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Boothworld Industries Eyewitness Accounts The following description is for the physical version of this book It includes uite a bit content than this version The ebook only contains the short stories For the interactive version that contains the Connect the Dots Color by Number and the official Boothworld Industries Death Override search Boothworld Industries Initiation Kit This is not a book This is an interactive experience There are 10 horror short stories inside sure but that’s not the only thing lurking within these pages Check out what this beta reader had to say “I thought I was buying a book of short stories I didn’t realize that what I would read would have such depth of experience Most of the stories were amazing but I have to be honest When dealing with anthologies that contain multiple authors there are always a few clunkers and this book is no different The puzzles the death override Do the confirmation It’s pretty cool the coupon It works And you get a surprise back too and the amount of thought put into this than made up for any shortcomings one or two of the stories might have had I feel as though the Bloodworth sat down and really thought about the type of experience he thought the reader would like to have while going through the book Amazing” Ann P Beta reader Ann is correct about the focus on reader experience I wanted the reader to have something that they weren’t uite sure about I wanted to hide things inside the pages I wanted people to think of the Boothworld Industries Initiation Kit as less of a book and of an interactive experience with a paranormal corporation called Boothworld Industries “Okay First I want to say that I’m a huge Bloodworth fan I’ve followed him since he started writing creepypastas for reddit’s nosleep subreddit back before it was filled with the stuff that’s in there now His stories were among the few that focused on characters and plot than just gore and scares I don’t even like scary stories but his writing pulled me in and kept me hooked His stories made you fall in love with the characters he wrote That sucked because you didn’t want anything bad to happen to them which usually did His stories also had an air of reality to them Even though you knew what you were reading couldn’t be true his words would make you uestion that very notion Like I said I’m a superfan I loved all of Bloodworth’s stories in this book How could anyone not He created Boothworld Industries and it shows There were a few authors that gave him a run for his money though Namely Ross Baxter and Stacie Savage Now I don’t want to be mean but there was also one story I just didn’t like at all It seemed like very little thought had been put into it Oh well I’ve yet to read a book that was 100% perfect but this book with all the extra goodies you find comes closer than most” Bri K Beta reader I really wanted the reader to walk away from this experience feeling as if they’d received something than a book I wanted to create lasting memories That’s why so much time and effort was put into it Sure I could’ve just thrown the stories together but it wouldn’t have been as powerful as I wanted it to be “Jesus dude I’ve never been paranoid in my life Every time my phone rings I say a little prayer that the number that appears won’t read 630 296 7536

10 thoughts on “Boothworld Industries Eyewitness Accounts

  1. Michael Cook Michael Cook says:

    Fun Horror AnthologyThis was a fun horror anthology The stories arranged in uality from pretty good to really great Each of them explored the Boothworld mythos in very interesting and uniue ways it's clear each of these authors has a deep understanding of the mythos of the original story and clearly loved writing for the world Overall it was a really really enjoyable anthology There wasn't a single story that I thought was bad and I really enjoyed how varied they were Definitely recommended

  2. Lex Lex says:

    World Building and ExplorationI'm not usually a fan of anthologies but in this style it seems to work Boothworld becomes mysterious and interesting when it's explored through the lens of multiple styles It brings in of an urban legend feeling that morphs and grows the it is retold

  3. Rikke Petersen Rikke Petersen says:

    Honestly a solid collection of stories I thought it was great to see other peoples take on the tale of of Boothworld Industries

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