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Delta Force Desire From classified secrets to unleashed desires Elite hacker Kit Walker expects a safe desk job when the government taps her for a classified project So when Kit's captured by a cyberterrorist group she fears for her life and her work But when gorgeous Griffin Brooks turns up to save her it's not only her life that's in danger Griffin was assigned to Kit's case but protecting the bashful beauty soon becomes so much than a job to him How can he do his duty to guard her when he couldn't keep his late wife safe from a nefarious killer As a lethal threat closes in on them both Griffin and Kit will have to untangle the deadly web of lies—and their growing attraction—if they want to stop their enemy in his tracks

About the Author: C.J. Miller

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    Very good book with great suspense and an emotional romance Kit Walker is a computer hacker who had worked on a highly classified government project Happy when it was over with she has avoided any kind of computer job ever since Then she is attacked by cyberterrorists who need her expertise to gain access to that project She's saved by Griffin Brooks but gets the feeling she's gone from the frying pan to the fireGriffin works as a retriever for the West security company He's good at getting people out of danger then turning them over to someone else to do the actual protecting Years earlier his wife had been killed and he blames himself for not keeping her safe Because of it he refuses to have anything to do with the protection side of the business feeling that he is not ualified But when Kit refuses to have anyone except Griffin taking care of her he has no choiceI liked Kit She's incredibly smart but also socially awkward She has always felt overshadowed by her supermodel sister especially when it comes to attention from men Her relationships have been online only except for one that ended up being all on her side She is attracted to Griffin but has no confidence in her ability to attract him I liked Griffin also He has been hurt by the death of his wife and protects himself by keeping his emotions well buried He's attracted to Kit but getting involved with her would be a bad idea I enjoyed the development of their relationship They strike sparks from the first as Kit initially resists Griffin's attempts to get her to safety Once she has accepted her danger she is determined to keep Griffin at her side as she trusts him As they work together the attraction between them grows but it is not a simple thing Kit wants him but has no idea how to go about taking advantage of the heat between them Her attempts are awkward adding to her feelings of inadeuacy Griffin's reactions are actually pretty sweet He's honest about her effect on him but also that doing anything about it is a bad idea He is pretty sensitive to her feelings and does his best to protect them The scene after the rave shows just how much effort he puts into that I loved the way that they grew to understand each other and how that brought them closer By the end of the book Griffin has to decide if his need to have Kit in his life can overcome the fears that are holding him backThe suspense of the story was great and felt like a fairly realistic scenario From the first chapter as the cyberterrorists try to capture Kit the intensity continues to build Once Kit understands the danger she is determined to do her part It often seems as if Kit and Griffin are barely one step ahead of the bad guys I really liked the way that she and Griffin balanced each other Her expertise is mental dealing with the intricacies of the computer while Griffin's is physical There are several situations where I wasn't sure how they were going to get out of it The final confrontation was intense and I loved seeing how Kit pulled off a couple of great surprises While this story came to a successful conclusion there were a couple loose threads that may lead into another adventure

  2. Amelia Amelia says:

    The latest CJ Miller release has an abundance of dangerous incidents plus emotional situations Suspense constantly builds while longing between the main couple also keeps mounting despite their complicated circumstances I never knew what type of peril would occur or where it might take place and these uncertainties heightened the trepidation I felt during much of the book The storyline is uniue and its take on a conceivable problem into today’s society where computers are so important made for a fascinating read DELTA FORCE DESIRE has a wide range of emotions along with plenty of risky escapadesWhile Kaitlyn “Kit” Walker has not worked as a computer scientist for four years she always worries the former project to which she is connected will end up causing her trouble one day With her expert computer skills she had hoped no one especially any enemies would ever find her Yet she has been found and she uickly realizes just how much jeopardy she is now in The endeavor that she had a big part in creating has caused Kit to be in grave danger but at least an agent from the West Company is there to keep her from being harmedWhen Griffin Brooks was assigned his current mission he was only supposed to retrieve a woman wanted by terrorists because of her knowledge relating to a secret US government project But instead of handing Kit off to another agent she becomes his responsibility Griffin does not take on tasks where he must watch over anyone as there is too much guilt over the death of his wife whom he did not protect But when his staying by Kit’s side is reuired to gain her assistance he finds himself torn between duty and desireA large number of obstacles are certainly standing in the way of Griffin and Kit ever being in a relationship From determined terrorists who use deadly force to several issues that catch them off guard because of the unexpectedness this couple will be put through the wringer over and over again How they react to the many perilous events in their lives proved both can outsmart others Griffin’s way may be physical while Kit uses the computer to fight her battles yet their minds are always planning ahead toward a goal One huge threat in DELTA FORCE DESIRE is a modern day danger where computers can be a blessing or cause a disaster CJ Miller makes the story interesting with disturbing possibilitiesKit is someone whose interaction with men has often had unpleasant results as she is much adept with computers and several conversations with Griffin are awkward and had me feeling her embarrassment But he always tries to be careful with her feelings and this has him coming across as a true hero on numerous occasions Since he has never gotten over his wife being killed and feeling he is to blame this fact greatly influences many of his responses to the situations they have to face As the spend time together the sexual tension keeps building and is freuently off the scale There were a few times when I could practically feel the heat being generated by all the lusty yearning between these two and I definitely needed a cool drink after one particular episode I hope to see stories featuring the West Company and its capable agents DELTA FORCE DESIRE has adventures passion and much emotionReceived copy from author for Always Reviewing blog

  3. Leslie Leslie says:

    Super cute story of hacker meets special op bodyguard Wasn't sure how it was going to end it was fast paced and worth the wait

  4. Jen Jen says:

    This book was pretty mediocre for me really of a 25 than a 3 The heroine Kit had potential I generally love genius heroines with cool jobs but she ended up just being frustrating She has self esteem issues but it felt dragged out too far She is constantly putting herself down comparing herself to others etc She thinks she's a cow but really she's oblivious to her hotness blah blah blah I wanted to see her stand up for herself sometimes and not be such a wet blanket Griffin is kind of forgettable as a hero He has a tragic back story but it's cliche and he never goes into much detail about it He also kind of jerks Kit around a lot getting in her pants one minute and then but I'm staying away the next and repeat All in all this book was meh It wasn't truly bad or I'd have stopped reading but it wasn't great either

  5. Rose Rose says:

    A bit disappointing The suspense was a bit weak and the romance a bit disjointed I wish the relationship was fleshed out and the ending felt rushed But these two did have chemistry which kept me reading

  6. Gloria Brzny Gloria Brzny says:

    this book was very suspenseful trying to keep Kit safe was truly an adventure they would be safe then it would turn on them then they would be in trouble again they managed to have a romance in spite of being chased they also managed to save the computer program

  7. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    The connection and sexual tension is sweet yet passionate Great pacing strong tension and intrigue will keep readers hooked 4 stars RT Book Reviews

  8. Elizabeth Mckernan Elizabeth Mckernan says:

    This was a good book I enjoyed it

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