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Athletic Shorts Six Short Stories These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes but are not simply sports storiesHere he presents characters from some of his best–loved novels as well as creating some unforgettable new personalities in tales of love death bigotry heroism and coming of ageAges 11

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  1. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    This short story collection serves as my introduction to Chris Crutcher as an author These stories are easy to read despite dealing with social situations and moral dilemmas self esteem reaction to death and dying prejudice and discrimination or family relationships I must admit that I experienced some discomfort reading the social slurs that Crutcher so breezily makes use of in “The Telephone Man” In the prologue to the story he says that he “has fears in writing about racism but that basic lessons are best taught by reflecting the truthPeoplethink kids should not be exposed in print to what they are exposed in their lives” I accept his argument on that point My favourite story written in 1991 and the final story in this slim volume is “In the Time I Get” a story about AIDS By the time I read this I had no doubt absorbed Chris’ style and developed an appreciation for each lesson he wished the reader to learn in each story The ending of the story found me closing the cover of the book with a tear in my eye I can see this book being used in high schools as a motivator for reluctant readers male or female I should also note that the title does not entirely reflect the content of the stories sports are certainly a part but the bigger issues are at the heart of Crutcher’s stories So whether the student is a jock or not is immaterial Adults may find these stories worthwhile reading I would also recommend this book to anyone wanting to write short stories especially stories with a definite beginning middle and end I found it refreshing to read short stories with clear endings

  2. Brenda Morris Brenda Morris says:

    One of my favorite young adult authors Chris Crutcher writes realistic stories about realistic people with realistic problems He always writes intelligently and with a sense of humor while simultaneously depicting his characters sympathetically This collection of short stories is great for people who enjoy realistic fiction but don't want to read a longer book Short stories are also great for when you don't have time for a whole novel you can read a story in one sitting and if you don't happen to get back to the book for some time you haven't forgotten all the details that will help you pick it up againReaders who have already read some of Crutcher's work will probably recognize characters and settings as he tends to set his stories in the same geographical area

  3. Trent Swaim Trent Swaim says:

    Athletic Shorts was a collection of short stories that will remain close to my heart and in my memory for years to come I plan to pickup my own copy ASAP As a former high school athlete many of the emotions of the characters in the stories I could completely relate to and understand This book made me think It made my laugh so hard Probably than anything it made me wish I was in high school again 1010

  4. Marvin Marvin says:

    A good book but it doesn’t really talk about sports and I couldn’t finish

  5. Sierra R. Sierra R. says:

    It was a good book and it was a short read book and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes short read books

  6. Susan Susan says:

    Susan HartCrutcher C 1989 Athletic Shorts New York Greenwillow BooksShort storiesPrintSelected from catalog School Library Journal Review belowAthletic Shorts is a dynamic collection of 6 sports related short stories by Chris Crutcher All with male main characters that experience a sport as an important part of their lives these stories are complete portrayals that show growth or change Angus Bethune is chagrinned at having the name of a cow particularly since he is the size of one Not only that but he must often defend both of his parents who are gay while also being a star football player in a school community that feels somewhat hostile to himTwo other stories describe the intense physical training and the discipline of cutting weight in order to make a certain weight class for the wrestling team One tale is about an abusive father who is finally beaten by his son in a wrestling match Another is about a high school junior cleverly addressing the humiliation of having to wrestle a champion who is a girlSeveral stories are interesting examinations of racism and bigotry In one a high school graduate football player is faced with his fears of a homosexual coworker at his summer job Another features an extremely racist boy who uestions what he’s learned about others from his father as he navigates a new mixed race high school The final story tells how swimming saved Lionel Serbousek’s life and provided a way of dealing with the rage he has about the death of his family While none of these stories are directly about sports athleticism is an important defining characteristic for these realistic portrayals Chris Crutcher briefly immerses the reader into intense experiences that will satisfy teens and make them want Recommended Gr 8 12 A winning collection of stories one of which has appeared in print before Some of the characters from Crutcher novels pop up in these stories often speaking in a collouial and realistic first person voice As the title suggests athletics are part of the selections; and Crutcher as usual is best at accurately portraying the world of high school teammates and coaches readers can practically smell the sweat In the first story a monologue by a fat guy who manages to keep his dignity the author seamlessly blends humor with serious elements Crutcher's fans expect almost operatic flights of emotion and he than delivers here The short story format keeps the action focused and definitely packs a punch The final entry a gritty no holds barred account of the fear surrounding AIDS is especially effective These Athletic Shorts will speak to YAs touch them deeply and introduce them to characters they'll want to know betterMorning T Jones T E Toth L Fleishhacker J 1991 Athletic Shorts Six Short Stories Book School Library Journal 379 278

