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Cowboy All Night Thunder Mountain Brotherhood #5 Blame it on the Stetson Brant Ellison's easygoing nature makes him one of the most sought after horse trainers in Wyoming His powerful muscles don't hurt either Nothing makes Brant happier than training a new colt at his foster home Thunder Mountain Ranch—except maybe the colt's sexy new owner if she wasn't all work and no play Aria Danes hopes that once trained the colt will help her injured brother But Brant is proving to be a distraction from her responsibilities—she has a wicked urge to strip him from his hat to his boots Ride 'em cowboy Aria and Brant can't get enough of each other Their craving is insatiable even if they have nothing in common Even if some cowboys can never be tied down

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  1. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    Some modern dilemmas are faced in this American romance A palomino mare is foaling at the start and her happy owner is on hand So is a cowboy who tries to educate young people about horses They celebrate a perfect colt foal and soon find their way to bed But there is no guarantee that they will stay together Also involved is the lady's brother a disabled war veteran who seems determined to lead an indoor life and ignore horses The story follows the three of them as they work gradually towards a solution that will help everyone An adult romance read with characters from earlier in this series the tale comes across well as a standalone but there is not much suspense Horse lovers will enjoy the read for sureI downloaded a copy from Net Galley for an unbiased review

  2. Jo (Mixed Book Bag) Jo (Mixed Book Bag) says:

    Cowboy All Night Thunder Mountain Brotherhood by Vicki Lewis Thompson – Another of the Thunder Mountain Boys arrives back home and finds romance and love This time it is Brant Ellison Once back he meets Aria Danes They seem to be opposites but of course opposites attract This was a uick fun read with a lot of sex I did think that the character development would have been better if they spent time with their clothes on than with them off Sex is great but the relationship just needed a little than sex to seem complete

  3. Kate Vale Kate Vale says:

    Brant Ellison has a soft heart for new foals and intends to stay independent so that he can travel where he's needed whenever he wants to No women for him just new horses Given his family history his attitude is understandableThat is undtil he meets Aria who's just as stubborn about want to get her brother out of his wheelchair with the help of a newborn foalIt takes Brand and the foal to do that but it's an iffy thing until Brant realizes he wants than to be fancy free when his heart as well as his libido is captured by Aria

  4. Mem Mem says:

    B895 May16 Thunder Mountain Brotherhood #5 Aria Danes hires a horse trainer easy going Brant Ellison to work with her new foal Her brother is a disabled veteran and she is using this to help him with his recovery He's given up confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life

  5. Emily Emily says:

    love this series hot brother best parents

  6. Janine Janine says:

    Hope you continue the story even if it is in the background about Josh and Linus

  7. Mary Mary says:

    This book was gifted to me and this is my honest review This is the second book in this series that I have read and I enjoyed it just as much as the first The characters have very large hearts and a strong sense of family This is romantic and sweet and entertaining Vicki is making me really

  8. Donna Repsher Donna Repsher says:

    I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review and here it is 35 starsHow nice to be back at Thunder Mountain Ranch again this time with Brant Allison coming back to the ranch just in time to assist in the birth and training of the foal of Aria Danes' horse Lucy Brant is probably the most happy and laid back a guy as Rosie and Herb ever fostered His brothers none of whom had an easy childhood before being fostered are generally amazed by his relaxed whatever happens is okay with me attitude Brant chalks it up to his emotionally distant father dying young and his mother abandoning him soon after that he simply learned not to become too attached to anyone anything or any place He's never had a long term relationship travels all over working with horses and is perfectly content with his life but that's before meeting AriaAria's brother Josh a top level event euestrian was injured when the horse he was on failed to complete a jump over an obstacle and Josh was thrown His injuries have left him wheelchair bound and he seems to have given up on even trying to work with his physical therapists in the hopes of someday walking again which his therapists feel is well within the realm of possibility Aria bred her horse in the hopes that working with a small foal would motivate her brother to take an interest but he's staunchly refusing to even see the new colt or visit him Since the new class of Academy students is due to arrive at the ranch in days everyone wants input from Josh on making Thunder Mountain Academy wheelchair accessible He again has no interestWhile working with the colt Aria and Brant almost immediately become hot for each other and the sex between them is practically instantaneous and incendiary but this is the only part of the novel that felt as though it was too much and too fast for this reader While Brant and Aria spend a lot of time having sex anywhere and everywhere they possibly can what was missing was some serious relationship building They do a 180 degree turn from both agreeing that this is a sex only short term fling to a love match in mere days and I found it stretched my willing suspension of disbelief to the breaking pointI've read a number of books by Ms Thompson and enjoyed them as well as enjoying the other titles in this series but of the titles I've already read this is one that I believe could have and should have been deeper in its scope

  9. Books and Spoons Books and Spoons says:

    The easy going exterior and gypsy lifestyle might hide much deeper character that shows outside and it takes one special bossy stubborn lady and some cherry pie to change one world view and life goals completely I love Brant the gentle giant His attitude demeanor and position in life is cheerful engaging and uplifting He is easy to be around and his gentle touch calms the biggest case of nerves He is well swoon worthy for sure Of course Aria at first seems his total opposite but as they get to know each other they find many points views and likes they have in common The chemistry between them is so hot it is beyond any measures and they are burning for each other The story has lots of love scenes in it and they are steaming hot each one I have to say I would have liked the balance between the clothing on and off to be a bit balanced so they could have had the chance to get to know each other deeply about other matters as wellAlso the ending came rather apace the events in the story take place only in a few days I wanted to be part of the Tuesday evening cooking lesson and see the new students arrive I just felt the story was left unfinished in a way undeveloped or incomplete I had high hopes for the epilogue but that was just setting up the next story in the series And don't get me wrong I love this series I love the concept behind it Rose and Herb and their dedication to the family the loyalty of their boys and the stories of the boys finding love they have all been wonderful And I adore Brant and Aria together the smoldering heat that they have between them is unforgettable As is the cherry pie But I was left with the thought that this could have been so much it had all the keys to it but Blaze series is suppose to be about the heat and sizzle so I understand that point of view A willful lady determined to rescue her brother from himself falls into an immediate lusty relationship with the tender magician Brant who melts her inside out and teaches her to dance with the colt enjoy the life and laugh out loud whenever possible A red hot uick entertaining read Four Spoons

  10. Trudy Miner Trudy Miner says:

    Brant Ellison is a much sought after horse trainer and he's returned to Thunder Mountain Ranch to bring into the world yet again another foal and train it for its owner Aria Danes who hopes the foal will help her brother who's an injured and now confined to a wheelchair Aria thinks that seeing the new foal will help Josh rekindle his interest in life enough to return to physical therapy and riding again However once she meets sexy Brant Ellison her game plan is soon sidetracked Brant and Aria are the complete opposites of each other; Brant is as easy going as they come while Aria has her days planned down to the minute Love though makes strange bedfellows and soon these two can't get enough of each other Will it be enough?I've read many of the Thunder Mountain series; some I've like better than others including the first ones which were great The beginning of the book with the birth of the foal was absolutely fascinating and Linus' first experiences in the pasture were amusing Josh's refusal to come out to see the foal led to him not being mentioned much thereafter as the attraction between Aria and Brant took off At the very end of the book Josh did have a change of heart though This is a good series

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