read Don't uite know what to make of it all Just came across it 2 days agoThe world has never seen a book like this before It changed my perspective of lifeAwe In 1921 Paul Amadeus Dienach a Swiss Austrian teacher with fragile health falls into a one year long coma During this time his consciousness slides into the future and enters the body of another man in 3906 ADWhen Dienach awakens from his coma he finds himself back in 1922 Knowing that he doesn't have much time left he writes a diary recording whatever he could remember from his amazing experience the mankind’s history in the forthcoming centuries from the nightmare of overpopulation and World Wars up until the world changing globalisation the radical new administration system the colony on Mars and the next human evolutionary stage Without any close friends and relatives to entrust he doesn't say a word to anyone out of fear of being branded a lunaticBefore he dies he hands his diary to his favourite student George Papachatzis later prominent Professor of Law and Rector of Panteion University of Greece The diary circulates as hidden knowledge amongst high ranking masons in the lodges of Athens In 1972 professor Papachatzis despite an intense dispute decides to publish Dienach’s diary in GreekPaul Dienach was not an author poet or professional writer Rather he was an ordinary man who kept a journal never with the expectation that it would be publishedThis uniue and controversial book a universal legacy is now carefully edited translated and available to everyone

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