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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re An Engagement of Convenience Catherine George brings us another segment of her never ending Pennington series in this whacktastic masueradeThe h in this one is 26 and looks almost identical to her Italian BFF Which is kinda weird cause the h is supposedly English and Welsh and the BFF is not The h is having sad times when the story starts her mum is ill along with her mean granny and there is no money to pay for the lifesaving operationEnter the Italian BFF she has lots and lots of money ever since her parents died and she inherited all the Pennington Hotels So if the h will pretend to be her for the BFF's Italian Nona's 80th birthday party in Italy the BFF will pay for the h's mum's operation AND pay to get the h's mum's huge house repairedand install central heating tooThe Italian BFF can't go herself because ten years earlier the girl got forcibly evicted from the Nona's presence by her older cousin He found her in a scandalous situation and he and the Nona were outraged Plus the BFF hasn't changed her wild ways she is currently expecting a stork visit and doesn't know where the baby's dad is so he can marry herAnyhows the upshot of all this drama is that the BFF can't go and reunion with her Nona cause she is up the duff and has no baby daddy to present The h is reluctant deception isn't her strong point but she is fluent in Italian and she is a shorter dead ringer for the BFF The h's mother hears the plan and pushes the h to do it Mum really needs that surgery and the only other option is to sell the family pile but mean granny hates the h and she can't see them all suished up together in some grotty flatSo it is off to Italy we go and the older cousin is there waiting at first he is mean and tart shaming to the h who is in the guise of her BFF But soon the older cousin H is feeling the pull of the HP Lurve Force Mojo and he is trying his best to ignite some Treacherous Body Syndrome in the hThe h is feeling some tingles but she is still unicorn grooming so she doesn't realize what they are at first Nona is delighted to see her again and the h feels a huge bond for the elderly lady The H gets determined on seduction and the h learns that the BFF did uite a bit with the brother of H's fiancee ten years earlierThe BFF gave up her unicorn grooming license to the boy in a bid to make the engaged H jealous The H found them beat up his fiancee's brother and his fiancee broke up with him Which isn't as bad at it seems only the H's ego took a hit He was only marrying the fiancee because they both owned matching side by side vineyardsThen the H's ex fiancee sister threw herself at the H and he had to kick her back to the curb cause he wasn't interested in her womanly wiles Needless to say the relations with the vineyard owners next door have been very strained for years and the H blamed the BFFBut now the H thinks the h still posing as the BFF should be his lady buffet sampler for the duration of her stay After the Nona's birthday party where the h gets a bottle of wine dumped on her by the rejected ex fiancee's sister the h makes her plans to leave The Nona and the H make it clear that the Nona wants the h to marry the H but the h has no intention of agreeing to any such thingThe H drags the h to dinner on the eve of her departure He takes the h to his house gets her drunk and then forcibly seduces her The h may or may not have had a good time CG isn't really clear on the physical gratification moment for the h but the H figures out that since she was a unicorn groomer she definitely isn't the BFFThere are some harsh words and the H now believes that since the h is not really family after all she should just be happy to be his lady buffet sample there were a few courses he didn't get to try out The h is all about the NO and she goes home to England just in time to support her mother as her mean grandmother diesThe H continues to stalk the h even tho she made it clear she isn't preggers and she isn't interested in being his dirty weekend baggage We also find out that the mean grandmother wasn't related to the h it seems that mean grandmother was infertile and her husband the h's grandfather kept an Italian mistressThe h's mother is actually the mistress's child but the mistress died in childbirth and the mean grandmother raised her But the h looks just like her Italian grandmother so the mean grandmother hated her and did not leave her any money Tho the mean grandmother kindly left the h's mum enough money to repair her houseBy this time the H and the Nona have shown up to meet the real BFF relation and fortunately the baby daddy came back so now we can have a wedding The H keeps stalking the h for an affair the rest of the cast is doing their best to pimp the h out and the h is trying to move with her life She has figured out that if she isn't blood related to the H he has no intentions of offering marriage to her The h's mother tells her to go have an affair with the H anyways but the h isn't feeling the joy for thatThen the Nona gets ill and the h rushes to Italy to be by her side as the BFF is on honeymoon While looking through the Nona's family photos the h realizes that the Nona's younger sister who ran off is actually her biological grandmother So the h is family after all and after some hemming and hawing about the H drags the h off again to lurve her up and tell they are marrying since keepin' it all in the family is the only way CG seems to be able to pull off this whacktastically tacky HP Voyage with a dubious HEA

  2. Aou Aou says:

    Both of MCs are dumb but I bought his love for her

  3. Mrs Caroline Trevor Mrs Caroline Trevor says:

    I found this a really good book I loved the dynamics between Harriet and Rosa How they were so alike but slight differences that Leo Fortinari managed to pick up on I liked the chemistry between Leo and Harriet that was evident from the start Harriet was a good influence on nonna and Leo

  4. Calysta Calysta says:

    I'm updating my review because I just re read this The uestion of blood relations in this story is one of my favorite things about it The man's intensity could seem over the top probably is but it's nevertheless so delightfulcharming that I can't help but enjoy it anyway One of my favorite reasons a romantic lead gives for why he and the woman should marry Now we are joined by blood you cannot deny me this LOL I liked the related book Dante's Unexpected Legacy

  5. Robin Reynolds Robin Reynolds says:

    This is probably my least favorite Catherine George book I kept thinking ew The heroine is masuerading as a friend and is falling for her friend's cousin I'm not crazy about lookalike and can pass for each other plot lines to begin with but the ew factor comes from said cousin the hero having the hots for the heroine Who he thinks is his cousin So ew

  6. Meet_Re Meet_Re says:

    buat yang suka baca three days cinderella AJ must read this book n u will think twice

  7. Ltlmer2 Ltlmer2 says:

    another utterly charming hero from Ms George

  8. Maleka Maleka says:

    Title did not match the content

  9. Yessenia Yessenia says:

    25 stars

  10. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    The fake fianceeHarriet had been persuaded to impersonate her friend Rosa But wealthy Italian Leo Fortinari appeared fooled by Harriet's pretense and a powerful attraction now simmered between them Now he was proposing an engagment of convenience to please his frail grandmotherHarriet didn't dare confess she was visiting Tuscany in her friend's place and she had no intention of deceiving an old lady An engagement to Leo would be disastrous Such desire was dangerous Leo was bound to realize Harriet was a fake once he discovered she was a virgin

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An Engagement of Convenience Harriet dibujuk berperan sebagai temannya Rosa Tapi seorang laki laki Italia kaya Leo Fortinari tertipu samarannya dan perasaan saling tertarik mulai tumbuh di antara mereka Sekarang laki laki itu mengajaknya bertunangan untuk menyenangkan neneknya yang sakit sakitan Harriet pun terjebak dalam dilema ia tidak berani mengakui kedatangannya di Tuscany hanya untuk menggantikan temannya dan ia juga tak ingin menipu seorang wanita tua Pertunangan dengan Leo akan menjadi bencana karena penyamaran Harriet pasti akan terbongkar saat laki laki itu mengetahui rahasianya

  • Paperback
  • 219 pages
  • An Engagement of Convenience
  • Catherine George
  • Indonesian
  • 27 September 2015

About the Author: Catherine George

Catherine George was born in a village on the Welsh English border where the public library featured largely in her life Her mother who looked upon literature as a basic necessity of life fervently encouraged Catherine's passion for reading little knowing it would one day motivate her daughter into writing her first novelAt 18 Catherine met a future Engineer who had set in a pendant a gold