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SEALs of Summer 2 Great Boxed SetThis is a great boxed set In this boxed set you get eleven books by eleven different authors I love boxed sets because it lets me read books by authors that I may not have read before and also lets me read books by some authors that I love One author that I love is Jennifer Lowery her book in this series is A Seal’s Duty In this book Grey Stone is a Seal and enjoying his down time at home While visiting his friend’s house he meets Reganne They can’t deny the instant attraction when he finds out that she is trying to hide from her violent ex he wants to protect her and make her feel safe This is a great romance with some suspense I am looking forward to reading the other books in this set A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review This is a partial review Will update as I finish the anthologyOne Hot SEAL 4 StarsFletcher is an ex SEAL that now fights fires in his hometown While evacuating a campground he sees Deelie a woman he had been crazy about in high school but who had left him which seems to be her MO This time around he’s determined to win her for keepsI really liked this story it was short but the author did a good job of building up the characters and moving along the storyline Fletcher seems to be a hero straight from the movies out to do as much rescuing as he can I don’t really know why at one point he thought he wasn’t good enough for her kind of anti stereotypical of any SEAL story where a SEAL doesn’t really have a lot of self esteem Deelie is definitely a free spirit who is down on her luck which just keeps getting worse When Fletcher is determined to show her he doesn’t want a one night stand she doesn’t really know how to handle it The only real complaint hence 4 stars instead of 5 is that the author really didn’t say why Deelie is the way she is There were hints and I know it probably was pacing and not enough time but it made it a little hard to see what Fletcher saw in her with his determination to keep her Very good story Can’t wait to read from this authorA SEAL’s Duty 5 StarsNavy SEAL Grey Stone was enjoying a BB at his fellow SEAL’s house when his friend’s wife introduced him pediatrician Reganne McCain Even though he sees no good in any SEALs having long term relationships he can’t stay away from her even though she’s definitely not a one night stand type of person However there’s something she’s hiding that makes her resist him than he wants to resist herThis was a really good story It gives in to the belief of love at first sight Through the story Grey was able to overcome his personal demons to find a piece of happiness Reganne was also able to get rid of her own For a novella it was definitely a full story I can’t wait to read from this author The Guardian 3 StarsLuke Carter is a retired SEAL who now takes care of his daughter and works for the Guardians a group of people that fund serious medical research When one of the projects isn’t working he’s sent to Haiti to close down an AIDS research project After he’s beat to the point of death he wakes to find himself being cared for by the doctor he’s supposed to shut down While this story was well written it just wasn’t for me Some pieces of the storyline were just a bit too close to home Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy it Fall Dark read 112317 112417 4 112 pagesI liked this second chance story pretty much as well as the characters but struggled because it didn't appear very realistic to me I liked the exotic setting and the short 2 day time frame This review is based only on The Strong Silent Type East Coast 8 #05 by author Elle KennedyI found myself laughing at the start of this one Shane was pretty much bowled over by Jill and not sure what to do about it It was fun to see him fight what he wanted funnier yet to see him give in The best though was when he finally admitted to Jill just what he meant to him Hot SEAL A Hostile Operations Team Novel#9 Lynn Raye Harris45 starI was pulled right into this story The story has laughs pain secrets betrayal suspense and heartbreak If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those bookss firstHot Pursuit Hostile Operations Team #1Hot Mess Hostile Operations Team #2Hot Package Hostile Operations Team #3Dangerously Hot Hostile Operations Team #4Hot Shot Hostile Operations Team #5Hot Rebel Hostile Operations Team #6Hot Ice Hostile Operations Team #7Hot and Bothered Hostile Operations Team #8This is Ivy and Dane “Viking” Erikson’s story Ivy and Dane were married years ago They are still angry with each other but have to work together to get a mission done Sparks will fly Passion will ignite But the case will still need to survive Secrets will be revealed and people will be betrayed What happens when you are related to the enemy? Will it change the course of the case? Can you lead the enemy into a trap? In the end who will be left standing? Will love concur all? Or will it all go down in a submarine? I loved these characters and also the side characters I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author This review is based on HOT SEAL as I have not read the other stories yetA critical military operation has turned explosive when Navy SEAL Dane “Viking” Erikson is forced to work with his ex wife in this HOT contemporary romanceIvy is determined