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Half My Blood Dartmoor #25 4 starsReview of the whole series MY REVIEW This little novella packed one hell of a punch with all the drama that took place Holy cow was it a direct hit Everything from going behind the club's back outright lying manipulation and tea time with the enemy Its hard knowing where ones loyalties stand when they keep coming under uestion in every book People you think you should trust has me the most worried Anyhoo another fantastic installment and plugin on to the next Happy reading This author continues to amaze me I should be used to it by now but with every book in the series I am and in awe of her writing 'Half My Blood' is a novella that is just over 100 pages but it packs so much info and so many feels that I feel like I just finished another novel the size of 'Fearless' that was 800 pages and I mean it in THE most positive wayI won't say much about this installment since nothing I'll ever say will do this or any other of Lauren Gilley's books justice it deserves but if you plan on reading this series this novella is a MUST read It let's you catch up with old friends and introduces you to new ones Do NOT skip it It is simply BRILLIANT I am sure while trying to review Lauren's work in the past I've used that word once or twice but it's very fittingMake sure to check out TeriLyn's Spoiler Free Review of Half My Blood because it's FABCheers This is listed as a novella but it's anything but in a GREAT way Lauren Gilley packed so much into this one It's definitely not a standalone and doesn't feature just one couple rather it's a catch up with characters we've already met as well as hinting at what is coming up for some of these beloved characters Mercy is dealing with a whole lot of doo doo with Colin showing up on the scene a Colin that won't go away or take no for an answer I loved the snippets of tenderness between Merc and Ava and also their new baby boy The feelsMichael and Holly Ghost and Mags Aidan and even Tango are featured driving their stories forward and giving so so much to look forward to How an author can pack so much into a novella with multiple POV changes and so much going on with no clear ending and still get 5 stars from so many readers is beyond me Yet LG does this flawlesslyAnother superb read in my all time favourite MC series ever 5 We are connected Stars Half My Blood is a novella in the Dartmoor series showing readers a little slice of real life for our beloved characters of the Lean Dogs MC Told from multiple points of view this shorter story enhances fans appreciation for these characters by showing us the love loyalty and forward motion in all of their lives It sets fans up nicely for what's to come in the series providing deeper snippets and clues into each their individual plots The plot of the MC itself isn't moving forward in this novella but it doesn't matter as Gilley weaves together a beautiful story testing the resolve and love of her characters We're given a birds eye view into a span of time where we learn just a little about the characters and internal make up of this club With Gilley's masterful story telling at play it was a novella I'm beyond grateful it was written Her skill at developing her characters is unrivaled in literary fiction And her prose continually astounds me This cannot be read as a stand alone the series must be read in the order provided I LOVE the Lean Dogs MCSecond read September 2020 I love this novella and all the new events it unravels Reviews for previous books in the seriesBook One Fearless Book Two Price of Angels 45 Stars Oh wowAnd to think I almost skipped this oneThe Horror 😱🤯Beautiful 45 starsIt is touted as a novella but honestly it felt like a full novel to me I really enjoyed it Caught up with all the characters It was sort of a follow up to the first two books and a preuel to forthcoming books Well how's that for hospitality? he asked with a laughYou know you're in the South darlin' Aren't ya s'posed to be bringing me a cold glass of tea? Colin came across as a bit of a dick Not sure if he crops up in future books She's my conscience My soul The only part of me that hasn't gone dark Warmed a bit to Michael and Holly Still love Maggie Ghost Ava MercyAidan Mmmm not sure I like him yet Look forward to his story and to Tango's It’s summer in Knoxville and if the outlaw crew at Dartmoor Inc thought they were getting a respite from the dramathey were kidding themselves Almost a year ago Mercy’s dying mother claimed he had a half brother sired by the beloved father he’d always thought infallible raised by another man as his own He’s been in denial ever since but when Colin O’Donnell arrives it’s time to face facts Turns out his family isn’t lost – he only wishes this member of it was Holly McCall is determined to prove her worth to the other old ladies – Maggie specifically She never dreamed of a life like this and as she searches for self worth and acceptance she is wrapped step by step in the gentlest love of the fiercest man For Aidan and Tango this summer is a season for realizations For waking to a vision of the future And for drowning in the past In this Dartmoor Series novella readers will spend time with the entire club meet new voices and fall deeper into the world of the Lean Dogs MC Not a stand alone romance Half My Blood balances several central storylines with delicacy and passion Brimming with emotion spotlighting secondary characters Dartmoor fans won’t want to miss this bridge between novels two and three in the series Book three The Skeleton King releases September 2015 45 StarsWhat a fantastic extra book to add to this series We catch up on the lives of Ava Mercy Holly and Michael Maggie and Ghost and Aiden and TangoIt follows straight on from Price of Angels Holly and Michael's storyAva is now a mother and enjoying her new roleHolly and Michael have at last something to look forward to but they are both unsure how to be with each otherMercy has a surprise visitor And then there is Aiden his life is about to crash around himEach book I read in this series just intrigues me a little I can't wait to read Aidens story I think he is about to become a man There is a rhythm to everyday life within this club Steady pulses like heartbeats Some people are learning them finding a way to count them What is normal? We are connected We are family Blood is measured by halves and we are stronger for itHalf My Blood is the story of the other relationships with the Dogs half brothers half sisters different types of brotherhoodI am so glad I clicked this series as it just gets better and better Half My Blood should be read after book 2 and before book 3

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