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  1. Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe) Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe) says:

    3 starsEnjoyable but ultimately forgettable vacation romance The setting was fun I love Vegas and Jessica's fretful introverted personality was a welcome change from confident heroines I could so relate to a woman who would rather be snuggled up in her hotel room at 9PM than out partying in loud night clubs

  2. Carole Carole says:

    Generally liked the story and the author's voice but the predictable big misunderstandingbreakup at the end lost it a star for me Would read by this author Final Rating 3 Stars

  3. Nightwitch Nightwitch says:

    I liked the setup cowboys in Vegas The heroine's pity party at the beginning kind of dragged I get it she's single and underemployed and surrounded by gorgeous high earning ex sorority girls Woe woe When we meet the hero he remains kind of a blank we're given enough details to know that he is a nice guy and financially stable but no real insight into his character Since their second meeting is awful yet realistic view spoilerhe and his buddy get totally wasted and end up going to a strip club with a bunch of girls where he drunkenly asks the heroine back to his hotel room and she tells him to get lost hide spoiler

  4. Belinda Belinda says:

    Jessica is in Vegas for her best friends weddingwhile going through the airport with the bachelorette party she stumbles and in swoops the sexy cowboy Aaronhe picks her uphe gives her his number not knowing if she will callshe has plans on calling him til she sees him draped all over two womanbut they keep running into each otherwhen they are finally alone the sparks and fire flythey seem to be meant for each other but when Jessica mistakes something and runs out than gets a call from home to get back home she leaves without knowing what really happenedBut Aaron comes to NY to find her and they end up in each others arms in an elevator declaring their feelings for each otherA really good story

  5. Jo Reads Romance Jo Reads Romance says:

    This is the first book by Ali Olson and I believe her debut for the Blaze lineThe story is a little bit of a twist on the usual Vegas storyline which is really down to the characters We’ve got Aaron the cowboy in town for the rodeo and Jessica an introvert who is like a fish out of water in the sin cityOur heroine is a well written and well rounded character Before I started reading I was intrigued how she was going to be portrayed Was it really possible to write about an introverted worrywart without making her sound like a moany bore? Yes as it turns out I liked the way that Olson handled Jessica’s character and made her true to herself without making her into a caricature As a card carrying introvert I approve Not your usual Blaze heroine but fun to read about every now and thenIt was Aaron that I had of a problem with He comes to the rodeo every year to enjoy the rodeo and engage in casual sex with women It seemed like one woman was prominent in his liaisons but it did appear that he was something of a cad Sure it happens but I’m not really keen on men or women who are supposed to be the hero of the novel being so free with their well affections or sleeping around But if that wasn’t bad enough when Aaron and Jessica meet for the second time Aaron is staring at the boobs of two women who are helping him stand Fear not though he’s only looking at them and wondering what Jessica’s boobs look like Right thenOh he’s not that bad but as a result of my slight indifference to him the book felt a little tepid The sex scenes were fun and the interactions between Aaron and Jessica were likeable but the book never really kicked into high gear to make me love it The additional extra of Jessica’s father’s illness and eventual demise was tacked on at the end just to tie up loose ends and remove the barrier to the happily ever after Or at least that’s what it felt like It seemed a strange angle to take in a Blaze novelOverall this was an enjoyable read and I liked Olson’s writing style It’s not a book to write home about and not one that I would pick up and read again but if it’s sitting on your shelf or in your kindle then it’s worth a couple of hours of your time 3 stars

  6. Mem Mem says:

    B877 Jan16 Bachelorette party in Las Vegas isn't something Jessica Gainey would normally do but this is for her friend Her father is very ill and close to death she didn't want to leave but he told her to go What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas after a cheating male she doesn't trust men but is tempted by a cowboy she runs into in the airportAaron Weathers gives her his phone number she's tempted but when she sees him hanging onto a couple of women there with her friend's bachelorette party she wants nothing to do with himThey both have trust issues because of deceitful partners in their pasts The conclusion was expected and enjoyed I will watch for from Ali Olson

  7. Myra Wardhana Myra Wardhana says:

    It was great and very exciting at the start but then turned a bit sour and kind of dragging to the end which could explain the reason why it took me a while to finish the bookBut love the story plot how Jessica met Aaron at the airport that was very nicely doneWish could have been a better story line and plot less complicated and dragging But love the happy ending part after Jessica lost her dad but her dad gave her the blessing to be happy and found it with Aaron

  8. Kazen Kazen says:

    A good palate cleanser while working through some thinking non fiction The beginning was especially good with the heroine embracing the idea of having a fling in Vegas because why the hell not?Some secondary characters were fleshed out but others were decidedly one note and the early action is good but the end felt a bit contrived So shrug

  9. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    The odds are in their favor as these two lovers hit the jackpot in this fun steamy story that’s fueled by the heady excitement of Sin City RT Book Reviews 4 stars

  10. Geraldine Sadiku Geraldine Sadiku says:

    Hot Sexy read that shows that opposites do attract Loved it

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Her Sexy Vegas Cowboy Sin in a Stetson For most women going to a friend's bachelorette party in Vegas is the ultimate gals' weekend Jessica Gainey is not most women She's an introverted worrywart and the Sunset Strip is not her idea of a good time But it's rodeo weekend and the town is crawling with seriously hot cowboysnone wickedly sexy than Aaron Weathers He's Texas She's New York Still Jessica can't stop fantasizing about that ripped cowboy bod So for one weekend she throws caution to the wind to be a wild and daring version of herself before returning to a life where men can't be trusted and love is a four letter word Except that in Vegas even the greatest odds can have unbelievable—and thoroughly satisfying—payouts

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Her Sexy Vegas Cowboy
  • Ali Olson
  • 09 May 2014
  • 9780373798810