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Soldier Hero Husband? This romance is a fantastic addition to The Vineyards of Calanetti series Readers will really feel the tug on their heartstrings as they immerse themselves in Connor and Isabella’s unforgettable story RT Book Reviews 4 12 starsMiniseries The Vineyards of Calanetti Could not seem to get into it Ended up skipping most of the story to read the end sorry The tortured hero's happily ever after Former navy SEAL Connor Benson is in beautiful Tuscany but he can't forget his time on the frontline Meeting beautiful Isabella Rossi reminds him of everything he once fought forand everything he can't have Isabella understands what it's like to be stuck in the past—since becoming a widow she's been sleepwalking through life But handsome Connor's delicious kisses are waking her up and his courage inspires her she must fight for the love they both deserveThe Vineyards of Calanetti Saying I do under the Tuscan sun Connor is a former navy SEAL and is going through some issues he has experience that makes it hard for him to start over and have a new life Isabella is the women he's starting to want want he can't get go of his former life Then there's Isabella who still is a widow still missing her husband but starting to get some conflicting emotions for the man who is taking residence her house and life This was a short and sweet book on getting a second chance at life Getting to do things the right way and to finally learn to be happy It was interesting getting to know Connors experiences which shaped who he is and I liked getting to know a bit about Isabella I loved how they were just right and fit together being what is good to help them get past what they had both gone through I enjoyed the book it was a good little escape when a had a few moments to spare I received an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review and here it isFirst let me state that this is the first novel I've read in The Vineyards of Calanetti series and what a sweet and touching romance Cara Colter has written Connor is a former Navy SEAL who opted out of the service when one of his decisions left his closest friend in a wheelchair for the rest of his life He is now on assignment for the private global security firm Itus checking out the small town of Monte Calanetti Tuscany where a royal wedding will soon take place His landlord is Isabella Rossi a widowed grade school teacher in whose home Connor is boarding Both of these characters are emotionally wounded both of them need a second chance at love and how they help to heal each other makes for a wonderful introspective love story that I wish had been a longer read Having previously mourned the dearth of old fashioned romances in modern novels I was stunned to read the contents of this one Without dragging God or religion into it which is what a lot of romances do when they want to sidestep the issue of sex before marriage or keeping the heroine laughably virginal this novel manages intimacy without sex and romance without tawdriness True the novel gets off to a rocky start Connor Benson’s first encounter with his female soul mate is when he assaults the widow Isabella Rossi after she leaves breakfast outside his door Ouch Not exactly what Hollywood would call a “meet cute” beginning Fortunately his training prevents him from hurting her—but it’s a sign of things to comeWith her clinging to her love for dead husband and his worry that he’s too psychologically damaged to contemplate loving anyone the push me pull you trope is well in play He thinks she needs coaching in real romance Hello? He’s in Italy; what does he think he can teach her? and she believes that he needs to open himself to love The novel has unexpected moments of humor as she teasingly provokes him and I read with glee about his nervousness and helpless desire before this knowing Italian beauty In between “lessons” they draw closer together There’s nothing like what you’d call real tragedy here; all of their sad moments occurred in the past before the events in the novel begin But their unhappiness is a subtle current underlying their burgeoning emotions Also the loveliness of bella Italia provides an exuisite backdrop to this story making me want to visit this eternally beautiful countryRomance is not dead Read Soldier HeroHusband? if you don’t believe me I saw former SEAL and Tuscany and thought what a great idea I wish it lived up to my imagination I prefer a book with action and dialog less musings in the characters heads They spent very little actual time together and I doubted their strong feelings at the endReaders who prefer less steam will like that this couple only share kisses and their isn't any implied steamy scene behind closed doorsI received this book from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest review I really enjoyed this book it is the 4th book in the series and probably my favorite out of the series so far The flirting and romance part was really cute Spoiler The part about the little kids being trapped in the burning building was so sad but thankfully he was able to save them The ending was good but very predictable and was a cliché ending But for the most part it was a very good easy and uick read I'll be looking for of this authors books and I can't wait until the next book in the series comes out Beautiful poetic love story that is filled with light joy healing of heart and loveBoth Connor and Isabella have wounds they try to hide from the rest of the world Isabella has buried her dreams and hopes with her young husband the love they had was always troubled and timed since his illness was known from his childhoodConnor had faced the unthinkable several times over during his service He was weary just wanted to leave love and romance for the restThat is until Isabella comes into his lifeUnder the beautiful Tuscan sun a Texan and Tuscan temperament and passion matches up and takes it into a battle The story is filled with romantic scenes from swimming lessons to picnic and dancing under the stars There's humor and laughter there's pain and sorrow but most of all there's a love that heals the broken hearts and brings these two lonely souls togetherThis might be one of the most beautiful love stories I have read for a while the cinematic scenery the romance the poetry of it all put together in a lovely adorable story Five Spoons By first paragraph instantly can visualize Connor Benson's first perfect image a former navy SEAL woken up after a nightmare episode and for a moment he thought he was still in the war zoneAnd it took a tussle with the shy innocent still broken hearted and afraid to see the world like a pretty butterfly just came out from its cocoon Isabella Rossi who was the host of the place where he stayed while staying at Monte Calanetti And just like that Connor was drawn to help Isabella to come out and start embrace the world and assure her that even after 6 years losing her previous husband Giorgio due to terminal illness from allowing her to take him to the river where he taught her to start putting her feet into the waterThen Connor start teaching her to swim at the pool that was located at Nick's villa that was so intriguing and sounded very romanticAlthough I have to be honest the last part a little bit confusing maybe I will re read again since when I was reading this I was watching the thrilling 5 set of US Open between Rafael Nadal and Fabio Fogini usually not a big fan of Nadal since I am a fan of Novak Djokovic for the last few years since his ascent to the number one spot in the tennis world in 2011 I was feel a bit sad that he has to lose in such a heartbroken way But Fabio was playing very well and he deserved the winBut to be truthful truly enjoy the book so much and will continue to read the rest of series