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Set Up with the Agent Mills Boon Intrigue series brings you stories filled with secrets seductionMark Gerritsen was the type of man who defied expectations Tall dark and handsome he was also one of the finest counterterrorism experts in the nation The kind of guy whose presence made grown women feel foolish Even a no nonsense agent like Beth Benedict wished that she'd put on lipstick that first morning they'd metBeth knew guys like Mark didn't exist yet there he was assigned to watch over her every inch Better yet he had a proposition A biological weapon was in play and he needed Beth to lure out the man that possessed it Only Mark could give her the action she craved and he promised to see that she came out unscathed How could Beth say no when this man was turning out to be so much than she ever expected Suspense Beth Benedict hadn't expected the saving grace of a job transfer to counterterrorism to be what she needed She hadn't thought that her FBI professor would become her temporary boss either but it all happened in less than twelve hours of her almost being killed againMark had trained her when she started out two years before so seeing her file now he couldn't believe she was what it said She had been at the top of the class He debated over and over with his self to bring her into his team or not Bringing her finally won out and then she was his responsibility He had never planned on falling for her but every time the unsub called her he wished he hadn't made her an even bigger target He hated that he put her out there on all the TV's but now she was the one that the unsub wanted and that made him feel guilty and want protect her even Beth didn't want to let Mark down he'd trusted her to have his back than once She did everything she could to keep up with his pace Even climbed the side of cliff to help him try catch the unsub His worst fear is realized when Beth is kidnapped just feet from him when he tries send her to safety The lead the unsub has might be too great for him to find them before she is the next victim However he will try till he finds her because he finally realized he wants her to stay in his life Well it certainly was than I expected in the thriller department Good intrigue But short in the romance department Lived the characters though A pretty good investigative story with a rather shallow romance The latter feels almost like an excuse to tell the crime story and the end seemed rather abrupt as if the author just wanted to hurry up and get it over with

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