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  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Ho hum romance between grumpy lawyer hero and his “fat” secretary that is padded with events from Cattleman's Pride and Renegade Even with my goldfish memory I didn’t need all those recapsThe “fat” secretary trope that has the heroine lose weight frost her hair and get her man isn’t any appealing when DP is writing it The heroine has rock bottom self esteem The hero doesn’t understand his attraction to the heroine or his own feelings so he says hurtful thingsThey only marry because of an unexpected pregnancy and DP does a lackluster job of selling the hero’s love What’s memorable about this edition in the Jacobsville chronicles are the hero’s two territorial Siamese Cats and how the hero decorates like a little old lady Sky blue carpets with dark blue wainscoting and lighter wallpaper aboveDiana Palmer checklist Hairy chest YesBreast DescriptionFull She’s fat remember?Cigarettes NoAlcohol No – hero is a coffee fiendTown Descriptions New storefront that Duke had just opened in Jacobsville to market his organic porkGardenia Scent heroine has the faint scent of rosesLOL detail It was amazing how a fat healthy cat could present itself as an emaciated starving orphan They were still playing mind tricks on him after four years of co existenceCutesy detail Cops have a food fight at their wedding reception DP hobbyhorse No pesticides no hormones no antibiotics unless they’re absolutely necessary”DP is trolling us “If he ever came across a woman who enjoyed military history he might be coaxed into rejoining the social scene”

  2. Margo Margo says:

    He calls her fat is reluctant to get involve with her resents that they got pregnant pines over another woman and there is never a love declaration What a catchAlso the h's makeover involves her getting frosted tips for her black hair which everyone thinks is a big improvement

  3. Lu Bielefeld Lu Bielefeld says:

    The hero fell into temptation because he was horny He was celibate for a long time and I think any woman would doOur heroine is an idiot with no backboneHeroine TSTLHero was not redeemed and would need grovelHe was always comparing our heroine to his late fianceeHeroine is second bestBut nothing made up for the fact that Blake Kemp thought Violet was fat“He thinks I’m fat” Violet said miserablyEvery single time he walked in he glared at Violet as if she were responsible for the seven deadly sinsHe’d lost the woman he loved years ago and had never had any inclination to risk his heart againHis fiancée had died He was through with love So Violet had to goHer father hadn’t really loved her mother and it showed to everybody except Mrs Hardy“Delene Crane works with him” she replied curious “She’s a woman” “He’s known Delene since they were in college together” he told her “He doesn’t think of her as a woman”Violet made him think of open fireplaces in winter of warm lamplight in the darkness Her absence had only served to make him realize how alone he wasHe and Cag Hart had served in the same mechanized division Few people knew that because he and Cag didn’t talk much about the missions they’d shared It forged bonds that noncombatants could not understandInvoluntarily his mind went back eight years to the only woman he’d really ever loved Shannon Culbertson had been eighteen the year they started dating It had been love at first sight for both of them“Anyway Julie attacked Libby and Jordan didn’t stand up for her Jordan made some nasty remarks to Libby” He shrugged “I’m not working for any man who bad mouths my sister”How could a living woman compete with a perfect memory?You don’t keep secrets in a town like Jacobsville We’re all one big family We know all about each other”Curt was a fine young man with a promising future And Violet was going to date himHe knew it was a bad idea encouraging her At some point he was going to have to back away from her He didn’t want commitmentHe hadn’t analyzed his feelings for Violet He wasn’t going to Not yet But she kindled fires in his blood that he hadn’t felt since Shannon Culbertson’s death“I make up in intelligence for what I lack in looks” she murmuredToo many years of abstinence had left him powerless with Violet’s mouth promising heavenYears of abstinence took control of his will His handsHe watched her face the whole time watched fear and pain slowly give way to sharp pleasure“I’ve never done thisin broad daylight And I’ve never watched Violet”She felt him still inside her still pulsing softly“I didn’t have the presence of mind to think about protection either”“I haven’t had a woman for over two years” he said bluntly “I’m sorry I lost control the minute I started kissing you”She’d just had sex with her former boss and he wasn’t a marrying man“You’re in love with me I’ve always known it There isn’t any other reason that would make you give yourself to a man without marriage”He’d never been with a woman who was so violently in love with him He felt cosseted valued possessedThat hadn’t happened even with Shannon when he was much younger Violet lit fires in his body“I know you already know it” she said softly “But I love you”He’d taken advantage of what she felt for him lost control and put her at risk Now he had to stand by and wait to find out if she became pregnant knowing that if she did he’d be forced to marry her to save her reputation It wasn’t the best night of his life despite the lingering pleasure that reminded him of the afternoon“He said that he’d never have a child”She was pregnant when she died It was his child He hadn’t known about it although he would have married her sooner if he hadHe lost not only his fiancée but his child as well He said that just the thought of a child gave him nightmares now brought it all back to haunt him”She might mistake his invitation for something romantic but that wasn’t the case at all He felt guilty for what he’d let happen at his house Violet could be pregnant He didn’t dare keep his distance until he knew for sure The woman hadn’t a clue about relationships and she’d be in a hell of a fix if she really had become pregnantHe wasn’t ready for marriage and a family He might never be Certainly Violet was hardly the sort of woman he envisioned marryingHe’d seduced her out of loneliness and aching hunger“You want to sleep with me with no ties isn’t that the truth?”She wanted happily ever after All he wanted was relief from the nagging physical hunger that was taking him overHe hated the whole idea of giving up his freedom He hated the idea of a child in his life He wasn’t family man materialSometimes a sacrifice was called for That was what he told himself when he drew Violet into his arms and bent to kiss her with forced enthusiasmHe was genuinely out of control His body impaled hers with uick deft movements that should have been uncomfortable But she was hungry for him too She opened her legs with a shaken little sigh and arched her hips to encourage himShe was still tingling but he hadn’t given her enough time She felt sad; cheated She didn’t want to say anything At least he needed her if nothing He’d never felt such a primitive urge to possess a woman not even Shannonshe pulled into her driveway and remembered that he hadn’t said one word about seeing her again during the weekendHe didn’t call eitherThere’s no way Violet would agree to a termination so marriage is the only possible resolution”He was only marrying her for appearances He felt trapped He didn’t want Violet in any way at all except perhaps physically It was a harsh blowHe’d never thought about children except once long ago with Shannon

