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  1. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    This was how normal people survived their own fairy tales They became their own kind of monster my heart actually still exists but I'm going to sell it to a demon because I no longer truly have it this was SO CATHARTIC There are books that make you cry of sadness and then there are books that make you cry with a sense of beauty A sense that no matter how terrible things get everything will eventually get better Books that you emotionally connect to And this book wow The Hearts We Sold is one of the best explorations of abuse and self hate I've ever had the pleasure of readingOur lead Dee is a biracial Latina abuse survivor trying to hang on to college and a life away from home when she finds out she's lost her scholarship It is this ultimatum that leads her to sell her soul to a demon Which is one of the coolest concepts ever first of all But it also really nails this concept This book is weird and whimsical and so greatDee is such a fantastically done character Her arc primarily focuses around her history of abuse and her self hatred her feeling that everything is her fault and that she deserves nothing The thesis of the importance of finding family beyond your blood and not putting up with blood when they'll give you nothing it's so important to me And wow Lloyd Jones captured how it feels to come from a bad household really really well; the only other book I've read that captured this topic so well was Heather Demetrios' Bad Romance While I definitely think this one could be triggering it's definitely not torture porn about how much abuse sucks meant to cause tears This book is a totally different beast Something that also really struck me about this book was how well adjusted Dee projects herself to be; from interacting with her once you would never guess at her past and that is exactly what she wants She has found herself in stories hidden her pain under miles and miles of homework and schoolwork and recovery But as much as she's gotten through her childhood as much as she's made herself stable she has not recovered It is never that easy and it is a process and the end doesn't ever come — it's about improving over time  “This must be why the demon took their hearts Because it was the only way a human might survive this—by hollowing themselves out” What struck me about this book was the sympathy given to every character’s struggle within the narrative Lloyd Jones strays very far from making moral judgments about character action even when certain side characters do things that are undeniably terrible leading to a sense of amorality for every character The side characters are each given their own narrative agency and development and while some might not be likeable Cora especially is not a character I'd consider likable all are developed enough that they become hard to hate Also found family trope So much found family trope Oh and speaking of side characters I adored the ueer rep in here This is one of the only YA books I've ever read with a relationship between a lesbian the iconic Gemma and a trans girl my new book girlfriend Riley And that's really sad While I'm not trans I personally thought Riley's character was really well written she's not a tragic trope and she's not written in a fetishistic way at all I also liked that several of the characters were people of color and a few had chronic illnesses or disabilities; the casual diversity is lovely to see While there is a romance here there are two points in its favor 1 it's not the focus and 2 James is so fleshed out and well written that it is impossible not to love him The relationship between Dee and James is built so well without too much focus towards the beginning and a focus on a slow burn instead I adored it and you all know how picky I am with my book couples They are just so completely believable and I love themIn terms of plot I think some readers may be disappointed and at the same time I am so satisfied This is primarily a subtle story rather than one full of action and your enjoyment will primarily depend on how much you connect to these characters While I adore the worldbuilding come on a widespread industry of demons making deals? I think this story could've had a much smaller amount of worldbuilding and I still would've loved it just as much The demon vibe is amazing but the plot isn't always the focus And I do feel uite a bit of this book was mostly buildup It's one of those books that's of a beautiful buildup to a stunning final conclusion than an I loved this from page one couldn't put it down story But for me this really worked Because speaking of endings— that ending This story's ending was one of my favorite things I've read this year It's two pages of solid crying It's a perfect balance of sad and happy It's exactly why I LOVE emotional catharsis so much Basically this is a really impactful emotional arc I'm sure will be a new fave for many I can't even put my finger on exactly what about it hit me so much but this book came very very close to making me cry This was a buddyread with the buddyread luck suad Melanie and Destiny and considering we all gave it a three or above we'll all hopefully be looking out for by this author I know I plan to follow Lloyd Jones in the future and probably reread this a thousand timesBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