not to fall for her ex husband again and the reader can’t help but get caught in the combustible atmosphere of this romance as Dane and Ivy are forced to work together The chemistry between them is super heated and the sex scenes are scorching but it’s the relationship that has sparks flying in every direction as their turbulent pasts continues to cause some sizzling clashes and emotional turmoil cloud issues as well These strong compelling characters singe readers with their hotheaded kick ass personalities while the fast paced smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of suspense action and romanceSEALs are invited to join the Hostile Operations Team and things are about to get even hotter in this already dangerously hot series when their mission reaches critical mass and Ivy becomes the target of a deadly enemy which builds lots of exciting tension throughout the story and keeps readers on the edge of their seat Well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the well orchestrated events ensure that there is never a dull moment and the action scenes are believable Once again the seriously sexy HOT team leaves me uite breathless as I joined them on this daring adventure of danger and passion and I can’t wait to read the next one4 ½ STARS SEALS of Summer 2 The Guardian SEALs Beyond BattlefieldsI received a copy of the book from the author Kimberley Troutte in exchange for an honest reviewI wish that I could have given this book than five stars and I absolutely loved itThe book features Luke and Ysabeau who is a doctor trying to find a cure for AIDS in Port Au Prince Haiti nine days before the earthuake in 2010She has a clinic that is running a trial to find a serum for her patients who already have AIDS and Luke is still reeling from the loss of his wife to a rare type of cancer that his daughter Sunny also has the genetic trait Luke works for the Guardians an investor group that funds cutting edge drug trials to find cures for diseases that aren't normal funded He has to fly to Haiti to inform Ysabeau that the group has decided that since there is no marked improvement in the trials that the funding is no longer going to be available to herThrow in a Vodun High Priestess of Light Grann and one of the Dark a thief also a clinic hoping for a cure different colored auras and visions by Deolina and of course the devastating earthuake and you have a truly awesome book I hope that there will be in the series and can't wait to read books in the series Fall Dark SEALs Undone #7 by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Zoe York Hot SEAL HOT SEAL Team #1 by USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris SEAL's Heritage by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Sharon Hamilton The Guardian SEALs Beyond Battlefields #1 by NYT and USA Today bestselling RITA award nominated author Kimberley Troutte Once Upon A Bodyguard Lucky Thirteen #6 by NYT and USAT bestselling author SM Butler The Strong Silent Type East Coast 8 #05 by USA Today bestselling RITA award nominated author Elle Kennedy Her Next Breath Uncharted SEALs #2 by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin SEAL's Defiance Take No Prisoners #7 by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Elle James A SEAL's Chance The Heroes of Chance Creek #6 by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Seton One Hot SEAL When SEALs Come Home #55 by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh A SEAL's Duty SEAL Team Alpha #1 by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Lowery This review is for The Guardian by Kimberley TroutteI can honestly say this is one of the best books I have ever read It grabs you from the heart from the beginning and just keeps you wanting The story line is truly uniue which makes it so special has such strong complex characters extremely emotional on every level heartfelt intriguing hilarious and just overall an outstanding book I love the authors writing style as it always has a smooth flow very easy to read and relate to and has great editingWhile this is not her typical Seal story that has the fighting banter description of all the HOT teammates and all the other things we all LOVE about her Seal stories that is what sets this apart from the others in a very special way This story definitely has lots of it's own dangers an amazing hero heroine a light priestess and a dark priestess it has some paranormal elements as it delves into Haitian culture and it proves that even after a Seal is retired that he will always be a true hero I know you'll enjoy this story as much as I haveI definitely recommend this to everyone You will not be disappointedI was gifted with an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Kimberley Troutte's new book The Guardian is great Loved it Filled with mystery Voodoo and sexy steamy scenes it was a great read It also brought to light what its like in an earthuake Very moving Cora Seton's new book A Seal's Chance is awesome Absolutely loved it The emotions come right off the page I couldn't put the book down This author shows the challenges a military person faces in a way we can relate I didn't want the book to endI was given these books by the publishers for the purpose of an honest review My conclusions are my own I was not compensated in any way

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