  4. Aou Aou says:

    “She’d been sure that Blake would at least phone her But he didn’tShe felt oddly used by Sunday evening He’d needed her Friday night It had been sweet but completely physical on his side She could feel that he had no strong emotional bond with her It was physical and that wasn’t going to last She wondered why he’d asked her to be engaged to him He couldn’t know she was pregnant”He knewShe loved him he loved “being loved by her” He was not as cruel as the other DP heroes but manipulative jerk and didn’t love h Where is my romance?2 stars for two Siamese cats of H who had bitten him ;

  5. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    Good book but it comes with a red level shovel alert I don't know what happened to Blake He was a nice guy before he got his own book And then he metamorphosized into a big huge jerk If I was Violet I would have told him to take a long walk off a short pier Luckily I am not so we get the happy ending I wish that DP didn't feel it was necessary to make Violet lose weight It would be nice to have a cuddly heroine in Jacobsville Loved the Siamese cats

  6. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    Awww reading the classic DP rambling and info dump start made me nostalgicit has been ages since I touched base with JacobsvilleDP landview spoilerI recognized many of Jacobsville greats but I wish the author had not hit the ground running with the story The sado maso relationship had just boiled over with the fat but not really h uitting her job because of the H boss's extreme provocation Why deprive us of the H's meanness? Isn't that what we read DP for and to read about that extremely hirsute chest? Even that isn't touched upon as much So anyways being openly loving is one thing but such puppy dog slavishness with zero pride gets nauseous to watch She's a doormat of the first order while he's the classic HP H with past history excuses for his commitment phobia Sex pregnancy and still some asshat moves leading to a meandering to abrupt ending which include some reckoning for villains appearances by multiple characters who just have to have their superfluous say that left me flipping back pages to see whenif the ILY exchange had happened and I couldn't find it Meh hide spoiler

  7. ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ says:

    Ok just not my thing First of all the heroine was an idiot The dude says a bajillion times that he does not love her does not want to get married does not want to have children She knows why They've talked about it Yet she is shocked and crushed when she overhears him saying the same to someone else?? How is that logical? She just annoyed me with her doormat ness and chasing so so hard after a dude who could not have been explicit that he did not want to be caughtHe was just a douche and an inconsistent one at that One minute he is telling her she is fat and he can't stand her the next he wants to bone her? Like overnight? And then we are supposed to pretend that he has always been barely restraining his lust for her? At one point he mentions buying her an engagement ring but when they have one of many Talks about how he doesn't want to get married he is shocked that she wants that from him Dude She is a completely naive sheltered romantic to the point of being delusional VIRGIN Everything she does and says is with giant hearts in her eyes How did you not see this coming?It was just too uaint and cutesy and old fashioned for me I think this is just not my genre I love me a chubby heroine and an insecure one too but this was not for me

  8. Lynsey A Lynsey A says:

    Typical Diana Palmer This was a story I was looking forward to for the longest time I loved the dynamics between Blake and Violet in earlier booksIt's awhile since I read this book but the one thing I recall with absolute clarity is that Blake never once told Violet he loved her in the book and that made it a wall banger for me Most of DP's hero's are jerks but can at least partly redeem themselves by groveling but not saying I love you made it a low rating for me

  9. Pat Cromwell Pat Cromwell says:

    I was so looking forward to Blake's story and I was so ticked that Blake was a jerk 1 Hero Definitely Jerk of the year2 Read entire book No I'd read bits and pieces about him in other books and I so wanted him to be one of the good jerks but he wasn't 3 Intriguing UhNO4 Do I still have the book or did I give it away to the goodwill Uh Yeah Throw away a Palmer book? Absolutely not Never5 Did she jump the shark on this one God no I love Diana Palmer and this was just another Diana Palmer book I knew the chances of hating the hero was like 80% were when I brought it6 Recommend Only to Diana Palmer fans and readers who like the pathetically asshole alpha male7 Why say I like it I didn't say I liked it I said it was OKAY

  10. Alexis-Morgan Roark Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

    Typical DP and this guy seriously got on my nerves He wasn't nearly as physically abusive as some of her heroes are but the mental abuse pining after his dead fiancee who had been pregnant at the time of the drugging which led to her accidental death of yo yoing between wanting to be with Violet or not gave me a headacheOh I think you should read the first 30 or so books before this one so things make sense

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Boss Man New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer continues to deliver with this brand new story in her Long Tall Texans series that at last tells the story of Blake Kemp This tough Texan is a man of the law yet he breaks the rules to avenge the death of a woman he once loved But will newfound feelings for his assistant Violet replace his need for revenge