  7. Kellie Wagner Kellie Wagner says:

    Chris Crutcher achieved what he wanted within this book It is composed of short stories and some of them are continuations using the characters from other books Of course I want to read all of the other books now to totally understand these characters Another aspect of the book that I appreciated was the prelude to each story Crutcher provided why he chose to write that particular story or who encouraged him in the writing process for that story It was interesting to be in an author's prewriting thoughts picking plots and character namesThere are six different stories within this book Although the characters deal with athletics it's really a secondary conflict in all of their lives The characters each face something much serious including gay parents a gay friend a sick friend the death of a best friendetc It goes to show stories within stories Even within a short story Crutcher writes in a way that shows such character growth within teens In the story about a friend with AIDS the main character Louie grows tremendously from a friend afraid to be near the AIDS victim to learning a lesson about living a full life I'm going to see how far I can go in the time I getMain characters include all high school teenagersAngus a fat kid always bullied and ready to take his stancePetey Shroshrire and his father who wrestle each other in front of the student body and parents in an effort to show than just the best wrestlerPetey and Chris Byers who are scheduled to wrestle each other this school year Chris Byers is a female wrestler and Petey is afraid to forfeit but also afraid of losing Lionel Serbousek and Neal were best friends Neal is the cause of the death of Lionel's parents and brother during a boating accident Louie and Darren Louie lost his girlfriend in a prior Crutcher book and in this story he deals with his new friend and coworker Darren an AIDS victimThis book is a fast read but the material is not light Crutcher takes serious issues head on and doesn't ignore the fact that teenagers deal with death love loss disease and even worse

  8. Marcia Marcia says:

    Marcia ViningCrutcher C 1991 Athletic shorts six short stories New York GreenwillowGenre Short StoriesSelection process Morning T Jones T E Toth L Fleishhacker J 1991 Athletic shorts six short stories Book School Library Journal 379 278 As the title implies this collection of short stories uses athletics as its unifying theme Using realistic situations Crutcher tells about common difficulties in the lives of his characters that teens will find familiar He uses humor to help make sense of the problems as well as giving voice to characters that struggle with their environment their families and mostly themselves Crutcher's collection of short stories hits the mark on a number of levels Although this book is older it still applies today Teens still struggle with many of the same issues dealt with in the stories This book shows a way forward; a path to hope and a reassurance that teens can survive this time of their lives This is a message that young people today still need to hear and that Crutcher is able to offer without being preachy or unrealistic Highly recommended for libraries to keep on the shelf

  9. Leftbanker Leftbanker says:

    This was yet another book chosen for me solely on the strength of the narration by the late great Frank Muller I spend at least two hours every day on my bike so I’ve been grinding through a lot of audio books I’d never heard of this writer before but he makes me wish that I could go back and try being 15 all over again and this time do a better job of it Think of these stories as The Catcher in the Rye except the protagonist isn’t some over privileged rich wise ass and instead a hard working and shy kid who is out to make the best of things There is an underlying sweetness to all of these tales that makes you wish that life could be this simple and good and that stuff like wrestling swimming and running actually count for something

  10. Logan Erdmann Logan Erdmann says:

    I really enjoyed this book I would recommend it to high school students who are interested in sports Athletic Shorts is a book of short stories that all have a theme about life built into them The book shows the troubles that some athletes face whether it was pressure from their parents to perform or if they were dealing with loss of a close friend These short stories also cover the endings of some of Chris Crutcher's other books Overall it was a very good book I look forward to reading books by this author

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