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Honeymoon And if you liked the book try our videogame This is a deeply weird story Firstly you should know this is rankest pornography And what's it's probably not for you In a market glutted with Billionaire DomEverywoman Sub knockoffs this is very much a different mold OrI'm not sure there's a mold for this really If you like power play strong female characters and deeply flawed people we're off to a good start If you also like dominant women with enormous cocks plundering innocent boys you should absolutely buy this book Stop reading this description This book is unambiguously for you 'Honeymoon' is an alternate history romance between a futa teacher and her student in a fundamentally alien world Touches on themes of femdom bondage objectification mind control slavery Loosely a deconstruction of the MREA setting invented by the wonderful deviants of 4chan I trust and respect every one of you even if I would never let you in my house Go on try it You're curious Just the tip One of my favorite erotic fantasies is the concept of a new world order one where a kink or a fetish has arisen to become the new normal with the general populace struggling to fit into this new society FutadomWorld is one such example a collaborative creative universe that has exploded from the inspiration of a single erotic caption and Honeymoon is Sacha J Witt's novella length contribution to the universeIn this near future or alternate present a race of sexually dominant futa beauties has uickly come to power overrunning an entire continent's society What makes them so dangerous and so feared by the outside world is the addictive nature of their semen The smell alone is enough to make a man woozy and susceptible; a single taste leaves them hooked for life; and the they take into their body the mindlessly servile and dependent they becomeHoneymoon is a soft sort of entry into that world a story in which a young man casts aside his fears ignores the warnings of those around him and takes a one way trip away from home to serve at the feet of the futa teacher who so captured his attention It is both and erotic and romantic with a heavy emphasis on the erotic power exchange and messes with your mind as much as your body I loved how she so carefully and tenderly led him into the ultimate submission and having an older already bound male in the household as a cautionary example was a nice touchThis is a story that could should must go on There is an entire game in the works and than a thousand captions to support the fantasy but first up is Sacha's own seuel Dickplomatic Immunity Just absolutely delicious As published on Bending the Bookshelf

  • Kindle Edition
  • 54 pages
  • Honeymoon
  • Sacha J. Witt
  • English
  • 21 January 2014

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