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  • 192 pages
  • Honeymoon Baby
  • Susan Napier
  • English
  • 01 August 2016
  • 9780373119851

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  1. Vintage Vintage says:

    Oy I'm in love I am throwing over my husband for Rafe Rafael Darn I even love his nameHold on to your hats as it's going to be a bumpy explanation Jennifer owns a BB right next to an exploding volcano in NZ Yep explosive volcanic all work for this book Turns out the h had a MOC with Sebastian the H's overbearing father The story starts out when Rafe arrives in New Zealand for a showdown with what he thinks is a scheming gold digger That image is derailed pretty uickly when he sees how Jennifer lives Her mother is in a wheelchair and Jennifer takes on any number of less than perfect animals Jen's family knows she is pregnant and she has let them think she's married to Rafe rather than his dad I know confusing but it's not worth getting into all the details when the book does a much better job explaining than I couldRight off the top Rafe owns the fact that he is attracted to Jennifer and as he points out in a rather steamy fashion she is attracted to him I think I need a fan because ay caramba he is one insane over the top seducer Rate is an ex model who knows how to use his sex appeal to get what he wants It sounds skeevy but he sure charmed me And the heroineRafe is an unrepentant charmer and one of the dreaded blonde ones I don't care I love him anyway Enough about Rafael but let's talk Jennifer She's pretty adorable in a buttoned up way despite being an erotic romance author She's almost as fascinated by Rafe as I am but hides it uite well And she's funny She's dismayed about her physical reaction to this scoundrel who has wormed his way into her house and her mother's good graces but decides a fling with her idol wasn't too bad of an idea There are no evil women no kidnapping None of the external plot elements that ROMANCE writers use to create conflict Okay there is one and it's a big one spoiler wise so tread carefully view spoilerJennifer happens to be pregnant with her dead husband's son's baby or in simpler terms pregnant by Rafe Nope it's not as skeevy as it sounds hide spoiler

  2. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    A veritable nesting doll of a story Each new discovery of the Hh reveals even about their relationship The largest “doll” is that the heroine was briefly married to the hero’s father and is now his widow During that one month marriage she was artificially inseminated in a London sperm bank and then mysteriously fled back to her BB in New Zealand the night her husband died The hero has tracked her down about her inheritance and about the parentage of her baby SN does a fantastic job of doling out the information and with each reveal the Hh are drawn closer and closer I won’t spoil because the fun is discovering the strangest coincidences along with the Hh While the Hh are hostile to each other at first they soon fall into bed and begin to enjoy their time together So that shift in tone makes this a fun rather than an angsty read All of their discoveries are positives No OWs or OMs Heroine is not a virgin – but hasn’t had sex in five years Heroine did not have sex during her marriage to the H’s father Lots of hot sex scenes if that is your thingHa There are no coincidences in HPlandia

