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Kians Alpha (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #13) Kian had a history of bad luck with alphas Because when you’re an omega with the palest shade of blond hair skin flawless and white and eyes an odd shade of frosted blue alphas were nothing but trouble Most alphas wanted to use him for his looks or for what he could do but no good had ever come from any interaction Kian had ever had with one of them As a child he’d discovered that he had certain other abilities that made him even special and attractive to alphas It was this special ability that brought him to the attention of the Dark Hollow Wolves And they had a new alphaWhile most of the wolves in the pack were dark haired Jim’s hair was a riot of golds and reds With his pale skin and tawny wolf eyes he was downright gorgeous although if he smiled a little he’d be even better looking He was stern and old fashioned and those who met him could easily imagine him striding through the lodge leading a half naked submissive pet behind him But one thing he said he’d never do was mate an omega An unscrupulous alpha could manipulate an omega force him into a relationship he didn’t want and then use his special abilities—or so Jim believed until he met Kian As their love struggles to take root Kian must learn to trust in Jim and they have to stand together against the sinister outside forces that sent Kian to the pack in the first place and that threaten to drive a wedge between another one of the alphas and his mate to tear both them and the pack apart This book was a little different from the rest of the series that being said I WAS NOT A FAN Of Kian I couldn't even feel sorry for him The sister Lisa well let's say I wouldn't have been upset to see her dropped off a cliff LolAs far as the blood mate thing I thought mates could it be disloyal to each other no matter what So needless to say I got very frustrated with this book and with Kian I am a big fan of shifter stories and it's probably my fault that I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would For one thing I probably shouldn't have jumped into the series at #13 There's too much backstory and culture regarding not only this pack but the werewolf lore this author has chosen to writeI am definitely not adverse to the big macho alpha male but something about the alphas in this story struck me wrong Again I think some of it has to do with not having read the first twelve books but there was something about Jim Zack Marco and the rest that made me a little uncomfortableNow don't take this wrongI'm still going to go back and read a few because I don't believe in basing my opinion on just one book in a series and not even the first book at that I did like Kian and I empathized with his predicament but I really thought it could've been handled in a different way And yes I know the author wrote it her way and power to her grinsI'll just leave it at I liked it and I'm reserving full judgement until I've read a few in the series This is book 13 which just happens to be my lucky number of the Dark Hollows Wolf Pack Kian is an Omega who is put in an impossible situation He either helps an Alpha try to take over Zack's pack with the help of his Influence or he ends up getting passed around by multiple sadistic alphas as a sex slave So he tries to do what he needs to to survive His half sister who is also trying to help the rogue Alpha Dante is keeping an eye on him What they don't count on is sexy old fashioned Alpha Jim being his mate Unfortunately neither does Jim So the uestion is will Kian be able to use his influence and tear the pack apart or will true love prevailIn true Shannon West style this is an amazing story with smoking hot sex scenes This my favorite one so far Absolute 5 stars Five amazing uninfluenced by Kian stars from me full review to followthreebooksoverterainbowwordpresscom

  • ebook
  • 127 pages
  • Kians Alpha (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #13)
  • Shannon West
  • English
  • 20 June 2014

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