  2. Melanie Melanie says:

    This was in the August 2017 OwlCrate box “A demon as knitting outside the hospital” This has so much good I really enjoyed reading it and I wish I could put this in the hands of a lot of teens that I know need it The Hearts We Sold is a story about a girl named Dee that is struggling with abuse and anxiety from her family She lives in a boarding school that keeps her in a much healthier situation but the fear never leaves her and it impacts her day to day life constantly This story is set in Portland Oregon but in this world everyone is aware that demons exist People in this world make deals with them and in exchange for some body part they will grant them something in return And the demons only show themselves to the people who need them Dee has been seeing demons for a long time And you guys can read the title of the book you can probably guess what hijinks ensue Half way through I thought this was going to be a five star read but then one of the side characters did something pretty shitty and no one ever talks about it and it sort of ruined the story for me Also this story took a very unexpected turn in general that I’m not sure if I liked I did however really enjoy the conclusion So what I’m long windedly trying to say is that the start of this book is amazing and the end of this book is oh so beautiful but the middle lost me a bit This book talks heavily on parental abuse and how it can be so much than just physical Abuse takes many forms and even though physical abuse is shown here too this book also shows a very realistic depiction of having parents who are alcoholics There are so many parents out there that truly pick the contents of a bottle over their families and it’s something that’s not depicted much in YA but The Hearts We Sold puts it on display It also talks about how your parents’ problems are not yours and how important it is to get away from the situation I know not everyone can get away but you can’t be stuck because you must take care of your abusers even though that’s a very real reality for so many But go into this book knowing that some of the scenes involving Dee interacting with her family aren’t the easiest This book made me ugly cry uite a few times “This must be why the demon took their hearts Because it was the only way a human might survive this—by hollowing themselves out” Not only does this book handle a very tough topic very well it also has some great representation There is a main side character who is a lesbian and was my absolute favorite I really appreciated how she had a happy coming out story because that’s something that I was so very blessed enough to have also and all I want in this world is to see happier coming out stories that aren’t always tragedies Then a bit later in the story we get a trans side character who I also fell in love with And I touched on this before but this book has such great anxiety representation too This book is also an ode to found families and how important it is to find people that unconditionally love you Blood is just that blood but choosing to spend your days with people who unconditionally love and support you is the true meaning of family and Dee beautifully learns this Overall this book is important and even though I didn’t personally love the story as much as I hoped I would I would still recommend this with every bone in my body Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | TwitchBuddy Read with Elise ❤

  3. jessica jessica says:

    i was going to save this for my spooktober reading list but im glad i didnt because this is the opposite of spooky so if this isnt spooky then what is it you may ask? well its not bad but it isnt great either it covers some pretty important topics but also has some storytelling downfalls it has some great character potential but all of them stay pretty one dimensional there is some really great writing but its super heavy on the plot it has a very uniue world where demons are present but none of it is built up or explained the ending is really uite touching but didnt have the strongest emotional impact because everything else is so flat in short there is a pretty decent foundation present but nothing is developed as well as it could have been also there is a pretty big moment where one of the side characters does something uite unforgivable but its never discussed i was pretty turned off by it not too mad because i wasnt really emotionally invested to begin with but still again another moment not completely developed or explainedoverall some high points but some very noticeable low points as well i can understand how some might really enjoy this but for me it feels like a pretty average read ↠ 3 stars

  4. Korrina (OwlCrate) Korrina (OwlCrate) says:

    This book was a huge surprise Reading it reminded me of all the things I love about YA literature Gah I can't even form proper thoughts I just adored it so very much

