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Captain Jack and the Pirates The boys from King Jack and the Dragon are back in this swashbuckling pirate adventure with pictures by the New York Times bestselling illustrator of Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes   Jack Zack and Caspar are building a ship—on the beach out of sand When they set sail on their imaginary adventure Jack spies an enemy pirate ship nearby They chase after the pirates but a storm wrecks their ship and sweeps them up on a desert island The island isn't totally deserted though—their pirate enemies are there too Just as the boys discover the pirates' treasure an array of delicious desserts the pirates their parents capture them But these pirates are friendly—they're willing to share the treasure and they throw in some ice cream just for good measure   Perfect for storytime read alouds this picture book is just right for fans of Three Bears in a Boat How I Became a Pirate and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

10 thoughts on “Captain Jack and the Pirates

  1. Mary Mary says:

    Bently and Oxenbury collaborate again with the adorable characters from King Jack and the Dragon This time they have an exciting pirate adventure A lovely imagination celebration that will work in any beach themed read aloud

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    This is the second book we've read about Jack's imagination I really liked this one because it showed the boys using their imagination at the beach It was a lot of fun to seeing them build their boat and then the adventure they went onI like these imagination books that show kids going on adventures just by thinking them up Kids these days don't get to use their imagination nearly as much with their Ipads and videogames These books are good to jump start ideas for imaginary adventures for kids This was a really cute book I hope to see some imaginative adventures from Jack

  3. Heather Anderson Heather Anderson says:

    What an adventurous and adorable read My three year old identified with the endearing characters who go on a journey through the high seas in their sand castle pirate ship in search of treasure What great insight into the mind of a child

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    LOVE Oxenbury's illustrations as always But it's the vocabulary in this book that is just wonderful I'm going to force it on my bigger kids even though the characters are pretty young

  5. Luisa Knight Luisa Knight says:

    A cute rhyming tale about three little imaginative boys at the beach and how suddenly their ship made of sand takes them on an adventureAges 3 7Cleanliness three little toddlers wear only diaperstrunks and on one you see a butt crack occasionally There is a picture of a woman in a bikini Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar

  6. Jo Oehrlein Jo Oehrlein says:

    3 young boys build a ship on the beach out of sand 2 sticks a shirt a bib and some buckets That gives them sails and cannons tooThey sail off and run into a pirate ship before a storm the tide hijacks them and they must abandon ship Oh no they're marooned They go hunting for the pirates and end up finding lunch and sweets all thanks to those pirates their parentsI was a little sad that not all the illustrations are in colorOtherwise it's a cute story

  7. Walker Doermann Walker Doermann says:

    This book is cute However I am really bothered by something that I just need to get out there the characters are three little boys Jack Zack and Caspar They first make an appearance in Bently's King Jack and the Dragons Here's my issue Zack is spelled Zak in the first book Why did they change the spelling? It makes this librarian crazy

  8. Courtney Courtney says:

    My children love these little books They thoroughly enjoy each and every story as if they are all uniue and individual without any cause for similarity among them Even though sometimes they might seem tedious and repetitive to me as a parent I do enjoy being able to read short stories to my children that are clean and respective

  9. Jonathan Jones Jonathan Jones says:

    This book follows three boys imagining that they are pirates at the seaside Although the illustrations and rhymes are interesting the clear lack of any female representation within the book sends a negative ideal that girls couldn't be pirates which is something I wouldn't promote

  10. Michael Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald says:

    Yuck Sickly sweet and overwrought Not a fan of Helen Oxenbury

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