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Memoirs of a Dipper 'Leyshon is a master of domestic suspense' Observer 'There's different ways to do it I can slowly move closer step by step or I can do it in one movement and bump into them Easiest is in a pub then I can put my drink too close to theirs Move my stool near theirs Anything to cross the line' Gary is a dipper a burglar a thief He is still at junior school when his father first takes him out on the rob and proves a fast learner not much than a child the first time he gets caught he is a career criminal as soon as he is out again But Gary is also fiercely intelligent he often knows about the antiue furniture he is stealing than the people who own it and is confident in his ability to trick his way out of any situation always one step ahead But all that changes when he falls for Mandy This is a first person novel that puts you inside the head of Gary a petty criminal and drug addict That's not a comfortable place to be and this book won't be for everyone But if it clicks it clicksLoved it What elevates this tale of an abusive childhood that begets a dysfunctional criminal is the unusual structure and the first person narrative Gary the titular “dipper” is an unusual narrator and his narration grabs the reader by the labels and never lets go until the final page Gary is a mass of contradictions one minute during a period of self reflection he’s trying to turn his life around the next he’s in the throes of addiction or making the kind of move that is only ever going to result in bad things for him and those around him Despite Gary signalling some kind of redemption at the book’s outset ‘Memoirs of a Dipper' is very unpredictable and it rattles along at a terrific pace My only two criticisms of an otherwise excellent read are there were just too many ups and downs to be credible and whilst Gary is a memorable character some of the other characters feel underwritten However these are minor criticisms and ‘Memoirs of a Dipper’ is a visceral memorable tale I look forward to reading by Nell Leyshon This lean novel there's fat on a butcher's pencil chronicles the life of Gary a dipper dips into purses dips into pockets dips in silver paper when his pint goes flat It's a story of childhood of dreams of hell and disappointment and lessons and redemption Leyshon's gift is not only her ability to create a very real character but also her ability to ease her reader into the character's head and masterfully control how the reader respondsLean and potent and visceral and moves along like an amphetamine sulphate rush loved it very clever nell leyshon is turning into one of my favourite authors at the minute

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Memoirs of a Dipper
  • Nell Leyshon
  • 10 February 2016
  • 9780241184240

About the Author: Nell Leyshon

Nell Leyshon is a British playwright and novelist born in Glastonbury Somerset At the age of eleven she moved to a small farming village on the edge of the Somerset Levels Her first attempts at novels were with a baby on her lap She burned a lot of the early writing and finally started on Black Dirt which was her first published novelWhile struggling to write prose she got a commission fr

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