  5. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    “Nothing comes for free We just don't know what it'll cost” I can't believe it's taken me three months to write this review but every time I sat down to attempt it I just couldn't get the right words on paper This book meant so much to me I honestly went into it not expecting very much but something about it just resonated so strongly with me that even now months later I read the uotes I highlighted and I get instant chills I think Emily Lloyd Jones is an incredible artist and I'm unspeakably eager to read her future works A person could trade away a piece of themselves for a wish come true Hearts is set in an alternate reality in which demons walk among humans offering wishes for a price Dee never thought she'd be taking a demon up on his offer though until her scholarship ran dry and she was suddenly faced with the prospect and leaving her entire life her future for days spent cowering in fear of her father She was a girl held together by knitted yarn and magic → Dee ←Dee is such an enjoyable protagonist; she's tough bright caring and brave When you read as much YA as I do the characters sometimes begin to run together but Dee stands out in my mind as a really special one She's also funny and I related so much to her spiel about being a child of the internet raised on stories and fiction that gradually grew darker as her world did tooThe abuse that Dee undergoes is brutal to watch partially because it feels so authentic and real and partially because she is so likable that my heart broke every time she had to go home The genuine feel behind the abuse portrayal is downright nausea inducing and I'd strongly caution readers to be in the best possible mental state before going into this story if abuse is a trigger in any way for you That made her feel safer; nothing truly bad could happen while there was a herd of toddlers trundling about like slightly drunken wildebeests → James ←From the moment James was introduced and I got to witness his bizarre nature and his witty banter I loved him He's the weird artist stereotype in all the best ways but he's so genuinely kind hearted and precious He's been through his own hell like most who make these deals but it never tarnishes his edges Plus he's a super Harry Potter geek and that's worthy of a few brownie points on its ownThere are a few twists regarding James throughout the story and while I won't spoil any of them for you I will tell you that he broke my heart than once and I welcomed every tear filled moment of itSide note It wasn't enough to warrant its own section in the review but James' and Cal's banter is everything I want in a friendship portrayal It's precious and it made me laugh out loud so many times She had walked willingly into a fairy tale into a world where she could trade her heart for her freedom She may as well have donned a red cloak and strode into a darkened forestShe had always known there would be wolves → writing ←While the story is fantastical and the characters are lovable beyond description I think what sold me the fastest on The Hearts We Sold was Emily's writing It's so stunning truly; the above uote is just one example of many in which her phrasing is flawless There's a lyrical uality to the story without being over the top and the metaphors she uses seemed to fit the situation without fail Actions fueled by desperation They were the worst kinds of decisions because desperate people could see the error of their ways and simply not care They would rush headlong into a bad situation because they could see no other options There is only one thing in this book that I disliked Without spoiling it a character makes a very poor decision that directly causes a terrible thing to happen to another character Her decision is fueled by desperation and is irrevocable and horrific but it's never really addressed thoroughly enough It felt a little bit like it was written for shock value than anything which isn't something I generally ever appreciate in stories This was how normal people survived their own fairy tales They became their own kind of monster → final thoughts rep warnings ←All in all I cannot recommend this book highly enough especially if you enjoy paranormal fantasies gorgeous prose and lovable characters There is some incredible rep portrayed including a lesbian character and a trans character both of them being precious and hilarious I would only like to advise caution as there are some content warnings for abuse alcoholism body shaming depression and transphobia all of which are challenged in the text

  6. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    In Emily Lloyd Jones’ created world daemons make deals with humans The latter sell their limbs in exchange for somethingDee sells her heart to a daemon and reuests money in return Pretty typical if you ask me However the money is for an honourable cause educationIndeed her parents are alcoholics with whom you cannot have a calm conversation They’d rather Dee stays home than go to school But Dee can get her heart back if she serves the Daemon She and a bunch of other teenagers locate and stop malefic creatures from pervading the human worldThe Mortal Instruments anyone? See I liked the story It’s fast paced and action filled That’s a winner combination for me Dee is sweet and determined and her love interest James a mysterious artist But the characters are actually two dimensional Not exactly one dimensional because they do have a personality but definitely not three dimensional as I observed them without truly connecting Yes yes Certain characters die and the only word—well sound—I could muster was ‘‘Huh’’ Well well one less character to develop The writing is great It’s a style I like A combination between clever and elegant not too smug and not too pretentious Just the right style with the right tone Had the protagonists been fighting something other than daemons I might have enjoyed this —it could have even become a series? But since they didn’t and I was constantly reminded of TMI I couldn’t find it as original as it tried to beThough it’s an entertaining engaging standalone paranormal read with a strong contemporary vibe that I would recommend to people who have not read The Mortal Instruments or would not mind something resembling it in a way Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  7. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    What a lovely and engaging surpriseThis fast paced YA fantasy book set in Portland Oregon is perfect for Readers just starting out with the Fantasy genre In this story demons have shown themselves to exist and now make 'deals' with humans for a variety of different purposes Our protagonist Dee was super relatable and I loved reading from her perspective She is dealing with some struggles in her home life but is well on her way to finding her independence Unfortunately due to financial constraints she feels compelled to make a deal with a Daemon and trades away her heartHer private school roommate Gremma was easily my favorite character She added uite a bit of humor to the sometimes dark and desperate story I enjoyed the rapid plot progression so much There were also some uniue SFF elements weaved nicely in that kept it interesting I would recommend this to newer Fantasy readers or anyone looking to forget about life for a while and have a fun time doing so If you need perhaps the following passage will entice you She had walked willingly into a fairy tale into a world where she could trade her heart for her freedom She may as well have donned a red cloak and strode into a darkened forest She had always known there would be wolves I chose this

