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The Millionaire and the Glass Slipper Wonderful romanceThis was an incredibly romantic story Not uick love or even a lot of sex Beautiful story that gives hope Can you spell SLOW ? This book definitely can It's was an okay story not that bad but there were hardly twists to it no romanceelationship build up a little bit shallow I did not get to know any of the characters even though story was long And I learned couple of words used here a lot i did not know they even existed before disuiet and restiveness Hmm Ps maybe it deserve 25 stars Took me FORever to get through this book It wasn't a bad book It was just really really slow I don't do slow well Anyway the hero is under a mandate from dad to get married to a woman who wants him for himself not his money and he's not sure he can do it So while he's off investigating the possibility of starting up his own firm since Dad is threatening to sell all the family companies he uses a different version of his own name and meets the secretary to a PR firm and her stepsister The secretary is Miss Sweet and Wholesome who's taking care of her grandmother and being taken advantage of by the stepmom Hero sees stepsis as a possibility but he likes being around heroine and wants to help her with gramma It's a Cinderella story of sorts but it moves Really Slowly It was an okay read but didn't measure up to the others in this series IMO Nice enough 3 12 Stars This is the second installment in the series with brother Jared Hunt working out a Plan B as he's certain he'll lose his inheritance Having Amy literally walk right into him makes him realize there have been a restlessness in his life Spending time with Amy calms him and brings outs his protective instincts This is a sweet romance that I found heart warmingThe Hunt for CinderellaAfter suffering a mild heart attack Harry Hunt faces his own mortality and realizes that his four sons are chips off the old block in their workaholic ways So his gathers them together and proclaims that each must marry and their wives must be expecting be the end of the year or the mighty Hunt dynasty will be sold off chunk by chunk To further the challenge the brides to be cannot know that they are marrying into money these must be true love matches I have really enjoyed the books in this set fun characters and easy reads Part of The Hunt for Cinderella series working my way through them for the romance newsletter Settling down was not on JT Hunt's to do list until his ailing father delivered an ultimatum Now the millionaire bachelor was suddenly shopping for a bride But happily ever after came with strings attached His prospective wife had to marry him for loveTo Amy Kelton it was like a fairy tale First she got trapped in an elevator with a tall dark and sexy stranger Now Jared Taylor had chosen her a lowly assistant over her beautiful successful stepsister Talk about being swept off your feet But when Amy uncovered Jared's secret she had to make a choice ignore her heart's desire or accept the dashing bachelor's glass slipper and run with it I really enjoyed this book and JT is even loveable than his brother Justin in the 1st book I really can't wait to read book's 3 4 with there other two brothers Alex and Gray I really loved this book it was so sweet and genuine It is simply one of my favourite books

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Millionaire and the Glass Slipper
  • Christine Flynn
  • English
  • 20 August 2016
  • 9780373248704

About the Author: Christine Flynn

Award winning author Christine Flynn was once told by a creative writing professor that she would save herself a lot of grief if she would limit her love of books to reading rather than attempting to write Taking his words to heart she dropped his class and wrote very little until fifteen years later when her husband gave her a Silhouette Romance which he'd received free with the gift wrap of he