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Unrelenting If there is one name in the American euestrian story that everyone knows it is George MorrisA horse lover rider carouser competitor taskmaster dreamer teacher and visionary George Morris has been ever present on the rarified stage of the international riding elite for most of the 70 years he’s been in the saddle He has represented our country as an athlete and a coach and at one time or another instructed many of our nation’s best horsemen and women His carefully chosen perfectly enunciated words are notoriously powerful They can raise you up or cut you to the uick His approval can be a rainmaker; his derision can end a careerBut as much as people know and respect or perhaps fear the public face of George Morris he has lived in other ways a remarkably private life keeping his own personal struggles with insecurity with ambition and with love behind closed doors It is only now that he has chosen in his own words to share the totality of his life—the very public and the incredibly private—with the world This engrossing autobiography the real story of the godlike George Morris beautifully demonstrates his ultimate humanity

10 thoughts on “Unrelenting

  1. Jenn Jenn says:

    I seriously had no idea the GM was this interesting What a great read

  2. Katelyn Dalton Katelyn Dalton says:

    It is fascinating to read about the evolution of our sport across the last 60 years by a man who has seen it all and had such a commanding hand in shaping it I don't think anyone can argue that GHM is the most influential and revered man to ever put on a padlock bootDespite that I found his personal anecdotes self indulgent and the random tidbits exhausting He is much concise and to the point in his teaching than he is in his writing and operates in his professional life with humility than he does in his account of it Overall worth the read

  3. Katherine Katherine says:

    Before all my horse friends cry foul about a 4 start vs a 5 star rating let me be clear in terms of horse information George's life the sport changes in the sport politics back ground gossip inspiration and anything else that is relevant to the HunterJumper industry this is a 5 star read I was inspired by parts some things made me angrysad and all of it made me want to be a better ridertrainer for the horses and the humans involved in the sport I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated George's candor about his life and came away with an even greater appreciation of his knowledge and experience and insight into his private life which was eye opening as well All of this made it a must read for me and for anyone who claims to be interested in great riding and horsemanship That being saidThe 4 stars is a reflection of the actual writing The book is long and at times scattered We are not all authors by birth and although he has a writer help with the information it can be a cumbersome read it is at times captivating and at other times disjointed It is loaded with information which is fantastic but periodically gets distracted It is delightful to hear George's voice in the re telling of the stories but structure in the format may have helped to make the book readable It would not hit my read again criteria as a book but would as a manual about our sport So 6 stars for the content and the inspiration 3 stars for the actual writing settles me at a nice compromised 4 star rating Pick it up and read it just be prepared for the long haul

  4. Tara Tibbetts Tara Tibbetts says:

    The subject matter is interesting but as many other reviewers have said it is rather poorly written The story is choppy and doesn't flow I definitely enjoyed the back story of so many riders and appreciate George's honesty If you love the hunterjumper world it is a great read

  5. Sara Sara says:

    Long but such a good read for horse people It's nice to get to know the man after all the myth

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    What a huge disappointment this book was First the writing is terrible It reads like a teenager wrote it the ghost writer should be ashamed If I had a dollar for every exclamation point used I could buy myself a fancy horse The chapters are long and disorganized There is so much name dropping maiden and married names that I just skimmed most of themSecond Mr Morris revels in the fact that he's a hardass instructor who puts people in their place More than once he tells with glee how he put students in danger to prove his point Some of those students got hurt Some of the horses got hurt That's not good horsemanship Neither is leaving your horses on a trailer overnight parked on a street near Madison Suare Garden because you're partying at a club This from the man who insists on proper turn out at all times?Third there is way too much about his sexual proclivities However I do understand now why he's in trouble with SafeSport because at one point he talks about how in other countries it's acceptable for an older man to have a relationship with younger boys Right This book could have been a great addition to Mr Morris' legacy as a visionary trainer Instead it left me with a bad taste in my mouth because he comes off as a bully and a cheat although when he does cheat such as in poling his horse at a show he's sure to name another top rider who did the same thing

  7. Mackay Mackay says:

    Took me a lot longer than I'd have anticipated George Morris is one on my personal heroes a man who has done a great deal to change the sport of show jumping in the US into one that isn't just about winning and who can make their horse jump higher or faster or both but one that centers on horsemanship and what's good for the horse and still achieve outstanding results I don't know why it took me so long to read about his life and professional career it is a long life Mr Morris being in his eighties by now having begun showing nationally as a youth in the 1950s having been on the silver medal team in the Rome Olympics but I found I could only read in snippets and it's a very long and thorough and honest book I hope George Morris lives forever

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    I feel like I sat down with George over a weekend of good food wine and heard only half his stories This book is amazing and should be read by all euestrians as we only hope to be this amazing Also my coach Dayton Gorsline eually interesting backstory needs to write a book like this Where do I get wine food for George to tell me the rest of his stories? This one was no holds bar

  9. Jennie Leigh Jennie Leigh says:

    cleaning up my goodreads with some long overdue updates Stopped reading this part way through A fun and gossipy glimpse into this world but waaaay too name droppy large sections of it just seemed to be there for the purpose of listing all of the people he knew With the recent news of his lifetime ban from the sport and revelations dating to the period covered by the book there may be a renewed interest in this work but I dont think I will finish it

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Enjoyable book but I don't think non horse people would enjoy it at all it is like a history of the sport with tons of big name people saying how great he isetc That said as a horse person I totally enjoyed the first 34 of the book before it started getting a little old

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