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Fur bidden Furocious Lust Shorts #1 FUR ocious Lust SHORT #1 A BBW and her Bear heat things up This is a STANDALONE SHORT This a NOT a full length book This short ends in a happily ever after with no cliffhanger Penelope Medina has stage fright the size of Texas So when her boss signs her and her friends up for a bachelorette auction for their non profit this curvy girl is ready to uit Except she loves her job Good thing she can arrange it so that her assistant will buy her Easy peasy or not Ethan Sinclair and his bear have been missing their mate for the past year She dumped him because he didn’t trust her Now he’s finally orchestrated a way to get her to see him At least he hopes she will before she tries to kill him for spending a fortune on a few hours with her Anger passion and frustration ignite to explosive heights What was supposed to a fun night of doing something for charity is about to turn into the second chance neither expected Penny will take his words as truth or shut the door on any hope for a future Reader Note This story contains some scorching hot sex If you have problems with low down dirty hanky panky you might want to skip this one However if you like a bear who can’t get enough of his curvy woman and some cheeky humor this is the story for you Enjoy

10 thoughts on “Fur bidden Furocious Lust Shorts #1

  1. April April says:

    Sigh I hate giving this rating butYou would think a book with my favorite shifter and one of my go to authors would be a slam dunk You would be wrong I really wanted to love this bookHere is what really did not work for me The lead Penny wasn't very likeable Not this author's typical curvy sassy gal She is bitchy and closed minded I am sorry but her reasons for breaking things off seemed petty Her part of the narrative annoyed meI wasn't feeling the way this story was mostly tell and no show I like to see the relationship happen not hear about it later I would have loved seeing the romancing I liked bits in the second half His pampering is sweetBear shifters are my fav because they are all gruff and grumbly but inside big teddy bears This took all the bluster out of him and made him weaker somehow It was missing the really Alpha moments There was a hint of it in the limo but then back to meek and mopingHere is the real positive for me the smexy was on point Let me tell ya the dirty talk flows I am a big fan of that give me Overall this fell flat I expected so much Here is hoping the other brothers get their acts together Maybe writing bears isn't for everyone I think I we could have liked this if the premise were stronger

  2. Ivy Deluca Ivy Deluca says:

    Penny and her two friends are some BBW women in love with bear shifter triplets Penny's upset that Ethan her slice of that triple beary pie sorry I couldn't resist lied to her about being rich and a bear The horror There's love and there's sexThe Good The Bad and Everything In Between Kindle Unlimited so yay It's very short The publisher blurb is almost longer than the story Ok so I exaggerate but the setup seemed like there would be much to this tale than what I got It's really like a couple of sex scenesThe Bottom LineWham Bam I love you shifter man If that's all you're looking for this may work for you

  3. Talltree Talltree says:

    35 stars

  4. Dee& Dee& says:

    I just loved this furocious memorable couple

  5. Bambi Fogleman Bambi Fogleman says:

    Fur bidden Milly Taiden fur ocious lust book 1 oh 3 bears yummy Milly Taiden is truly the smut ueen no one writes hot steamy panty dripping sex like her her wit and humor shines through along with the brave and sassy women she writes Her strong alpha men are the book boyfriends we all want deep down and this book follows along that path Penelope Medina penny spends her days getting donations for the soaring for wildlife group And her nights missing the one man who lied to her but when her boss puts her job on the line for a date audim and her an her 2 best friends up as dates he has gone too far even when she is bought for 5 thousand Ethan Sinclair is tired of waiting for penny to come back and comes up with a way to win her back or at least make her listen Will all his hard work be for nothing or can she look past his mistakes and not telling her things and grab his bear by the fur? “he didn’t dare smile though he wanted to at the mussed up hair and smeared make up God she was so F#ing beautiful even like this angry confused and a mess he wanted her again”

  6. Jodie Bivins Jodie Bivins says:

    a beary completely hot shortMilly does a great job with this short Can a woman trust when he kept things from her? Can this bear get his curvy hot tempered foul mouthed woman back? I am so looking forward to the other two shorts in this series So well done Milly This is so well rounded If you don't enjoy hot passionate scenes these are not the books for you But you are so missing out

  7. Lynde Shaw Lynde Shaw says:

    I can never figure out how Milly manages to pack in so much yummy goodness in such a short story but she does Every single time This was a cute and uick read about second chances at love with the one that got away Great friends hot shifters and true love with steamy sex A great beginning to a new series Definitely recommend

  8. Carmski Pescod Carmski Pescod says:

    Short sweet very sexy Loved it XPenelope works for a wildlife organisation with 3 of her friends So at a fundraiser they have been put up for auction to raise money for it Ethan is a bear shifter hot strong seriously sexy With a past that didn't work out between them he needs to get his mate back Will they find happiness again? Will Penny listen?

  9. Ana Ana says:

    Billionaire Triplet Bear Shifters Ethan Rafe and Ash Sinclair have lost their true mates due to different uirks that they each have 1 year ago They all lost out with 3 BFF that they miss terribly They plot a way to get them back will they be successful or will they spend the rest of their lives kicking themselves for losing the best thing they ever hadRead the fun way all 3 plot to get their girls back and the response they have from these BBWI laughed and jumped for joy at the antics of these bears not to mention that I had to fan myself a lot

  10. Vettech Vettech says:

    This is the first book in the Furocious Lust Shortswell ladies do you love Bear shifters?I sure do after reading this short steamy readPenelope Medina and her two girlfriends work for a non profit wildlife organization When the three are stuck being auctioned off to the highest bidder in a bachelorette functionnon of them are very pleased Bear shifter Ethan Sinclair and his two brothers are totally in love with the three girlsso of course they planned to be the highest bidding gentlemen in the auction Ethan and Penny dated a year ago and when Ethan failed to tell her he was not only a shifter but rolling in money she was sure steamed when she found out and left himpegging him a liar Will Ethan get Penny to change her mind about making him her mate? If the extreme sexual chemistry between the two is any indicationEthan will prevail1 This one has the Milly Taiden trademark HOT STEAMY love scenesget all three in this amazing series

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