  3. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    I like not having to use any contraception with you; I like the thought of flooding of my sperm into your fertile body; I like knowing you're lush and ripe for me because my seed is flourishing inside you' Yes this was that bookHoneymoon Baby is the story of Jennifer and RafeDo you like a comedy of errors in which there is romance angst betrayal secrets and also boob fetish breeding hot sex humor?The book begins with our pregnant heroine coming face to face with the hero she's undergone IVF and he's the baby's father But suddenly we realize she is his 5th stepmother And that his father had apparently known her for ages And then they had a marriage of convenience And then a volcano erupts literally and they are trapped And then secrets are revealed And then surprise she's suddenly an erotica writer apart from being an inn keeper great accountant kind daughter big dope And then he's a model but also an editor and not just hot with big nips But her dad and mom are religious and she's been taught that sex is a sin And then they have hot sex And then he suctions her boobs like a vacuum cleanerWe are only midway throughWhat begins as a typical angsty HN novel soon turns into much much as the hero and heroine get secluded in their room and we see them discovering various facets of each other's personalityAlso which legit cracked me up was the breedingnursingbreast fetish the hero had These are some of the ways her milk duds are mentioned in the book snugly defined full breastsattention to her heaving breasts cupping and lifting them for his bold appraisalhis mocking gaze darkening as it ran over her body lingering on her breasts and reminding her of his earlier outrageousnesshis knuckles scraping briefly against her towelling padded breastmost of the upper curves of her full breasts the undarted bodice stretching provocativelysight of her firm creamy breasts straining against the watery silkShe was suddenly conscious of her overripe breasts and broad hipslanguorously fondle her breastsShe gasped as his hands slid up to cup her breasts rounding them his thumbs rubbing at her stiffened nipplesher voluptuous breasts swaying towards his mouthAre you going to breastfeed?' 'Wh what?''Your nipples are already uite large and they're going to grow bigger as you become heavily pregnant you don't think they might get to be too much of a mouthful for a tiny baby?''I love your womanly proportions I love the roundness of your bottom and the size of your breasts And I especially like the way your nipples fill my mouth when I suck them Last night you loved me doing that'He was looking at her breasts as if they were miracles of wonderHis hand slid around her back to unhook her bra and peel it away from her jouncing breastsas she watched his lean cheeks hollow with the tugging suction reminding her of his sultry absorption the previous night when he had lain beside her in bed suckling her breasts while his hand played idly between her thighscontract rhythmically on her lace clad breasts And these are NOT even 50% of the times that her momos were mentioned in one form or anotherThat being said if you like to laugh and enjoy likable characters breeding like bunnies in an isolated dysfunctional setting and finding their own variation of HEA this would be a good read for youI enjoyed it so ridicSafe45

