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Power Play Petaybee #3 Like a child the sentient planet Petaybee is growing learning to respond and communicate Yanaba Maddock has appointed herself defender of her adopted planet protecting it against outsiders who seek to plunder its resources Then Yanaba is kidnapped and the price of freedom is Petaybee itself The rousing conclusion to Powers That Be and Power Lines HC Del Rey I raced through this final book as I did with the other two I haven't read books that uickly since I was in my teens It was exhilarating And also satisfying This is what happens when women collaborate and write Science Fiction Cleaner content this time around but an inferior story I'm glad this series is done I'm guessing this is where McCaffrey checked out of this series The tone changes entirely it's a marked difference and not a good one Suddenly there's a lot of she caught her own unspoken pun and chuckled and you read back thinking what pun? Oh that why are we noting that? There are a lot jokey slang phrases as well which were out of date when the book was published and so now just sound totally bizarre; I don't really believe that that lingo is still alive on a deep space station And the political maneuvering from the first two books has moved from bureaucratic in nature to some sort of high society chess game UghThere's this awkward attempt at comedy going through the entire book and it's bizarre For instance there are pirates who are dressed in some sort of frankensteined space pirate gear literally a cutoff spacesuit with bandanas and striped shirts One of them lurches around saying stuff like make them walk the plank It's community theatre in space and even the characters note how anachronistic the behaviour is suggesting the pirates have been watching old movies Which I find incredibly realistic given how much of my leisure time I spend cranking up the old Gramophone and enjoying some late 19th century tunes It would be like soldiers suddenly putting on Crusades era chainmail or me running around dressed up like Mata Hari when I feel like doing a spot of espionage And then there's the fact that multiple people from different planets and backgrounds seem to know of Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas down to singing Model Major General Most people on Earth today cannot uote or identify Shakespeare's work so again this is some random authorial whim that is completely illogical These are ridiculous contrived scenes and they derail the whole plot not to mention they are painfully unfunnyAt the heart of it the characters just change too much Part of it is that the new style of writing Scarsborough I assume creates much distance and feels superficial But a lot of it is also wholesale character alterations I liked Yana so to see this scarred military veteran suddenly turn into someone who stands at a space station window thinking of the man of her heart the hell? and nibbling on the edge of a memo is horrifying Uh no No She's 40 50 years old if I'm getting the too old to have kids miracle right and she's a war veteran and there is no way in hell she would be handed a printout and proceed to fatuously eat it Come ON It makes Yana sound incredibly dumb and that's not even getting into her sudden tingly experiences whenever she touches an aristocrat who's wearing what sounds like Spanx for Men Because that's sexyBack on Peytabee things are not as bad but overall it's not the same voice writing And there's no subtlety to it at all so it doesn't feel like a natural continuation Luckily this is not a very good series in the first place so it doesn't hurt as much as I imagine the handover of Pern has for people reading Todd McCaffrey's books I very much love this series This is 3rd in the trilogy The ending is great and yet there are options for a 4th book in my opinion Good reading from this author as always

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • Power Play Petaybee #3
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • English
  • 20 March 2016
  • 9780517193655

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