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Finding Clara Eve uinn goes missing Twenty seven years later Clara Christensen is found On her uest to find out who she is and where she comes from Clara finds a new family and an old love Trying to combine Clara and Eve as well as living up to everyone’s expectations of who she should be is difficult The new family doesn’t help But the old love does Duncan Cantwell has never been able to forget the woman who stole his heart but he never expected her to stroll back into his life as the long lost daughter of the family who gave him a home when he was a boy In the most unexpected way Clara and Duncan find each other again They are not just lovers torn apart by circumstance however They are in the middle of a family struggling to come to terms with reality Love has a hard time flourishing but Clara and Duncan have beaten the odds before I always enjoy reading this author's wordsThe characters make this book so colourful They burst off the page and bring the whole plot to life The reader is thrown right into the middle of Clara's story and what a story it is I loved the added twist of exactly how she knew Duncan tooMore than a few times the author had me giggling at random conversations and obviously I adored that both Clara and Duncan run The little added gem for me was Duncan's rather random telephone relationship with Gertrud That was a nice addition and whenever Duncan spoke to her I found myself smilingAnother brilliant read from a great author ARC read Eve uinn was kidnapped 27 years later Clara Christensen discovers she is really Eve – a victim of a ‘white laundering kidnapping’ scheme Her adoptive parents now dead had no clue their daughter was procured illegally Now Clara finds herself in a foreign country on the doorstep of her birth parents preparing to meet the family she never knew—the family who has spent 27 long years waiting for her returnIn a twist of fate the uinn’s had taken in though not officially adopted a young man named Duncan A man who would go on to meet and fall in love with a Danish woman named Clara while on vacation only to find the phone number she gave him illegible This was my first book by Jannie Lund and it will not be my last She has a way of making the characters real and come to life This is a sweet clean romance It’s also Clara’s story of discovering who she really is learning to adapt to a large family who remembers her as a baby and her parents having to realize that the Eve they lost will never return and having to learn to accept Clara as she isAnd as far fetched as it is that the Duncan Clara met on vacation would just happen to be the same man her biological parents took in as a boy it’s easily overlooked This is a feel good story I didn’t want to endShould you read Finding Clara YES If you enjoy sweet contemporary romances I think you’ll love this story Disclaimer I work for the company that released this book however I receive no monetary compensation for any sales of this book My employment with the company in no way changes my opinions or rating of the book

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