  8. Emily Lloyd-Jones Emily Lloyd-Jones says:

    So This book is a thing I wrote And of everything I’ve written so far it’s probably the hardest to describe There are Faustian deals and Lovecraftian horrors but mostly this book is about people It’s about how the scariest monsters are often human and to escape those monsters we must leave parts of ourselves behindI’m uite proud of this book and I hope my readers will love it view spoiler This book also contains hands down the snarkiest funniest character I’ve ever written and I adore her so much hide spoiler

  9. may ➹ may ➹ says:

    this was going to be a very meh read until that ending and now I'm crying35 stars RTC in 2018

  10. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    This book was AWESOME but also heart heh breaking 333Review posted on The Eater of Books blogThe Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd JonesPublisher Little Brown Books for Young ReadersPublication Date August 8 2017Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsWhen Dee Moreno makes a deal with a demon—her heart in exchange for an escape from a disastrous home life—she finds the trade may have been than she bargained for And becoming “heartless” is only the beginning What lies ahead is a nightmare far bigger far monstrous than anything she could have ever imaginedWith reality turned on its head Dee has only a group of other deal making teens to keep her grounded including the charming but secretive James Lancer And as something grows between them amid an otherworldy ordeal Dee begins to wonder Can she give someone her heart when it’s no longer hers to give?What I LikedTruth be told I didn't know much about The Hearts We Sold before picking up the book to read it I've read Illusive and Deceptive by this author and enjoyed both books so when I saw that she had a new book publishing in 2017 I didn't need to read the synopsis to decide if I wanted to read the book Fast forward over a year later and I've now discovered what this book is about after having read it I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a fantasysci fi type of novel dealing with angels and demons well demons I wasn't surprised that I loved the bookDee Moreno has known about demons existing among humans for most of her life People trade an a body part arm leg hand mouth etc for something they desperately want In Dee's case she wants money to pay for boarding school since budget cuts have taken away her merit based scholarship She wants to stay in the boarding school because her home life is terrible and she is desperate to stay away from home and at the boarding school desperate enough to make a deal with a demon Her heart and two years of service to the demon in exchange for money She gets a lot of money but as it would turn out the demon has her and several other heartless teens doing some seriously dangerous work They are tasked with closing voids like holes in the framework of the universe from one world to another One thing is for certain when it comes to the demon and his bargains you get what you ask for I picked up this book with absolutely no expectations and no knowledge of the story and I then proceeded to read the entire thing in one sitting stopping only to rearrange myself in my bed because I knew I wasn't going anywhere until I finished reading the book It was that engrossing It's one of those books that you simply cannot stop reading There are many books from which you have to take a break or you can leave it for days and come back This was not one of those books This demanded my attention and I wasn't saying noThe author sets the scene incrementally bit by bit slowly revealing the setting the characters the conflict I liked how she did this; at first you're confused because you don't know anything about anything and yet you are thrown into the story with no backstory or paragraphs of world building But the you read the intrigued you are and the you want to know This book had a magical realism feel to it even though I think it is being marketed as something else fantasyparanormal maybe The existence of demons is so normal and everyone knows about them Making deals with demons is nothing new and Dee isn't The Chosen One who is able to see them or something The unreal is part of the real demons disappearance of limbs and the other ends of the bargains made I love magical realism so I was all about this type of story The world building is well written and so uniue; like I said before I love how Lloyd Jones incrementally reveals and sets things up Dee is such an easy character to like and root for She seems like a lonely detached teen but as the story goes on we see that she is so strong and brave She is full of fear yet she faces anything She makes the deal with the demon knowing the dangers of doing so She