  4. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Honeymoon Baby Susan Napier set her contribution to the Do Not Disturb series in not just one room of a hotel but the whole B B The h in this is a BB owner on New Zealand's North Island Tongariro National Park very near the volcanically active Mount Ruapehu which becomes one of the dramatic characters in the book as it periodically burps and threatens a huge eruptionThe H and h are the other very dramatic characters while the h's mother and aunt are interesting pimp the h out for all they are worth sidekicks as well SN mixes up erotica with the standard HP tropes in romance in this one and then layers the whole story line in gradually revealed levels of deceit and manipulationThis style of writing makes this book very hard to spoilerize but lends itself beautifully to a full on trainwreck of Titanic Typhooniness of Whacktacity which explains a lot of the really high marks on this oneI am going to lay the main plot points out before I get into the story flow so HUGE WARNING SPOILERIZATIONS AHEADStop reading now if you want to be completely surprised I am listing out all the hidden details firstThe h is a vicar's daughter and both he and her beloved brother have passed There was an accident and the h's mother also became disabled In the wake of all the injury and tragedy the h's fiance couldn't handle the h's need to adjust her life to care for her mother so he dumped the h and took offThe h was left with a precariously situated BB and an uncertain financial future Since she likes to write as well as care for stray and injured animals the h moonlights as an erotic romance writer This combination of innkeeper by day and erotica writer by night really expresses the two sides to the h's personality as well She has a business conservative prim and proper side and under the cover of darkness she lets her inner passion child out via sexy lingerie and her writing The h met the H's father when he was a repeat guest at her inn The elderly man was a many times married egotist and a world class fertility doctor who happened to be sterile The elderly man had one biological son that he contested custody of for years and then tried to force into marriage and fatherhood so that the elderly narcissist's precious family line wouldn't be lostThe H is the son of the elderly fertility specialist and he has a strong bond with his Italian mother he despised his father for the most part and rejected his chance to carry on the genetic legacy with marriage The H donated a lot of motilators to his father's clinic insteadThe elderly fertility specialist being thwarted by an egotist who has a will as adamant as his own decides to force the issue another way Despite the man having many ex wives and step children riding on his gravy train he convinces the h to marry him to keep his fortune intact and in return he will give her a few rounds of IVF so she can have a babyThe h knowing that her chances of meeting a compatible mate in her circumstances are limited but at 27 desperately wanting a baby before her time runs out agrees to the bargain She marries the elderly man goes to London in a total platonic MOC and then gets her shot at IVF The elderly man's exes are evil and his stepchildren are morally and personally repugnant the h dislikes the lot of them and despises their indolent entitled lives But the elderly man does seem to really care about his own son the H or at least he cares about him reproducing and atoning for the elderly man's own fatherhood mistakes The H went his own way years earlier and rejected following in his father's footsteps to become a model He then started buying and revamping companies and became the star of his very own successful empire One of those companies is the publisher of the h's erotic romance novels and the h is his best selling authorThe h becomes pregnant and at the end of the first month of her marraige the elderly man succumbs to his cancer and prepares to die Then the h learns that far from having an anonymous donor as the male half of her baby the elderly man used his son's motilators to create lifeThis shocks and horrifies the h so she takes off for home as the elderly man loses his life But the elderly man told the H what he did and importantly split his vast wealth between the H and the h as trustees The h firmly refused to take any of the elderly guy's money she just wanted a child in her life But the cagey guy wrote out his will that her child is in line for a substantial piece of the money and empire pie and this sets the H on the gold digging tart shaming forced seduction warpathThe H shows up at the h's BB and is all about what a gold digging pregnant harlot the h is for the first half of the book Since the h was very vague about who she really married the H uses the h's reluctance to tell the truth to her mother and aunt and employee to pretend to be her recently out of the area on business but now returned husbandThis gives the H a lot of leeway to forcibly grope grab bully threaten and impose himself on the h While he shows off his tacky side by maintaining a slyly suggestive and lewd line of verbal innuendo for a very long time Eventually proximity and the h's own repressed desires lead to several instances of boudoir bouncing in all types and manners of places and positionsThe prose is strangely purple at the same time as it is very technical and the use of the word flooding occurs in areas where no rivers will ever run SN shows off her imagination here and I confess some of the H's lines were so cheesy I had a laugh or twentySince we get a lot of Mount Ruapehu travelogue as the h and H hike around and find interesting places for tower of power rides in the midst of all this technical purple passion the juxtaposition is a bit awkward but that is not the whole of it SN then throws in the revelations of how the elderly father manipulated and lied to this h in his plans for world domination via genetic legacy babies The H being his father's true son in both thinking and narcissistic egotism shows he can manipulate and bully and threaten with the best of them The H does his best to treat the h like the tart he believes her to be and even as he is gradually seeing that the h isn't like that that doesn't stop him from pushing her to be his personal penthouse popsie for the last half of the book The H shows he can bully on the business front too as he deftly uses a combination of threats and the h's treacherous body syndrome to maneuver into another writing contract Finally SN has had enough flights of purple passion and enough of the h's relatives pimping her out to set up an H inadvertent exclamatory love declarationWhich of course the lust ensorcelled h eagerly leaps upon as the H's sincere declaration of True Love Forever instead of just for a time The H then does his best Svengali impersonation to woo the h away from her home and her family when she agrees to move to London and marry the H so he can be sure to have claim to full custody of the h's still impending childI just wasn't feeling the love on this book and while other HP voyagers find this H charming he just suicked me out I wasn't believing his claim of realizing his love during an excited utterance and the h just seemed too lust driven and seekritly desperate to even have a rational thought about what this means for her whole life and her child's future parenting situationI was also never convinced that the H was really all that into being a father The H had a keen need to be in control of the entirety of his late father's fortune so I felt he was lining up his goals to be successful in his uest to be ruler of all and befuddling and controlling the h was key to achieve that This H lied too much and explained too little for me to find his sincerity believable and the manipulations of the H's father to leave behind a family genetic line and legacy were pretty much totally untenable to my world view On a lot of HP outings I can overlook my personal beliefs in the cause of the HP Prime Directive but honestly I was just too suicked out by the behavior of the majority of the male characters in this oneStill a LOT of other HP Voyagers really like this book and it is one excellent roller coaster ride While the erotic portions were dubious in tone the presentation and reveal of the whole story was excellent so don't be afraid to give this one a go for one of the exotic HP outings and formulate your own take on this

