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Putting the Genie Back In this second book in the Putting The Genie Back series David Hone moves from the subject of climate change itself to the necessary political response to the issue The tough uestion facing any government as it confronts the task of reducing national carbon dioxide emissions is where to start and what to do first The most likely candidate for this and therefore to achieving the goal of limiting warming of the climate system Hone argues is carbon pricing The economic reasoning behind this like climate science is not new and has its roots in thinking from a century ago Yet in the halls of many 21st century parliaments the approaches being followed bear little resemblance to the elegance and simplicity of this one instrument that taps directly into and unleashes the power of the market Carbon pricing has enormous potential to shift global energy investment and help the least developed economies muster the funds they need to build sustainable energy systems Most importantly carbon pricing offers the prospect of not only solving the carbon emissions problem but doing so euitably and at lowest cost to society So why are we shunning this policy solution in favour of indirect and often expensive pathways All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions C2ES and 2041 two NGOs that the author has worked with directly over many years i won this book on goodreads first reads in a giveawayI think maybe that i should have read his first book on this sujectwhile the author gives good information he seems to contradict himself and then cant seem to figure out how his actual plan will workthis is a problem for me as a reader due to my wanting to know why he is challenging his findings and how we can change it down the roadI do still admit that there are some good points in this book and makes the reader uestion what his part in the problem and what his part in fixing it as wellI do recommend this book to those who want just a little informationbut i suggest that you read the first one in order to understand of what Putting the Genie BackWhy carbon Pricing MattersI still want to thank the author and goodreads first reads for the chance to win this copy I won this book in a goodreads drawingLess a book than a pamphlet this book tells about the ways and means of carbon pricing as an instrument to combat climate change The author thinks it's the crusade of our timeIt therefore seemed odd to me that the author demonstrates how it does not work in his own book He is sure that with a few improvements it will work but doesn't seem sure howThe book is an informative look at policy options and some of the effects of those policies He thinks technology is both the problem and the solution which makes for an uneasy narrative especially when the author isn't sure exactly what technology will solve the problem I was reminded of Gulliver's Travels and the scientists who wanted to get sunshine from cucumbers and such Book received from Goodreads GiveawaysIt was an interesting book but not something I'd ever read again It read like a senior thesis that was published though that's not necessarily a bad thing It's the second book in a series and it would have been better to read the first one He's definitely a crusader for reducing our carbon footprint

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Putting the Genie Back
  • David Hone
  • English
  • 05 January 2014
  • 9780993368004

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