knew nothing about having to work with other heartless teens to close voids yet she faced the danger every time Dee is a smart determined strong girl who needed to give herself credit It broke my heart to see her interact with her awful parents They were never physically abusive but both were pretty neglectful and not nice to her Her father especially and her mother was too weak willed to really challenge him Dee's terrible home life made her seem like an even stronger person she worked hard to get into that elite boarding school so she could have a better life away from her toxic parentsThe supernatural aspect of this story is really cool I personally have never read anything uite like this story The Faustian demon bargaining thing was neat exchanging body parts for a wishreuest In Dee's case and James's and Cora's and Cal's and Riley's it was the heart All of them are still functioning humans but their bodies aren't as alive any Two years without their heart two years serving the demon and then they get their heart back But why are they closing voids? What are the creatures in the voids? What is the demon not telling them about the voids?The secondary characters of the story are very likable and well rounded James Cora and Cal make up the original trio of the demon's troop James is a charming talented artist who dresses like a hobo but has incredible artistic talent Cora is the no nonsense mom of the group whose bargain is almost up Cal is the genius of the group I adored James the most he is sweet and compassionate and always trying to lighten the mood and make everyone laugh Riley joins the team after the halfway point she is tough and very kickbutt I liked Gremma Dee's roommate at the boarding school She is a little strange but a whole lot of awesome very blunt and tough and someone you'd want on your side of a fightThere is a romance and it is so sweet James and Dee fall for each other fairly naturally and it's cute to watch They end up spending a lot of time together outside of the heartless group and James sees parts of Dee's life that she'd never shown anyone The gradual progression of trust and then romance is so important and very sweet They are lots of tender and swoony moments between these twoWorth noting is wealth of diversity in this story Dee is half Latina; Gremma is gay; Riley is trans; Cora is African American There was a lot of great representation in this book and it didn't feel like the author was forcing diversity in my faceThe big conflict is revealed towards the climax and it does end up being a save the world type of climax I won't say too much about it but I will say that the ending was a little bittersweet It was a very uplifting and wrapped up ending but there was an aspect of the ending that made me unbearably sad And yet I also felt somewhat content about it I know that probably doesn't make sense but the ending was good in a bittersweet wayThe Hearts We Sold was thrilling intriguing and impossible to put down I've not read anything like it and I'm glad because this book was uniue and fantastic A wonderful standalone novel by an excellent and talented authorWhat I Did Not LikeThe only reason this book isn't getting five stars is because of that one part of the ending that made me sad It's a good sad because the ending makes sense and part of me expected something similar to happen But it's still a bit sad The ending overall is good thoughWould I Recommend ItI mentioned above that this story had a magical realism feel to it If you like magical realism or fantasyparanormal stories I guess this could also be considered fantasysci fi this is one to try Also it's a standalone so there is low commitment ie no waiting for additional seuels Trust me when I say that love it or hate it you won't want to stop reading this book Hopefully you love it thoughRating45 stars rounded down to 4 stars only because insert spoilers about the ending here I loved this story the characters the swoony romance between James and Dee and I'll be rereading this one when I need a good book to pull me out of a slump Or simply because I want to reread a good book Clear some shelf space friends

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The Hearts We Sold When Dee Moreno makes a deal with a demon—her heart in exchange for an escape from a disastrous home life—she finds the trade may have been than she bargained for And becoming “heartless” is only the beginning What lies ahead is a nightmare far bigger far monstrous than anything she could have ever imaginedWith reality turned on its head Dee has only a group of other deal making teens to keep her grounded including the charming but secretive James Lancer And as something grows between them amid an otherworldy ordeal Dee begins to wonder Can she give someone her heart when it’s no longer hers to give