  5. Kay Kay says:

    4 12 Stars Jennifer lost her father when she was 19 then a year later a horrible accident took her brother and left her mother nearly crippled and her fiance ended their engagement A survivor Jennifer struggled to make a life for her and her mother opening a bed breakfast was ideal They had an annual guest Sebastian a wealthy fertility doctor from London Fearful that time was passing her by now 27 years old Jennifer asked their guest about IVF and thus their bargain was struck Jennifer would travel to London with Sebastian as his companion he was dying from cancer and he'd set her up at his fertility clinic And to protect Jennifer's reputation and to legally keep Sebastian's assets out of the hands of his ex wives children they marry in name only It was only on his death bed that Sebastian revealed his deceit that he'd impregnated Jennifer with his son's sperm also without his knowledge Horrified Jennifer immediately ran home to New Zealand Rafe too was horrifed when his father confessed what he'd done and so as soon as he could wrap up things in London Rafe came after Jennifer Certain he'd find a calculated gold digger out to deplete his father's trusts and then go after his own using the paternity of the child as a weapon he's surprised to find she's a successful innkeeper and rather devoted to her family Her mother doesn't know about the IVF and believes it's Rafe that Jennifer married He uses this lie to earn his stay and much to Jennifer's dismay that stay means he shares her room where it seems he's determined to learn all her secretsThe plot in this story is really uite brilliant with so many intricate details that make the incredulous actually seem uite plausible Rafe is very much aware of his own charisma and senses that Jennifer hides a very sensual nature The sparks these two create scorch the pages I was glad that Rafe learns midway into the book that Jennifer hadn't been privy to his father's manipulation This takes away any sense of betrayal and allows them to explore their undeniable attraction Ms Napier is a master when it comes to sexual chemistry and has a wicked sense of humour; the double entredres in the dialogue are really uite delicious

  6. iamGamz iamGamz says:

    A great story and a fabulous locationThe book tells of the h who gets married to the H’s sick father to help him stop his three ex wives from getting his estate when he dies To accomplish this the h also had to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization What she didn’t know was that the H’s father used his son’s donated sperm so she is not pregnant with her stepson’s child The H assumed the she did this all for money and that she was a gold digger He showed up at her BB in New Zealand near Mount Ruapehu to have it out with her His timing was a bit off because Mount Ruapehu was in the midst of an eruption of ash While I loved the relationship between the H and h I absolutely loved the descriptive was the author wrote about the eruption of Ruapehu I never gave much though to what people living near an active volcano must go through and this was a fantastic peek into their lives It was absolutely entertaining and educational I will now have to do research into life near a volcanoA great read and a book I highly recommend

