Albatross The True Story of a Woman's Survival at Sea Epub

Albatross The True Story of a Woman's Survival at Sea One late summer's day the yacht Trashman set sail from Annapolis to Florida On board were five young people John the captain; Meg Mark Brad and Debbie Scaling When the boat sailed into a gale the eighty knot winds shredded the sails Forty foot seas crashed through the cabin windows and Trashman sank leaving the crew adrift in a rubber dinghy Albatross tells the story of how Debbie and Brad survived and how the tragedy changed Debbie Scaling's life forever

10 thoughts on “Albatross The True Story of a Woman's Survival at Sea

  1. J.H. Moncrieff J.H. Moncrieff says:

    Incredibly riveting tale of survival I'm a sucker for survival stories but they're rarely told by women In this case not only is the protagonist a woman; she was also the most skilled sailor on board and probably the reason there were two survivorsI'd hoped for depth and details than I'd gleaned from the documentary but what I saw was pretty much what I got in the book as well There were a few details about Meg and Mark's personalities in the book and an epilogue about how Deborah found her way back to the ocean after her ordeal but that's about itI can't imagine how horrible this experience was or how they managed to survive as long as they did Whenever you're in a tough spot ask yourself What would Deb Kiley do?

  2. Tara Tara says:

    I had been putting off this book for a long time My dad however kept telling me to read it It is incredible Intense and uick read It is surely a 5 star book to anyone who enjoys sea survival stories My 4 star rating is solely based on my dislike of sailing jargon which accounts for small portion of this book

  3. Saundra Brewer Saundra Brewer says:

    Another true adventure this time with a woman as the protagonist and a book I uickly read and liked When I began the book I thought it would be about a solo journey by the woman Deborah Scalling Kiley Actually it was about a crew which began as five and later became just two Deborah's travails included far than the challenges of the ocean but all held my interest I also liked the fact of her mentioning that participation in the Outward Bound program as a youth taught her valuable skills Part of the book's proceeds go to making the Outward Bound program available to disadvantaged children

  4. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I read about a study that referenced this authorbook The study was about people who survive tragediessevere circumstances and what sets them apart from people who perish Compelling subject I was led to pick up this book Even though the book was not all that well written it could have been worse I was caught up in the story once they were shipwrecked I cannot imagine going through what these people went through Incredible With all my heart I hope the author is doing well

  5. Judy-Lee Judy-Lee says:

    I bought this book for a friend who had been searching for it under the wrong title She enjoyed it and gave it to me WOW If you like adventure this one's for you Excellent read

  6. Catherine Gonzales Catherine Gonzales says:

    A tale of how a woman survived surviving A wholesome book Though I got bored at first adrenaline gradually intensified at every turn of the page I was eager to know what will happen to them how will they survive how will they die? These uestions made me hungry until I was already at the last page where Debbie broke free of her fears and was able to spread her wings like an Albatross I specially love the closing line and the appendicesThis made my heart wrenched with emotion and my mind realized how hard sailors fishermen and sailors alike struggle to make a living amidst the perilous threats of the raging sea battling all kinds of horrors fighting for survival GoosebumpsFurther I also became aware of the fact that where there is love there is fear where there are comfort there are threats Debbie loved sailing but it took her awhile to get past the ghost of those long dark nightsIt's just simply what I needed to keep my mind off some things đź’•

  7. Tyler Jordan Tyler Jordan says:

    Great book of a harrowing account At times this is poetical The author uses simple language other then when she’s describing a boats technicalities which I don’t understand a lot of I think that’s why the book flowed so nicely I was able to read it in a day It was interesting to see the psychology of the situation as things progressively got worse One of my favorite moments was when one of the crew was dancing before their death The author has a way of touching your heart with the sweet moments of life found throughout the book The offering to Poseidon was another thing that I remembered well I saw some movie with Josh Duhamil on the Discovery show and in the end it said the movie wasn’t based off this book that’s why I got it to read and I wasn’t disappointed

  8. Marnie Zorn Marnie Zorn says:

    I was disappointed there were no photos included aside from the back page of the author I wondered what the others looked like as well as the boat itself I'm a bit curious Deborah Kiley I didn't warm up to her much throughout the book she was a bit rough around the edges I see that she died at the age of 54 uite young I'm curious as to what became of her

  9. Oriana Oriana says:

    Horrifying and captivating at the same time A uick read that made me pause many times how could this be a true story?

  10. Meghann Meghann says:

    Beautifully written gut wrenching and heartbreaking I couldn't put it down

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