Playing With Fire Conard County #43; Conard County The

Playing With Fire Conard County #43; Conard County The Next Generation #26 Passion blazes between a fire chief and a beautiful arson investigatorThe cunning arsonist targeting Conard County has fire chief Wayne Camden stymied Teaming up with investigator Charity Atkins seems like a no brainer She has the expertise to track down the firebug before he kills someone But Wayne never anticipated making Charity a targetSince his wife left Wayne's had little interest in relationships The single dad is unsettled by the electrifying attraction Charity ignites Wayne is rooted in the community and Charity's a nomad But with danger stalking them irresistible desire forces them both to re evaluate their lives Well I finished it I’m not giving it a rating as it’s totally not my genre and I’m not ualified to judge It’s interesting to read something totally different occasionally though and I think I might let the kids choose something randomly for me again Very good book with excellent suspense and a terrific romance Wayne is frustrated by his inability to find the arsonist plaguing Conard County The latest fire nearly killed a family and he wants it stopped before someone dies Charity is the arson investigator for the company that insured the latest victim Her job is simply to decide if the victim set the fire to defraud the insurance company but something about this case has her wanting to do Wayne is the single dad of a teenage daughter and eats sleeps and lives his job He doesn't have the time or inclination for a new relationship However there is something about Charity that makes him want to get closer to her even though he knows she's only there for a short time Charity is single and though she's had a few relationships they never last She is very attracted to Wayne and though she doesn't do short term hookups she's really tempted by him I loved the development of their relationship At first it was strictly work though the attraction was simmering beneath the surface Because both are so good at what they do they connect immediately over the investigation I loved seeing the way they were able to bounce ideas off each other as they tried to find the arsonist They both acknowledged the attraction but agreed that it couldn't go anywhere I loved seeing them get to know each other and become friends while trying to resist the heat Wayne's natural protectiveness came out as the danger to Charity increased At the same time Charity's independence and stubbornness had her digging in her heels and insisting on seeing the investigation throughBoth Charity and Wayne had some issues to work through as their feelings for each other grew Wayne had to let go of the self blame over the dissolution of his marriage and believe that he has a future with a different type of woman Charity had much to work through One of the biggest things was to learn to share her feelings overcoming the training of her early years She also has to learn about herself and get past what she thinks she should be doing to what really moves her I loved Wayne's patience and how he helped her to see that she has the courage to go after what she really wants I loved the ending and seeing both of them step past their vulnerabilities and fears to embrace a future together The epilogue was fantastic and gave a good indication of what is in their futureThe suspense side of the story was really good There was a brief glimpse of the arsonist's point of view where you see that there is something driving them but you don't really know what The intensity of the fire and the danger that Wayne was in definitely grabbed my attention I loved the way that Wayne asked for Charity's help Though reluctant at first she is uickly drawn in The arsonist shows their worry over being discovered and willingness to do whatever necessary to remain undiscovered After the first attack on Charity I was pretty sure I knew who was behind it and by the second I was sure but I still had uestions about all the motivations One was obvious but the other was not I loved the details of the steps that Wayne and Charity were taking as they tried to figure out who it was As the arsonist became desperate I was on the edge waiting to see what would happen next The final attack was scary and I was glad that Wayne was there to save her The resolution was good though I would have liked to see Wayne face the arsonist rather than hear about it afterward I liked Wayne's daughter Linda very much She has a great attitude It was fun to see her tease her father at the same time she was trying to look out for him It was sweet to see her uestioning Charity at dinner and later as she found ways to throw them together I loved that the title of the book seems to have come from a comment she made at the end It was also great to see Maude in all her grumpy glory Other residents of Conard also made appearances especially Gage and his part in nabbing the arsonist I really enjoyed this book Charity Atkins is a Arson investigator that works for a insurance company Her main job is to find out if the fire was set by the person or persons that would be collecting the insurance money She has sniffed out frauds than anyone in her department She became a target when she arrived in the small town of Conard City The suspense was really good I never knew when or how Charity would be attacked again Attack is the wrong word she was never really attacked The villain was a coward and would set up accidents that could end Charity's life The town had a Arson and the fire chief Wayne Camden asked for Charity's help to catch the person that was burning homes down The last fire almost killed a family including a baby It was Wayne that rushed out of the burning house with the baby in his arms He was uick to put a oxygen mask on the infant saving the little life Wayne Welcomes Charity to his small town He needs her skills and experience and she is easy on the eyes I love how the friendship and sparks built up throughout the story between Charity and Wayne They could bounce around idea's and at the same time have fun Wayne had a teenage daughter that was a delight His daughter was dating the Police chief's son Needless to say they couldn't get away with much His daughter was very mature for her age She didn't think twice about cooking dinner I had my suspicions about who was starting the fires and who was after Charity It turned out I was right Hey Who doesn't like to be right? Great book I'm sure I will read this one again 45 stars I loved the characters in this book The H is fire chief in a small town that has been hit by a string of arsons The h is an arson investigator for an insurance company Although her job is rule out fraud by the owners she soon gets caught up in the investigation and searching for the arsonist Both main characters are kind and sweet although strongly committed to their jobs and helping others It was nice to read a book where they act their ages 30s and are professional and commincate with each other No stupid misunderstandings and overblown arguments for the sake of creating drama There is tension in the fact they both assume the h will be headed back to Atlanta and her job traveling but they handle their attraction maturely and believably This was a refreshing read that I really enjoyed

  • ebook
  • 288 pages
  • Playing With Fire Conard County #43; Conard County The Next Generation #26
  • Rachel Lee
  • 06 September 2015
  • 9781488767920

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