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Fathers Love A series of five shorts detailing the loving destructive beautiful and twisted relationship that arises between a father and his teenage son Warning incest emotional abuse underage sex SAY THE WORDS Richard knew his son hated enemas He just really doesn't careDECIDE It turns out Richard and his son have different definitions of punishment So Richard feels obligated to correct that error in thinkingARE YOU PROUD OF ME DADDY Richard gets his son’s report card in the mail and thinks it’s time for a rewardLET ME IN His son reaches a breaking point and Richard pushes him through it For all the right reasons of courseLOOK WHO'S JOINED US Richard’s eldest son returns home for the holidays and the secret comes out Somehow he knew what would happen next I'm not rating it because it's really out of my confort zone I knew that going in the blurb is pretty clear about it But I'm a sucker for incest so I thought I'd give it a try My fave 'cest I'm all over that I finally manned up and read the last story5 months later No big deal Average rating 43 StarsSAY THE WORDS 375ish enema play isn't my thing Not a big fan of head hopping as much Omniscent POV I think I prefer the father's POV for this one Overall the effect was hotFave uote His boy’s hole was reddened stretched slightly from the plug and trickling drops of water in a mesmerizing fashion He wantedgod he wanted it to be come dripping out instead He wanted to bury his cock in there He wanted to bury fingers in there Fuck he even wanted his tongue –DECIDE 425 stars Landon is being a brat and Daddy has to show him who's in charge The kid was asking for it Spanking and a little ass play helps straighten him out Fave uotes“You would love it wouldn’t you boy Daddy’s cock splitting you open fucking you senseless You want to be full of me You want me to come so deep inside you won’t be able to walk right”andHis son stared at him his expression disbelieving lustful and broken in turnsLoved Chapter 3 the most Glad Landon is seeing Daddy's way of thingsARE YOU PROUD OF ME DADDY 45 stars Things are escalating nicely Good boys get rewards Landon's Daddy's mouthLET ME IN 5 stars In the beginning of this short you get this He sucked him hard looking up with his big pleading eyes and swallowed his cum like it was nectar Of course my attention is fully there Landon is totally stressed out School's tough and competitive He's breaking Daddy notices and soothes himwith his dick Doesn't matter if Landon's ready or not Don’t daddy please he thought he heard But all that meant to Richard was and yes and never ever stop Daddy knows He finally gets what he's been working up toLOOK WHO'S JOINED US 4 stars Where Daddy and Landon add a thirdolder brother Cody “Did you clean yourself out boy”Landon suirmed a little pleasantly embarrassed “Y yes before I came in” He bit his lip when Richard’s fingers grazed the firm round surface of his prostate His nipples hardened and Cody hummed appreciatively as Richard scissored his fingersHe said “Prove it” and withdrew them Landon gave a soft grunt as the same fingers pushed past his lips His mouth was warm and yielding and Richard felt him moan as the tongue laved at his fingers Cody let out a long low “ fuuuuuuck;” the boy’s cock twitched as they watched him suck on his father’s fingers I know why I waited so long I don't like when the 'cest couple adds in another I like it when they're possessive and greedy fucking all the time because they can't help themselves And keep it just between themselvesButCody was pretty hot And a decent mix to the naughty mix I thought it could have went a little further in the character development department with Cody But he seemed like an add in Richard has been doing all the work finally getting his boy trained the way he needs to be Fave uote He loved this view of Landon’s mouth full of cock Daddy remains a lecher Landon sort of regressed a littleI don't know if it's the constant cock but he sort of acted a little younger Other than that the fuck timesTHE FUCK TIMES are worth dadcest readers to take a ganderWould've loved another part of maybe Cody and Landon onlythe hints of Cody being able to train Landon as well intrigued meOverall hot as fuck ;P So this is our own Onyx' work and what can I say I'm awed that this twisted incredibly talented writer is a friend As much as the first chapter sueaked me out this had everything to do with enemas in general and nothing with the writing I love me a good incestuous daddy kink story And Father's Love certainly delivered It consists of 5 chapters in which Richard takes it one step further with his teenage son every time It's written in sparse but lovely prose and pretty much as disturbing as the blurb makes it sound I have an eery feeling that we haven't seen the last of Onyx and I'm personally rooting for her to explore all the dark and dirty corners of her mind Recommended for lovers of the warning tags That was some seriously good effed up shit Well done Onyx you lovely depraved thing And thank you for your notes at the end of each story Just like Landon needing to be carefully brought down by his daddy I needed a gentle nudge back to reality after drinking daddy's kook aid

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  • Fathers Love
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  • 12 July 2014

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