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Number Two From the twisted and juvenile mind that brought you the national bestseller Anchorboy comes another rollicking collection of embarrassing stories that’ll make you laugh cry and feel just a little bit uncomfortableGet ready for story time with everyone’s favourite Canadian sportscaster Jay Onrait Pull up a chair open a bag of ketchup chips and join Jay as he reminisces about the times he — explored the sualid world of medical marijuana; — made a mess of himself on the road to Pittsburgh; — got upstaged on live TV by comedy legend Martin Short; — rode a Street Dragon through the laneways of Sochi; — shared a drink with Jay Z and was then asked to leave;And much much

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  1. Brandon Brandon says:

    Picking up where he left off with 2013’s Anchorboy Onrait brings us the aptly titled Number Two a book with essays about bathroom misadventures travelling to an Olympics host city and the wonders of being a Canadian ex pat living in the USDid anyone ask to hear about Jay’s masturbation stories the very first line in the book is a funny one? How about his violent diarrhea? Probably not However Jay had me laughing out loud as he recounted his several mad dashes to the bathroom as he tried his absolute hardest not to defecate all over himself It goes to show you’re never too old to appreciate toilet humourIf you were a fan of his first book a regular listener of Jay’s podcast with Dan O’Toole or love watching old clips of the duo from their TSN days you’ll enjoy Number Two There’s some great stuff in here about Jay’s turbulent book tour for Anchorboy bumped off programming for Rob Ford’s crack cocaine confession as well as his and Dan’s bizarre trip to Sochi in 2014 that will leave you chucklingThere’s no sign of slowing down on Onrait’s part and if he decides to pen a third I’ll welcome it gladly Number Two is the perfect book to enjoy in small doses probably while on the can

  2. Darcey McKay Darcey McKay says:

    Jay Onrait's second book picks up right where his first venture Anchorboy left off with uprooted Canadian sportscasters Jay Dan moving to America to work for Fox Sports If you enjoyed Anchorboy you will love Number Two just as much If you didn't like Anchorboy and don't enjoy Jay Dan's humour then I have no idea why you would even think about reading this bookHilariously well told escapades from Jay's desire to obtain a California medical marijuana card to his book tour for Anchorboy and my favourite the stories from their trip and coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi RussiaOf note from both Anchor Boy and Number Two I would say that Jay portrays himself to be completely off the cuff without any real goals and in some ways that may be true but you can also tell that he has worked on a lot of projects that reuire uite the opposite including writing and selling two books That just might be the genius of their comedy from their former show Fox Sports Live to their new show back in Canada on TSN SC with Jay Dan to their Jay Dan Podcast to these two books by Jay They appear to operate without structure or plans but continue to be successful in their deliveryObviously I'm a big Jay Dan fan so this read was a no brainer for me This book was published at the end of 2015 and their show in the US lasted for another year and a half after it was published but since has been cancelled Jay Dan have returned to Canada and to TSN and their new SC with Jay Dan since late 2017 Their demise at FS1 subseuent return to Canada including another Olympics adventure this time to South Korea sound like good material for a third installment?

  3. Ryan Ryan says:

    Another hilarious light read from Jay Onrait

  4. Robert Stewart Robert Stewart says:

    More focused and tightly constructed than its predecessor Anchorboy Number Two ups the ante with even stories about Onrait's now famously sensitive digestive tract along with foibles gaffes road trips pranks calls gone awry and the Sochi Olympics I eagerly await a third book detailing his leaving FS1 and Los Angeles and returning to the Canadian airwaves

  5. Rob Rob says:

    This is the second installment from Jay Onrait hence the title although it is also a scatological reference as well It is an amusing book that is largely made up of stories on his timeline following Anchorboy It would fall into the autobiographical category but it is by no means a part II of his biography Rather this book is a collection of storiesI enjoyed this book as it reminded me of sitting around listening to old timers spin yarns about their younger selves However Jay Onrait is not old enough to be an old timers but the analogy stands What I found interesting is that this book seemed far geared to his fans from his TSN days and not his fans from FS1 The reason I say this is that almost all his stories are about Canada in some way Even his Sochi stories with the FS1 crew seem geared toward Canadians That isn't to say that Americans should not read this book but there are places people and other things that unless you are very knowledgeable about Canada you may not understand Being a Canadian this was a fun book about some of the places and people in this countryThe reason I deducted a star from the right is what I referenced above Yes Jay Onrait appears to have some bowel issues but it doesn't need to be referenced in every single chapter and feature many stories about poop I have no idea whether this is something his is known for in the US as Canada does not get FS1 But I am not 5 and poop is not funny reallyI actually learned something from this book and it made me sad One story is about the time he was on CTV's The Social What I learned is that the famous studio for MuchMusic where I spend many a day watching bands and hosts through the window is now the studio for The Social I no longer live in Toronto and have not been to the CHUMCITY Building 299 ueen Street West in many years It saddens me that this once bastion of music culture has been turned into the studio for a vapid Canadian version of The ViewOverall I would recommend this book to anyone who was amused by Jay in his time at TSN His FS1 fans will enjoy this book but as I mentioned may be befuddled at the Canadianisms in it Overall give it a read but do not expect this to be a behind the scenes at FS1 or anything

  6. Evan Kirby Evan Kirby says:

    Another fun set of stories from broadcaster Jay Onrait both from growing up making his way through his early broadcasting career to all they way up to now at FOX Sports I might've actually enjoyed this one than the first but either way the stories are all amusing at the very least Onrait's humour works uite well through a book form and even sueezes in some emotional beats and lessons learned through the humorous tales which provides a nice cap to a lot of them

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    Another great if sometimes crass collection of tales about life in Canada and the United States from one half of the legendary former TSN SportsCenter crew Loved watching Jay and Dan O'Toole when I was in Canada six years ago and their podcast remains one of the funniest on the internet Think of Onrait's second book as an extension of that If you love poop stories hockey CFL and sports broadcasting you'll love this book Good fun

  8. Mitch Gallant Mitch Gallant says:

    More stories about poop A 1010

  9. Nic Nic says:

    Not as good as the first book Crude at times

  10. Phil Phil says:

    It was a good read that led to a few laughs it's a little over the top crass in parts but after listening to the Jay and Dan podcast for a few years it was to be expected

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