  7. Shatarupa Dhar Shatarupa Dhar says:

    Synopsis Set near Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand twenty seven year old Jennifer Jen Jordan runs a bed and breakfast Beech House for the annual skiers together with her mother She gets a totally unexpected visitor in the form of thirty three year old Raphael Rafe Jordan who addresses her as Mrs Jordan in a disgusting way coz she was his father's wife and presumably a gold digger but was pregnant with Rafe's childBasically this story is about Sebastian Jordan playing the matchmaker between his estranged son Raphael and a girl whom he met while on a holiday in New Zealand from Britain Review Rafe is a former male model and former editor of a raunchy men's magazine and understandably is a born charmer He detests Jen and calls her stepmama which made me cringe so when he practically pawed her ugh since she was married to his father who is now dead He and his father never got along His father was a very wealthy doctor and businessman and a totally aloof personPaula Scott Jen's mother is a sassy lady who falls for Rafe's charm much to Jen's dismay though Rafe was a bit disconcerted after seeing her in a wheelchair After that though Rafe and Paula get along like a house on fireHe had already drunk half of his own tea and eaten two of her mother's feather light scones while inveigling his way into her good graces Jennifer's eyes told him she would like to dump the contents of her cup over his head She wasn't fooled by his amiable air of relaxationJen wears tortoiseshell spectacles I haven't encountered a heroine yet in MB world with spectacles Imagine my surprise This book is so sexy with all the blatant talk of sex as well as the teasing and flirty banter With the backdrop of the bursting volcano it made for a damn interesting readShe deleted large chunks of her hard copy files safe in the knowledge that they were already doubly backed up onto floppiesJenny has a secret career which even her mother knows nothing about I love it when writers write about such characters I wonder what goes on in their heads when they do that In a way this is a book about books also and ya know how I love 'em Raphael and Jennifer's special connection is really sweetI've read some pretty hair curling things in my time'Since her hair was now dead straight Jennifer guessed that they had had no permanent effectThere is a white Persian cat Maxie; a short haired Burmese cross cat Milo; and a golden labrador Bonzer; as well as Fergus the budgieOnce you've experienced how intense sex can be with the right person you get bored with bonking the fluff''You weren't bored last night' she accused hotly incensed at being reduced to a casual 'bonk' That was even less meaningful than a one night standThis book is hilarious all along It ends on a humorous note too though an epilogue would have been nicePS If published today it could have made it to the Dare imprint I can't stress enough about how this book is a laugh riot And for keeps I'm so getting a paperback Totally recommendedSusan Napier has raised my expectations so high with this book that I think I will just avoid the other books in this series for fear of getting disappointed for the time beingOriginally posted on

  8. Alexis-Morgan Roark Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

    TSTL the lot of them I am STILL trying to figure out why a healthy young woman gave up on life and got herself impregnated without the prospect of a spouselifematewhatever on the horizon especially since she really is a hopeless romantic Oh the ruts we get ourselves intoDidn't understand her rationale Had a hard time buying into it REALLY liked the hero despite all of this REALLY liked Aunt Dot too The hero's father was a meddling old coot who seemed to be trying to do the right thing by his son beyond the grave I kinda got over my anger with him at the endThe heroine was just meh for me

  9. Ritsky Ritsky says:

    I really really wish I could give this book 4 stars But I couldn't I feel that there's this TINY bit that is lacking from this funny romantic fluffy piece of a novel I like both the hero oh and the heroine Especially the hero because it's not everyday we get an alpha that's secretly a beta Or maybe bi not only a gentleman but also a funny one at that And the heroine is not that naive damsel in distress But anyway while the story line has a very good foundation for misunderstanding drama that I love I feel that it mostly focuses on them knowing each other Which is good if you're looking for something with less drama But apparently currently it's not enough for me p

  10. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    A rather bizarre storyline And that is really what dropped it a star for me The hero was nicely intense and the ending was emotional

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Honeymoon Baby THE UNMARRIED BRIDEJennifer had taken drastic measures to become pregnant and she was saving every ounce of love she had for her baby There was no room in her life for marriage only now the father of her unborn child had turned up on her doorstepJennifer's first problem was that her entire family believed Raphael Jordan was actually her husband and that at last the happy couple could have a honeymoon Her second was that Raphael was delighted with the idea and suddenly Jennifer found herself sharing a bed with her gorgeous sexy pretend husband

About the Author: Susan Napier

Perhaps being born on Valentine’s Day was an omen that Susan Napier would become a romance writer This New Zealand author has written over 30 Mills & Boon category romances since 1984 Napier and her husband Tony Potter met when they both worked at the Auckland Star newspaper After they married she left the newspaper to work for a film company where she learned the art of dialogue After the bi