This Kiss Made in Montana #12 MOBI Ó Kiss Made in

This Kiss Made in Montana #12 Hang on It’s gonna be a wild rideChampion bull rider Ethan Styles knows he should avoid injury before the National Finals But riding in Blackfoot Falls’s charity rodeo is worth the risk Inviting a hot little buckle bunny to his room Also worth ituntil she handcuffs him to the bed and tells him she’s a bounty hunterSophie Michaels had a huge thing for Ethan in high school The chance to see him again — even if it’s to bring him in — is irresistible Except it’s not uite that easy Until the charity rodeo is over Sophie is glued to Ethan’s side all dayand all night She knows she should return her fugitive to justice but once you have a cowboy in your bed you never want to let him go

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  1. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Rawlins continues to craft likable characters with a major problem to solve There’s enough stand alone material so newcomers to the Made in Montana series won’t get lost RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Made in Montana

  2. Belinda Belinda says:

    Ethan is an awesome bull riderSophie is a bail enforcement agencyShe has had a crush on Ethan since he came to her aide in highschool when she was bulliedShe disguises herself to go after him to bring him inShe gets him to a hotel where she cuffs him and tells him what is going onbut She can't let go of her crush on him and they end up becoming close and she blows off all her plans to take him back to Wyoming to face the judgeShe knows he needs to win the rodeoSo she leaves him when she and one of her partners catch a guy that stole their companies moneyShe leaves him thinking it for best but she is depressedhe comes to her and they are back together and both are happy

  3. Carole Carole says:

    Loved the Hero Ethan one of my all time favourite Cowboy HeroesHe was 5 StarBIG BUT By chapter 4 I was still considering ditching the book because of annoying Heroine Sophie I kept reading to see what happened and hoping she would grow up uickly but in Chapters 9 and 17 I was still making margin notes about her including emotionally immature annoying stupid selfishetc etc Although it came out HEA in the end sorry but she ruined the book for me Heroine gets 15 StarsFinal Rating 25 Stars

  4. Geraldine Sadiku Geraldine Sadiku says:

    Funny sexy story that tells the story of Sophie who is a bounty hunter and had a crush on Ethan when she was youngerEthan is a Champion bull rider who does not realize he is a fugitive until he has been handcuffed to the bed by Sophie what follows is a fast paced sexy page turner that is well worth a read Loved it

  5. Murrianna Murrianna says:

    Yet another great book from another favourite author of mine

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