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Into The Lions Den The destinies of three families of fathers and sons Jewish Afrikaner and black African are interwoven in this gripping epic of retribution set in South AfricaWhen Ben Novak receives a cryptic phone call from his son’s phone he is convinced that Josh is in deadly perilTrusting his instincts Ben travels across the globe to South Africa a place he once called home yet one filled with dark and brutal memoriesBen will stop at nothing to save his son but what awaits him is an evil dangerous and insidious than he could have ever anticipated Into the Lion’s Den is a fast paced action thriller a compelling saga of the love of family and the indomitable will to survive in the face of an implacable malevolence

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Into The Lions Den
  • Martin Chimes
  • 07 December 2016

8 thoughts on “Into The Lions Den

  1. Jason Jason says:

    Normally when I travel via plane I try and get some sleep However this book did not allow that Ended up reading it cover to cover gripping and intense throughout

  2. C Lawrence C Lawrence says:

    A thrilling encounter in the Southern African traditionThe military background in South west Africa now Namibia sets the scene for a tale involving anti semitism racism right wing Afrikaners sentiments and poaching on conservation areas All in all a great read with a believable story line

  3. Nava Barel Nava Barel says:

    Terrific read A clever combination of family saga and fast paced thriller this book kept me turning pages well into the night Full of heart I was rooting for the hero every step of the way I can't wait for the next book by this author

  4. Ian Thomas Ian Thomas says:

    boys own boring

  5. Sharon Sharon says:

    This was a medium book for meI uite liked it but it didn't overwhelm me Maybe just not my cup of tea

  6. Pam Lub Pam Lub says:

    Great read Brilliant insight into different types of relationships during the apartheid era Gripping story Couldn't put it down

  7. Hanna Hanna says:

    35 stars

  8. Helen Helen says:

    There was a bit too much violence and vengeance for me but it did show the complicated relationships that existed in South Africa in the time of Apartheid

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